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Follow the sound of my voice

Updated on January 20, 2013

On a beautiful sunny day, a young man and his best friend decided to go on a journey. They had heard a story of a prince that long ago set sail on a ship to find his bride. The prince was engaged to be married but his bride to be was distracted by the attention of another. This other man after taking her no longer found her alluring and deserted her. So the prince set sail to find her and bring her back to his home. The prince disappeared but it was said he left a map to return to his castle with the biggest wealth ever known.

The two friends began their journey. One knew very little about the outdoors but the other knew the ropes. One day after a few weeks journey, the two decided to go back to base but somehow it became dark and the more inexperienced man became separated from the other trying to make his own path and was lost. He stumbled a bit, fell a few times, and received some scrapes and bruises. Discouraged he just sat on a rock and in desperation he decided to stay still and just scream! Just when he had lost hope he heard the voice of his friend. He could not see anything in front of him to direct the friend to him, and being the more inexperienced of the two he waited for instructions. The friend responded, "I know it's dark and you cannot see but you need to get up, close your eyes, walk trusting me and following my voice". The young man stood up and closed his eyes and began to walk following the friends voice. The voice led him to safety and morning finally arrived. The next day they found the map to the castle and continued on their journey. This time the inexperienced young man did not loose a step of the more experienced one. They followed the map through jungles, and mountains, dangers and paradises until one day they finally found the castle. At the castle the prince received them with a feast! It was soon time for the wedding and it was breathtaking event.

This young man is you and I. We receive Christ in our hearts and we begin a journey. Our best friend and guide is the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we try to make our own way and it's where we get lost and hurt. Once we realize that our own path does not work and we rely completely on the Holy Spirits guidance, we begin to gain experience and advance. Though we go through trials and enemy attacks, we have our best friend helping us through. Our map is the Bible and the castle is heaven. We are the bride. God created humanity but enticed by Satan's temptations we were driven away from him. Jesus came looking for us in a human vessel and died to save us. But with the map and the help of the Holy Spirit he anxiously awaits our return to his side so we are never separated again from him.

If you are feeling lost, if you've tried making your own way and have gotten hurt, your best friend is calling out to you..."Follow my voice!! I'll guide you to safety."


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