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Frank Sumption, Inventor of Ghost Device "Frank's Box", Dies

Updated on September 4, 2014

Frank Sumption Gone

Frank Sumption was the man behind "Frank's Box", a breakthrough device in the world of ghost hunting. He passed away from a heart attack early in August of 2014.

Frank's ghost box was a fascinating piece of equipment referred to as an ITC, or an instrumental transcommunication device. This box allowed ghost hunters to talk to other worlds in real time instead of listening to a recording at a later date.

EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, was a deep interest of Frank's, and he explored technology to improve upon the concept. He figured out how to sweep AM frequencies and discern spirit voices from the noise recorded in the continuous feedback from these frequencies.

I'm the Purple Princess

Frank put together one of these boxes and started testing it. He was soon in contact with some spirits who really had something to say. The spirits informed him that he was not, in fact, human. He was an alien from Pleiades, and he was female. He dubbed himself the Purple Princess after this conversation.

As Frank continued to develop the box, the spirits told him he was not allowed to commercialize the product. Instead, the voices over the AM frequency told him who deserved his creation. He distributed his boxes to those deemed worthy by the spirits with which he communicated.

Frank's restricted distribution practice created a craze among ghost hunters, and there are currently only 180 boxes in existence. They are worth a great deal of money, if there is anyone out there willing to part with their uniquely created box.

Frank Impacts Ghost Hunting Everywhere

As with all ghost hunting techniques and technologies, Frank's Box has its naysayers. Many people believe the sounds of the spirit voices are too unstable to be labeled as real voices. It is undeniable, however, that Frank had a definite impact on the ghost hunting world. In fact, many ghost hunting teams use a variation of Frank's Box, and it has become a staple in any ghost hunting kit.

Frank may have believed he was a purple alien, but he certainly changed the way ghost hunters practice their craft. While spirits and other realms have yet to be proven, men like Frank were attempting to improve the way we look for the evidence.

Rest Well, Frank - Or Don't

We hope that Frank rests well, but Tim Woolworth, part of ITC Voices, believes he has proof that Frank was called home. He believes the spirits where calling to Frank months before his death. Therefore, we wonder if Frank is among those who talked to him over those AM frequencies. We wish only the best for Frank and we hope that he finally has the answers he so desperately sought in life.

Perhaps Frank was called home to Pleiades. Perhaps Frank was pulled to Heaven. Maybe Frank is hanging out with the very spirits with which he communicated. Or perhaps our dear friend Frank, who was described as "prickly but sweet", is biding his time and searching for the perfect Frank's Box over which to tell us what he's found.

Either way, we hope he does in death what he loved in life, and if you're on the other side, Frank, come say hi!


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