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Food, thoughts and Mind!

Updated on April 13, 2016

Food for the mind.

What we eat decide our thought pattern!

Without the involvement of the mind, none can feel pain or pleasure. The mind plays havocs in the life of individuals. The sages have wisely concluded, not to get involved with the mind. They were indifferent to the mind which constitutes thoughts. Many psychologists and psychiatric Doctors have made extensive research regarding the mind principle. They could achieve only partial success.

But, the ancient sages have delved deep on the subject of mind and thoughts. They analyzed the mind in different situations and found out that the mind is merely a bundle of thoughts. Thoughts become desires, resolutions, plans and conclusions. All the agitations of the mind happen because of desires and resolutions which make us to plan certain things. We conclude that once we engage ourselves in some actions, we can achieve desired results. But god sees the intention behind the action whether it is for selfish ends or for the benefit of common people in society. When we embark on an action, we should think whether the action benefit everyone around or create troubles to others. If our action is likely to bring harm to others, we should avoid such actions.

Hence desire fewer actions are preferred. When we perform actions without aiming for the results, the actions are likely to be flawless and perfect. If we eye the results beforehand, there is every chance that we may not perform the act perfectly. Now, a few words about thoughts themselves, which constitute the mind. Thoughts emanate due to the effect of food and environment. Hence, the types of food we consume decide the thoughts. One who is addicted to non vegetarian food, always get violent and harmful thoughts. These animal qualities dwell in the flesh of the animals and when man consumes such food, he is sure to get animal qualities only. In India, the sages and saints of yore were dwelling in the forests. Their food consisted of fruits, tubers, green leaves, butter milk, yogurt and grains. This food gave nourishment to the body as well as the mind. They were calm, contented and composed and hence they were peaceful and happy always. If we want to have a calm mind, we need to consume such foods as the sages.

There are certain people, who are always lazy and they enjoy sleep and rest. If you enquire about their food habits, they will be in the habit of consuming stale food, refrigerated for days and emitting pungent smell. This is the lowest variety of food which is not fit for human consumption. Food prepared six hours back is not good for mental health. But nowadays, people consume only such foods. In air travels, the cuisine always contains biscuits, bread, cream and salads. The bread manufacturers supply the airlines breads which are kept stored for more than ten days. But the air hostess fries it once again on oven, apply condiments, salts and pepper for taste. Without realizing that it is a stale food, the passengers consume them.

Hence in ancient days in India, people prepared their own food, they never partake food prepared in other places. They never visit public eateries or hotels though the hotels were scarce. They always partook food in their house. If they had to travel away, they prepare food and carry with them. Hence they had full control over their emotions and their sense control was exemplary. Morality was high on those days due to correct ways of living as well as food intake. In current society, fast food chains are legion. Even children enjoy food from fast food chains and they relish all kinds of food which are tasty and savory. This kind of fried and flavored food is detrimental to children. Hence many children are obese and develop sugar problems at the early age. Hence our food habits decide our thought patterns. There is extensive research on this subject. Hence we should be weary about what we eat in order to entertain calm thoughts!

Tamasik foods.


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