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Food, Mind and thoughts!

Updated on August 29, 2015

Thoughts affects the world.

How food decides our happiness on earth?

The most beneficial exercise is ‘observing the activities of the mind’. Yes, every one of us can observe the mind dispassionately and gain a lot. Yes, many of the agitations and confusions that arise from the mind will be off, once you practice dispassionate observation of the mind!

The first requisite for this is ‘awareness’. Every one of us is aware of what is happening inside the mind region. First of all, we must understand that the mind is common to all human beings as the sky is common to the entire creation or cosmos. If you say, ‘my mind’, it is a misnomer. There is no ‘my mind’ or your mind’. It is just the mind! Are you confused by the above statements? I will explain this in a clear manner.

We all know, that the thoughts arise involuntarily in every being. Mind is nothing but ‘conglomeration of thoughts’. Most of us believe that the mind belongs to us and thoughts emanate from us! It is the fundamental mistake created by the mind itself. The mind hides a real treasure and project tinsel and trash! The treasure house is within every one of us and accessible to everyone, provided we make a sincere attempt. Yes we travel millions of mile in the space but never attempt to go inside our inner reality. In fact, we never make an attempt at all during our entire life.

I will give you some solid examples so that everyone here can understand the above theories. Many wealthy people have strong iron chests embedded in the walls or floors of their houses. It is unbreakable and none can duplicate those sturdy keys. The chests are made of wrought iron and hardly cost much money. But they keep diamonds, gold, silver and currencies and other valuable documents. Do you value the iron chest or the things it contains? Our body is similar to the iron chest wherein the treasure trove of Almighty resides. Yes, he resides in everyone invariably whether one believe it or not. If you consider that only good people have God inside and others are not so blessed, you are absolutely wrong. Whether one is a terrorist or murderer, God resides in him too but He is not involved in the actions committed by the terrorist or murderer. In a way, God is unattached to the container!

Some of you may ask, how one god is inside all beings? It is simple. Sun is one for the entire world. If you keep thousands of mud pots outside, then each pot will reflect one sun. This is how god resides in each one. In the earlier paragraph, I have said that the mind is common for all like the sky. But thoughts emanate in each individual according to his food and environment. It is proved beyond doubt in India, that people practicing spiritual truths eat only fruits, tubers, whole grains, buttermilk and other cool items. Boxers and sportsman can not live on such diet. They need food that kindles their bravery and passion. Hence in all games, the participants who took steroids are disqualified from participation. Those who consume food prepared a day before, keeping in refrigeration become dull and they seek rest and sleep. Hence food decides our habits and character which again has a bearing on our thoughts!

Every being here is created from food, sustained by food, and die due to faulty food habits. We hear about contamination and food poisoning often in the news. Hence we should avoid such foods which induce our passions. We need peace and harmony in the world. We need to consume vegetarian food, green vegetables, leaves, fruits and grain etc. It will give sufficient strength to do our duties. No need to go for non-vegetarian food which will kindle animal habits in us! Also our thoughts will be harmless and in harmony with all.

Soft foods!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you Ragini Vashya for the keen interest in vegetarianism. Even if you fail many times, try again and again to revert to vegetarianism. There are ample benefits in the long run. Many of the life threatening diseases are caused due to animal food rather than veg food. Your question is most important one. It can not be explained in a single para. However I will give you a gist. There is none other than God in the entire creation. Good and evil are judged by the mind whereas God is beyond good and evil and all dualities! Thank you once again.

    • Ragini Vashya profile image

      Ragini Vashya 2 years ago

      I have been trying vegetarian diet for some time now. It's a quest I embarked on about three months back and failed about two or three times, but I haven't given up. I have a question; if god resides in all of us and is separate from our actions, letting us do whatever we please, like murder, rape, steal etc, what's the point of his being in the first place?