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Follow the heart than the head!

Updated on August 5, 2017

Have the courage to follow the Heart!

Follow the heart for the welfare of all.

Every human being has a head and heart. If he listens to the head, he will be confused and land in trouble, while the heart will direct him along correct righteous path. Here, the head indicates the mind and heart indicates the Self. Since the mind is dual, it cannot decide anything correctly. Hence the ancient sages exhort man to ignore the mind element and depend on the intellect for guidance. Of course, it is not easy to bypass the mind and decide in a selfless manner. If one is attached to the body, then the ego will thwart all effort to follow the intellect. When we plan some bad thing, instantly the conscious warn subtly. But many of us never listen to the conscious. The body attachment drags him towards evil deeds. Everyone is aware that adultery and liquors are evil sinful deeds. But due to bad company, many people slide into depths of despair. Evil deeds may initially give joy but turn into grief soon. Our conscious will become guilty. Practicing constraints and discipline in life is not easy in the beginning but like the bunds of a river which control the flow of water, discipline will guide us towards good and godly path.

This is how we pollute!

We have to learn our lessons from insects!

In the present day world, people want rest and relaxation rather than hard work and discipline. A disciplined way of life will ensure a peace when we grow old. Look at the ant and honey bee. How much these small insects exert in spite of size? The ant is capable of carrying much weight than the frail body could manage. We have to learn co-operation from the ants and bees. They share the work without any murmur. They chase any intruders collectively. What a beautiful way to store the honey in the honeycomb? The worker bees silently carry out their work. The queen bee laid hundreds of eggs. The entire colony is maintained and preserved by the vigilant bees! Have we ever noticed such cooperation in human society? The bees travel many miles to gather the best honey. They won’t settle for lesser varieties. The bees after gathering the honey never consume it for its own sake. Similarly the ants maintain a soldier like discipline when they venture out to gather food from many sources. They always move in single file. The communication with other ants baffles the biologists. Ants moving on hard surface for few days will leave the mark of their movement on hard rocks. The tiny feet of ant are capable of making marks on the rocky surfaces. We need to observe the co-operation between various species in jungles. Some birds alert deer and other animals, the arrival of tiger, cheetah and other predators by peculiar sounds. Thus the deer run away before the arrival of flesh eating animals.

Horrible levels of emissions!

Man is the main culprit for spoiling the Eco system!

But the ecosystem of forests was maintained in harmony until the arrival of man who is really an intruder in the jungles and forest. Modern man, who is very much greedy, systematically undertakes deforestation in order to establish factories for timber and wood processing. The living space for various species dwindled creating conflicts among the various species. Their natural habitation, sheltering trees gave way to roads and buildings. Today many of the forest dwelling animals started intruding in human habitations, tea and coffee estates, endangering the crops and lives of the workers. The poor laborers fear for their life and their family. Children left in the huts unguarded are victims in the above circumstances. These adverse circumstances are the result of man using his head instead of heart. Greed and selfishness ruled his mind and he started spoiling the ecosystem which was maintained perfectly till his transgressions in forests and jungles. The unruly behavior of human beings reduced the normal rainfall in any regions. Forests are a must for sufficient rainfall in any area. When the forests are destroyed for human greed, nature retaliates by reduced rainfall which results in draught everywhere. All the emissions from industries are the reason for greenhouse gases. Thus man pollutes the earth and atmosphere. All countries are equally culpable for the dwindling rainfall and excess heat on earth. Already, each region experiences extreme temperatures which create uneven wind patterns. Hence some regions experience devastating floods which submerge many villages and towns, bringing life to a grinding halt. No force on earth is capable of preventing such nature’s retaliation. We have frequent earthquakes in certain areas due to indiscriminate drilling for oil and gas. Thus we are depriving the future generations also of fuel. After such foolish efforts, the countries are slowly realizing the naturally available resources like wind power, solar power and biogas etc. We could have preserved our ecology well, had we started harnessing naturally available energy sources!

Green house effects!

How we are going to reverse the trend?

In spite of many such foolish ventures on earth, water and forests, countries are fixing some dates for removing the constraints in maintaining climate on earth. It is very much doubtful whether his efforts will bear fruit? Our attempts are like digging well when the house catches fire! Who will save the earth from the climate catastrophes? Animals are always better in preserving the eco system! They never pollute the earth and air. Instead all species co-operate to maintain clean surroundings in jungles and forests. The fox and hyenas eat away the left over flesh of the animals by lion and other such animals. The various insects, ants and other varieties does the cleaning well further by removing even the small pieces of flesh and blood. Thus the eco system of forests and jungles were maintained in perfect trim for millions of years until man started trespassing in their land! Let the wise people think over and plant enough saplings wherever the forest cover is depleted so that we can be assured of drinking water!


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