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For Anyone Who Lost A Loved One.

Updated on August 12, 2010




Behold the clouds of dark,

they come swiftly  to your park,

bringing pain upon your heart.

Feel the comfort in your soul,

let the angels make you whole.


 They watch over you night and day,

 to help comfort you in your darkest Clouds of gray.


The pain of your loss will never go away,

but, it will fade as the days of gray go away.

There is hope of sunshine coming back to your life.

Don’t give up on your domain, for

one day you will feel sane.


 I am with you night and day,

in your coldest darkest most grayest day.

You can feel me in your soul trying to fill in the hole.

Close your eyes, feel the love from my son,

he will carry you until your done.


I know you don’t understand.

It was his time to be with the angels of light, so that he may

help win the fight of evil and light.

The day will come that all of you will reunite

up in the sky in God’s greatest delight.



By: Karen Elizabeth Moody



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