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Frank Baronowski, the Kirlean expert meets Saibaba!

Updated on October 1, 2011

Saibaba with the manifested golden image of Krishna!

The magnificent aura of Saibaba!

Many of the readers might have heard the name of famous Kirlean photographer Dr.Frank Baronowski. He used to travel all over the globe and met many great people, Kings, Queens, Yogis, and spiritual heads. He was able to measure the 'aura' surrounding each individual. None has more than 2 to 3 feet length of 'aura'. Dr Frank has the capability to perceive the 'aura' with his naked eyes without the aid of 'kirlean camera'. Once Dr.Frank came to India on a mission. He was at Bangalore and strangely he was invited to address the students of Saibaba collage at Whitefield, Brindavan, Bangalore. In the early morning, devotees gathered to have their first glimpse of Saibaba before starting their devotional activities. Dr Frank was also standing in the crowd. Suddenly Saibaba emerged in the balcony of the first floor. Dr.Frank could not believe his own eyes. He was witnessing the auras emerging from Saibaba, engulfing the entire compound which is roughly 40 feet. Moreover Saibaba was exuding a rare 'pink color' aura which represents selfless deep love. Ordinary human beings reveal other colors like red(anger) or other negative colors. But Baba's aura contained gold and silver color, which no human being has so far exhibited. He found this a mysterious phenomena. The next day, when he was addressing the assembly of collage students and teachers, he said, "I came from a Christian background and I am a Scientist. But I can assert here that Saibaba is none other than, LOVE, walking on two feet! Even while sitting here, i could feel the aura of Baba caressing my hand and body and hence i get a shivering. Nowhere in the world, I have witnesses such a grand sight". Afterwards Baba called him for a personal interview and Saibaba materialized a diamond ring and slid in his finger. He said, "Your grandson's operation would be over on the day you return to your country. But Dr.Frank could not believe this since the Doctors have advised surgery after few years. However when he returned back to his country, he was greeted with the news that the boy had surgery on the very day and it was a successful one! Rest in next hub.


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