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Following Witchcraft Spells

Updated on August 10, 2010

Following Witchcraft Spells

 Most people have an idea of what witchcraft is and what it involves but pretty much have no clue.  Witchcraft uses supernatural powers and is known by many as black magic.  Witchcraft is not only used for bad purposes and in fact there are lots of positive, happy spells as well that you can use.  If you are looking to fall in love for instance, you could try one of the simple love witchcraft spells.

 For the basic love spell to make a suitor come to you, there are a few supplies you will need.  Make sure you have everything ready before getting started with the spell.  That includes a sheet of lined paper, perfume, an envelope and some red lipstick.  You will need a sheet of lined paper, a red pen or marker, some perfume, an envelope, red lipstick, a few pink or red flower petals and then you want to write out some qualities that you are looking for in a partner.

 Also you need perfume, one envelope and some red lipstick then you start by writing down some qualities you are looking for in a mate.  Therefore you do not want to focus on all the physical aspects you are looking for in that person for instance because you may find out that you get a suitor whose personality you cannot stand.  Once you have made your list take the petals in your right hand and close your eyes.  You want to imagine yourself with this person and think of how happy you will be once you are together, then within the next few weeks this person should come to you in one way or another.

 If you are already in a relationship but the two of you have gotten into an argument, you can use another of the most popular witchcraft spells and that is the making up spell.  No matter who may have started the fight, the most important thing is that this is going to help get the two of you back together.   It may be their fault or yours but if you are concerned with getting your relationship back on track, this is one of the best witchcraft spells you can use.  They will call and say they are sorry so you can mend things up and get back on the right page again.

 Keep an eye on the time because you do not want to go over 15 minutes each time but before the first 15 minutes they should have called you.  If they are not you just put the picture back on the plate and try for another 15 minutes.  You can try it three times and after that will want to try going to see them.  Witchcraft spells can be a lot of fun and they do not always have to be used to hurt or embarrass people.


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