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Following Your Dreams: Yoga, Courage, and Happiness

Updated on March 7, 2011

The Key To Being Happy

We all want to follow our dreams; to feel the joy when your heart lights up and says “YES! This is why I’m alive!”

But too often, we don’t follow through. Sometimes it’s because we don’t feel that achieving our dreams is possible, or the day to day grind gets in the way. Sometimes it becomes harder and harder as we deem ourselves ‘too old’ or ‘too busy’.

Life is not given to be wasted, however, and if you ignore the song of your heart, life can get very dull and difficult.

How are you to be happy if you don’t follow your dreams? When you deny yourself, it hurts. But when you do what you feel is your calling, it feels amazing!

I’ve found yoga incredibly helpful as it gives me the courage, wisdom, and belief to follow through and keep going after my dreams. You may have a similar practice which supports you.

When you feel like you’ve gone far away from where you wanted to go, pause for a moment, turn to your breath, and get centered in your heart. When you return to who you truly are, then the things that seemed impossible soften into possibilities, and life’s path leads you back to the heart.

Following Your Dreams

Here’s my formula for following your dreams:

1. Vision. Know what you want. At least know how you want to FEEL. What does happiness look like for you, what does it take for you to be overjoyed with gratitude and feel like you’re contributing your unique talents to the world? Get clear on your vision and you’re halfway there.

2. Intention. This is part of vision, but it’s more clear and gets you actually moving toward doing something. Your attitude carries through in everything you do, so set your intention for your vision to happen. This informs your choices and actions.

When you take even a quick moment to set your intention every day, you set yourself up for success and life flows more easily as you move toward your dreams.

3. Knowledge. Know what you need to get you there. Don’t stress about HOW it will happen, but plan steps that you can work towards, learn anything you need, and master the art of calling on your skills when you need them.

4. Action. Baby steps and bold leaps will get you there. When you feel overwhelmed, have courage and take baby steps. When you’re feeling passionate, creative, and full of energy, take bold leaps! Just keep moving in the direction of your dreams, and one day you’ll find that you’re there, full of joy and overflowing with gratitude.

Every step of the way, keep bringing to mind and heart the FEELINGS you are seeking. If you can be happy right now, or find some beauty in each moment, or come into gratitude, then your dreams will come right to you!


Will You Help Me Live My Dreams?

As a yoga instructor and singer, I share my heart song freely in classes, on my blog, and online (like here on Hubpages.)

Right now I’ve submitted a video in hopes of teaching at Wanderlust Music and Yoga Festival this summer in California.

It would be a thrill to be chosen, definitely a dream come true!

Will you make a difference to me and support me living my dream?

All you have to do is CLICK HERE to watch my video (it’s fun and only 2 minutes long) and click the LIKE button on Facebook.

To teach at Wanderlust would be an incredible honor and joy, as I’d be teaching along with some of the most skillful stars of yoga, such as my teacher, Anusara® yoga founder John Friend, as well as Shiva Rea and Seane Corn.

THANK YOU so much for taking a moment to help me live my dreams by clicking the link, watching my short and entertaining video, and giving some love to the LIKE button!

I’m singing my gratitude to you in the video.

This is Wanderlust, Where I Want to Go!

Share Your Dreams - Leave a Comment!

Leave a comment below and share your dream!

Every time you read someone else’s comment, send them a blessing “May your dreams come true in the most beautiful way!” We’ll all support each other, and when it gets hard to follow through, remember there are people holding space for you and believing that you can do it!

Keep dreaming!

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    • miragerainy profile image

      miragerainy 6 years ago

      Wonderful post, Katrina! I wish you good luck and I hope you achieve your dream! :))

    • nextstopjupiter profile image

      nextstopjupiter 6 years ago from here, there and everywhere

      Thank you for this hub! Two years ago I started to practice yoga, and it helped me a lot in my new life, living on the road now for ten months (see my hubs "Living on the road"). It is a challenge but I always expect the unexpected, and I feel much happier now.