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Stars of Hope | Your Free Horoscope for July 2010

Updated on June 28, 2010
Find out what all this means for house prices in your area...
Find out what all this means for house prices in your area...

The world sometimes seems strange and unpredictable, full of hidden dangers ready to leap out and cover you in petrochemicals. At other times it's all so incredibly mundane that one might as well consign oneself to endless reruns of 'Friends' whilst growing old indoors.

Do you wish you could unlock your spiritual potential? Perhaps its time you paid more attention to the sort of wisdom that can only be derived by vaguely monitoring the movements of gas and rock throughout the Universe. For as it is without, so it is within. Now, if you'll excuse me, my horse-head nebula is nickering with impatience.


The keys to your future success have slipped behind the cushions of the couch of procrastination. Use the ruler of potential eviction to rediscover your passion for work. Ignore nay sayers, but don't be afraid to say nay yourself.


Your ability to fertilize your own projects becomes exceptionally important this month. This is the time to plan for the future, plot rows, plant your columns, and tend to what will bear fruit in future years. Be aware that a heavy hoofed approach now could stamp out the dreams of younger seedlings.


Been feeling in two minds about a particular issue? Make a decision, or be prepared to have one made for you this month. Your karmic chickens may be coming home to roost, but don't panic, build them a coop of compassion and understanding and line it with legal documents.


You may be feeling under the weather this month. Be sure to take plenty of vitamins, especially calcium to strengthen your crustaceous shell. Avoid petroleum based products where possible, they will clog your chakras. This is a good month to replace outdated synthetic furniture with natural alternatives. A cat may look at a king, and a wooden crate makes for a handy tabletop in an emergency.


All the proud roaring in the world won't turn the tide for you this month, Leo. You're not one for humility, but it may be time to pay the piper if you've been dancing around his busking station for the past few months, showing your glossy mane off to passersby. Remember those who make you look good this month, or your pride may take a fall.


Take two cups of flour and add water and a little salt for home made play-dough that can be eaten without toxic side effects. It's time to cheer up and embrace your playful side. Life is too short to be taken seriously, yet it conversely too long to get away without buying car insurance. If all else fails, meditate over the latest tv guide listings for commercial wisdom.


Issues of possession may arise for you this month, Libra. Weigh your options carefully. Possession may be nine tenths of the law, but if what you're possessing is liable to steal all your furniture whilst you're at work, perhaps you're better off with less. Practicing minimalism is both economically effective and spiritually cleansing.


You've been at it again, haven't you? Put down your stinger for a moment, Scorpio. If those around you are trying to squish you with the boot heel of vengeance, perhaps it's time to look at your life and look at your choices. This isn't a video game, there are no enemies spawning outside your house. Remember,  a smile goes some way towards mending a broken fence, but if you didn't bring any boards of compromise and nails of peace, then the neighbor's dog of despair is still going to use your lawn as a bathroom.


Are you aiming too high? Are you shooting for the moon? The problem with shooting for targets beyond our reach is that the arrows we shoot are doomed to miss and inevitably come down in someone's back-yard, possibly skewering a pet or a loved one. Remember, you're handling great power, do not squander it in the pursuit of false goals, or matching furniture.


Time to head for the hills, sea-goat. The problem with your sign is that half of it yearns for the mountain tops whilst the other half of it dries out if you leave the ocean for too long, consigning you to a life of paddling on the shores whilst staring at the peaks beyond. Cultivate an interest in shiny shells to alleviate the gnawing tedium.


If there's one thing the world needs now, it's a bearer of clean water. Pour your goodness around whenever you get the chance, Aquarius, and let the people in your life splish and splash about. Just be careful that any spiritual oil spills don't contaminate the flow of your joy.


Dark clouds are approaching, and you're correct in assuming that they mean danger. Do not hesitate to seek warmer, friendlier waters this month Pisces, but don't go too far. An unintended benefit of polluted waters may be that predators avoid them for a time, allowing you to regroup and re-spawn. Turn adversarial circumstances to your advantage by burying yourself in the sandy depths of hard work.


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