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Free Will, Fate & Destiny – You Have Far Less Choice Than You Think You Do Once You Incarnate

Updated on February 15, 2013

We would agree that everyone has at least some choice in life but we feel that most "choose" to do that which aligns with their fate regardless of how much decision-making power they think they have. As outlined in previous columns, our belief is that everyone has far more power of choice in spirit form before they incarnate.

Our view is that people generally don't change and that at least 75% of personal circumstances and events for everyone are predestined. If people did change, nobody would remain as they are and nobody would match the myriad of personality traits, events, and circumstances symbolized (quite clearly through comprehensive methods if the analyst is going about it correctly) in their numerology and astrology charts. We've observed, time and time again, that people don't ever "choose" to do something that's out of line with who they are as defined by in-depth numerology and astrology charting, even if they're unaware of their charts.

Some might call us "fatalists," and incorrectly label our positions as overly-cynical and void of "promise," but please understand that we are simply relaying the results of our research. If the idea of predestination discourages you in any way, know that you have the ability to "get what you want," on a personality and ego-self level at least some of the time, as long as the desired result doesn't conflict with your earthly path.

For example, your fate might deny you enduring sizzling romance with your spouse; but you apply your free will, decide to make the most of your connection by emphasizing the rewarding parts and therefore enrich your life through the expression of gratitude. Those who have patterns in the comprehensive charts symbolizing the following random traits or circumstance, for example, will "choose" to behave a certain way (at the appropriate time, indicated by the timing charts) that supports the manifestation of a related event, regardless of whether or not they believe in fate.

Fate dictates all major circumstances in life, such as the following: affluence; family oriented; sexually assertive; partnership oriented; spiritually disciplined; friendship oriented; antagonistic; submissive; versatile nature; traditional oriented, and much more.

Furthermore, people whose primary motivation is recognition, for instance, will "choose" the options that offer them the most fame and recognition, and they will have the opportunity to manifest it if it's their destined path. People who are naturally highly motivated by money will "choose" the path with the highest compensation, and will manifest amounts in accordance with their fate, considering they act on their inborn desire, which they invariably do.

People who have great lifetime money aspects in their comprehensive charts will "choose" the path where they make a lot more money than most people.

Alternatively, people who have very challenging lifetime money aspects in their comprehensive charts will "choose" the path where they don't acquire much money, or they will acquire money and then lose some or all of it by "choosing" ill-advised, high-risk investments, for example.

Those who have aspects in their comprehensive charts for having happy family relationships will "choose" to do things that encourage that. People who have aspects in their comprehensive charts for having unhappy family relationships will "choose" to do things that promote those circumstances.

People who have not-so-great love karma will repeatedly "choose" partners who cheat on them or who are otherwise unreliable. People who have strong addiction aspects (food, alcohol, drugs, etc.) will "choose" to overindulge, again and again. Emotionally needy people (as easily discerned through handwriting analysis) will "choose" to never be alone by "choosing" to either stay complacently in a relationship that is over, or by leaving a connection as soon as they find someone else with whom they can form a relationship.

Hollywood actors who have great lifetime fame and recognition aspects will "choose" the path that allows them to become famous. Hollywood actors who have terrible fame and recognition aspects will "choose" the path that provides them relative obscurity. People who have great fame aspects, along with "fall from grace" aspects, will "choose" the paths that allow for fame and also infamy.

It's good to assertively direct your energy toward goal achievement, but even the most goal oriented and motivated person will admit that often life seems to "happen to" them. Circumstances beyond your control will nudge and often times push you in the predestined direction. The best anyone can do is to make the most of themselves and their fate, strive for self-awareness, change what they can, accept what they can't change, and stay open for clues about the next best step in all areas of life.

Yes, everyone has the power to choose, but they invariably "choose" what feels right, and what feels right is consistently in harmony with their fate.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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