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Free Will, Manifestation & Creation - How Karma, Fate and Predestination Block Your Efforts

Updated on February 8, 2013

Prior to years of comprehensive study and constant objective empirical research through ancient metaphysical delineation and predictive sciences (since 1992 involving the numerology and astrology charts of over 20,000 different people), we too mistakenly believed we could create anything our ego-selves desired. Our studies and research allow us to conclude that an extremely high percentage of everyone's major life circumstances and particulars are unavoidably etched in the rock of fate.

We consistently and accurately outline key conditions and experiences in anyone's future (provided we have all birth data) including "gurus" who claim they are able to "consciously create" 100% of their realities, matching their conscious demands, as they live their lives.

Once you have witnessed, as we have, the continual recurrence of patterns in the numerology and astrology charts completely representing situations in peoples' lives, you will stop rejecting the idea of fate.

An ideal love life, unlimited financial abundance, perfect health, constantly harmonious personal relationships and more would be nice, but we are now entirely certain that it "ain't gonna happen" if it's not part of the path that your soul mapped out before you incarnated.

For example, despite what you might see on TV about finding a compatible romantic partner, like the best-selling author promoting her book about finding the perfect husband in less than a year ("I did it and you can too!"), everyone's karma is different and what works for one person (because it fits his/her karmic blueprint) may fail for the next (being outside of his/her earthly plan).

"Learn valuable lessons about commitment and betrayal by experiencing a difficult spouse? Forget it! Instead, I'll create the perfect relationship!" "Endure a period of financial limitations to learn about financial acumen? Nah, I'll create infinite abundance now and forever live the high life!" Unfortunately (for the ego-self), the universe doesn't work that way. Dodging your fate isn't an option.

But let's not forget free will. You have free will to take the right action at the right time, allow your earthly personality to play its role in manifesting your destiny (including your ego-self desires that align with it), react to your life circumstances, and improve and influence your situation to the best of your ability within the confines of your fate. Along these lines, free will also enables everyone to help shape their future lives through every thought, intent, and action in their present lives.

If you want an ideal as possible relationship, you can exercise your free will and do things to prepare for this. However, we believe that even doing what feels right feels right because it's part of your pre-destined path. You could do something that isn't part of your earthly plan, such as drop out of society, move to the wilderness and live off the land, but you probably wouldn't because it doesn't feel right for you to do.

Perhaps most importantly, it would be nice if we could all have "perfect love," but this would miss the objective of the majority of our relationships on earth: personal growth. A predetermined degree of challenge is necessary in order to learn the lessons for which we incarnate.

As far as releasing your love karma through spiritual exercises, this sounds like wishful, spiritual woo-woo thinking to us. The only exercise we know of to do this is the exercise of experiencing what you need to experience in real life. In other words, forget the notion of being able to cheat fate, despite the fact that most "love experts" suggest otherwise. We caution you to be skeptical of spiritual solutions that appear to be quick fixes.

The good news is that you can ease, but not evade, your karma by acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. For instance, you can't erase the lifelong disharmony between you and your siblings, but you can lighten the load by how you view and react to it. Although not always easy, the best methods toward personal and spiritual growth include the following: achieve self-awareness so that you understand your highest path; take the right action at the right time to manifest your destiny; embrace all personal challenges including all difficult people as a necessary part of the growth process; forgive yourself and all others; love yourself and all others unconditionally; live your life knowing that all energy you put out will eventually come back to you; and know that you can't always get what you want, but that every experience serves a valuable purpose.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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