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Formimg a relationship with God

Updated on March 24, 2013

Whenever we come in association with a person, who is immersed into spirituality, we will know that he has formed a special relationship with God. Such an individual will tell that he has formed the relationship with God in the same way as one can have with spouse or other persons. To many it may be unbelievable.

Whenever we are in a grave trouble, we look up to sky and beseech Him to help us out of the situation. This clearly shows that we know that we have a relationship with Him. We all know that God is the creator of the universe and its creatures. So viewing from this perspective, He is our spiritual father and we all have father-child relationship with Him.

The almighty God or the Supreme Soul has no corporeal form. He is an extremely powerful source of energy, the essence of which can be felt by us all around. Though He is formless, we can still form a special relationship with Him like any other relationship in life.

If two persons meet and communicate with each other, gradually a relationship starts developing. In the same way, when we start communication with God, we start developing a relationship with Him. We can communicate with Him by means of prayers, reading scriptures extolling and praising Him, meditation, self-reflection, making requests to Him, asking for forgiveness and requesting to keep us away from temptations.

We can make a wonderful relationship with God in the same way as we do with other persons. We can establish our relationship with Him on the fundaments, on which we make with others.

  • Respect- Without this fundamental requirement, we cannot make a healthy relationship with others. Similarly, we have to respect and revere Him to form a good relationship with Him. We have to like and respect Him even though we have experienced only His essence and existence.
  • Making each other happy- We can make Him happy by following the noble path shown by Him, by inculcating virtues in us and by practicing what He prescribes to lead a good life. When we do this, we make Him happy and in turn He makes us happy. When we are happy, we spread happiness around us. According to the universal law of giving and receiving, if we give happiness to others, it will come back to us manifold.
  • Enjoining time together- We can spend time together by praying, conversing with Him and seeking His guidance for our problems and by meditation. We will find that we make best use of our time which we spend with Him.
  • Showing affection- We will show our affection to Him if we walk on the path shown by Him. He will show His affection by offering His blessings.
  • Commitment- A relationship without a strong sense of commitment doesn’t last longer. We must be committed to follow the teaching taught by Him. If we are committed, He will never betray us.
  • Working through conflicts- Sometimes we find that He is not fulfilling our wish in spite of our full faith in Him. In such times, we have to have patience since He has His own way of working with us. Always have full faith in Him and have patience. If a wish of some one is not realized soon, it means that it is not the time for the wish to be realized.
  • Having realistic expectations- He will never give us something we desire if we don’t deserve it. So we should always make dedicated efforts to get some thing from Him. There is very old saying that God helps those who help themselves.
  • A shared philosophy- He wants us to have positive attitude about family, friends and others. We must have good values and priorities when dealing with them. This will make Him happy.

From time to time, we have to consider these questions in order to evaluate our relationship with Him. To what degree our relationships have each of the above factors? Where can I improve? What other factors are important in our relationship?

“I had struggled so hard and so long that I had simply exhausted myself, only to find that God had all the time in the world to wait for me to allow Him to free me.”

- Michelle McKinney Hammond


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