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For believers, God exists for certain!

Updated on June 12, 2016

God is not an optional subject!

We can not explore the Divine!

It is not possible for human mind to explore Divinity! Human beings can enjoy the love and grace of the Divine God. Their intellect cannot peep into the cosmic secrets until and unless, God himself reveal it to some rare souls. In a way, God is partially hidden to human exploration!

Many in the world, does not believe in the creator god! They feel that everything in this world happened just like that due to natural process. They assert that there is no God at all. They aver “God is nowhere’. But the theist affirms, “God is now here”. Compare the two statements! First, the rationalist say, God is….and try to negate his own statement. When you compare these two statements, there is only a minor difference!

Seek Him inside!

God is now here!

In the first statement, ‘nowhere’ is a word which is split up as ‘now here’. A little space is introduced between the letters ‘w’ and ‘h’. This may seem a little difference. But, the meaning conveyed is between a mountain and mole. Hence no proof can be given by any. It depends upon the internal belief of each individual. Some people assert that miracles and rare occurrences enable one to believe on some superior power! In fact, the so called miracles are just like ‘mosquitoes’ compared to elephant. For a non-believer, no amount of proof can convince him. For a believer, faith emanate from the inner self and not through some outer manifestations. If one relies upon some external event to develop faith in god, the lack of such event might cause disbelief also!

Whether one is a believer or not, every being rely on their mother, who introduce the father to the child? Can any sane person ask for proof? But, in the case of God, we demand proof since he is not seen anywhere in the world! By looking at a bowl of milk, can anybody assert that there is no butter in it? Butter will not be seen but by following a certain process, butter can be made visible! In a similar manner, the Presence of God could be discerned by any, who is intent to find him. Many holy souls both from the East and West experienced the Presence of God. Here I recollect the words of one holy saint, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa!

Beware of pseudo gurus!

Ramakrishna enabled Vivekananda to realize God!

His follower “Vivekananda” once questioned him, “Sir! Have you seen God? To this query, Ramakrishna replied, yes! As I see you and all others, I see God also! This sort of ‘empathy’ was lacking in many so called preceptors of that time! To prove such a possibility, once, Ramakrishna touched the brow of Vivekananda just once. Instantly, Vivekananda went into a trance! The entire cosmos seems to be rotating around him! He was bewildered and implored Ramakrishna, “What you have done to me? With one more pat on his head, his original condition was restored! This is the Divine touch experienced by Vivekananda which made him a whole hearted devotee of God. Formerly, he never believed in such stuff. Mere touch by a preceptor channeled the Divinity into the disciple.

But this cannot happen in the case of ordinary worldly people! Vivekananda was a highly advanced soul spiritually. Just there was some minor obstruction in his mental sphere. The touch of Ramakrishna removed the veil, through which Vivekananda started experiencing Divinity in full measure!

There are certain examples to illustrate this point! A wet cotton ball cannot catch fire! If the same is dry, it will catch fire instantaneously! Ordinary worldly minded are like wet cotton balls. Still they retain many worldly ambitions. Only through detachment, they can get rid of the desires which bind them to the earth! If the wet cotton balls are dried in sunlight, it will become dry in due course. Exposure to the sun renders the ball ready to catch fire. Rendering a desire full individual to a desire less state by subjecting him to discrimination and detachment, a preceptor can make any individual to qualify for spiritual realm

Vivekananda quotes!

Real preceptors and pseudo one!

We ourselves cannot climb to higher levels unless there is a ladder. In the case of worldly men, the preceptor acts as the ladder to convey man to higher realms. One has to climb one step at a time and remain firm before climbing higher. The real preceptor has practical experience and he has tread the spiritual path and he can guide others in the route safely. But today, there are many pseudo preceptors who are keen to collect money and disciples to his fold. He poses himself as ‘learned’ but he lacks practical experience. The people who follow such people lose their precious time and money. Hence we need to be cautious before accepting someone as our preceptor. The real preceptor does not care for money or properties. He is intent on the spiritual welfare of his followers. He will criticize and correct when the need arises. He treats his followers as his own son and imparts spiritual knowledge impartially considering their present qualifications in this path!

Even Rama and Krishna had spiritual preceptors and underwent ashram training, living among other disciples, serving the preceptor and doing all hard cores like collecting fuels for hearth and rituals, gathering fruits and flowers, tending the cattle, maintaining the garden, cleaning the clothes of preceptor and other errands ordered by the preceptor. Likewise Jesus was anointed by John by the waters of river. He saw two doves descend from the sky, sitting on Jesus’s shoulders and heard certain prophesies from the sky!

As Jesus realized his oneness with the Father in Heaven, every one of us can realize our identity with God, if we have deep belief and faith in the scriptures!


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