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Footprints from Heaven

Updated on March 5, 2013

The path to enlightenment has many trails . All chosen for the lessons we seek to learn .

We are all part of ''God'',one and the same. Love , light and perfection is what every soul craves .

They say 'heaven'' has many mansions in which to stay ,each one with a different light per se .

Our purpose it seems , is to be just like the one that made you and me . We plan our lessons , we review our stage , we come back as humans and start our play .

Born to this world to physically endure the moments we predicted would be a lesson for sure . On the physical plane it's like our first time around we start all over and learn again .

With hope ,faith and intuition we begin our life seeking to correct what our soul is lacking .

And we pray to God that we're not back tracking.

Karma is real and so is free will ,it's up to us to keep it from stacking . The tools are there for us to use .

Reality is a must for the masses, it's hard to believe we can control it , if we weren't so backasswards .

Sounds pretty freaky but it is true , it's only a test for me and you .

Our God is forgiving and not the hard nosed ruler we've been led to believe . He is there when we call him and not about to leave .

Like the footprints left in the sand , we are not alone . It is he that carries us in times of need .

Our lessons in life are of our own choosing , if we didn't have God we would be losing . Our goal is so simple it's right in our face . Our images are mirrored in every way.

If you asked him he would say ; We are all one and the same , I made us all in the same way .

The path to enlightenment will prove it someday.


Your experiences were many, your lessons well learned .

Wisdom a plenty and you couldn't get hurt .

Faith is the gift I gave to you .

Fear is the devil that makes you choose .

Love is the leader that brings you right back .

And I am your creator that gave you the choice - To walk on water and to believe in yourself .

With your love I shall not falter !

Remember this my children I am your Father !


Vagabond Mystic



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