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From Speaking Life to Dying: The Preacher that died on A Friday and Rose on a Friday

Updated on April 17, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words at least

Rise above

After a Friday night service he was speaking and preaching. He thought he saw something come in a shadow. In the very next moment, he was gone, dropped dead standing at the pulpit. This reads like something fantasy, romanticized, its even seems to be out of the reach of reality. I will assure it is very real and very true. And is a definite testament to the power of our Creator. I was sitting in a church this morning a lady came in late and she had a message about a pastor that died and was brought back. I was sure. I will admit I am definitely a believer, but I just like any other person like to hear from the horse's mouth what happened, someone that witnessed it. And when the lady said the name of the pastor. I knew I had to literally get up and go and so I did. I started some as they asked, "You not going to stay?" I assured them I had to go. You see this wasn't just some Bishop, or just some Pastor. This was someone I knew.

Someone I have known since the time that God called me to the ministry. This was the very person that God sent me to, so that I could better understand what was happening. So, I literally spoke a few words and we were on the road. You see what also stuck out to me was the lady said, "After he dropped dead, they prayed for him and the ambulance pronounced him dead and said there was nothing they could do for him. That didn't sit right with me. Then she proceeded to say that they prayed and prayed and one lady in particular prayed hard and he got up. She then said the ambulance urged him to go to the hospital. And he said, "No my God healed me and I will be ok." Honestly, that startled me just as much. I knew again I had to go. As I am driving, I am not really sure what is going to take place.

As I arrive at the church I see the preacher greeting and smiling and as friendly as ever. I am taken a back. So, I see his wife and we greet one another. And I ask what happened. And to my surprise it is not today this happened, but three weeks ago on a Friday. As she gave me her account of what happened. I asked her had anyone from the paper come to cover this, because her husband was a living miracle. She said no, it was then I knew what it was I had to do. I had to spread the word of this beautiful thing God did. Yes, there are going to be those that don't believe it and will discount it, but that is ok, because this testament to God while is intended for all, I will recognize all will not receive it or understand it. That is perfectly okay with me.

There are so many things that are covered by the local paper, but the great things that are taking place in this community always seem to be missed by those who take the responsibility to cover what is happening in this community. There are so many great things, but unless you go to the church or personally know the parishioners, you will never know. It is not about boasting, but awareness. If you don't tell people of the services you offer or things you do through awareness how are they supposed to be helped, besides the people in the congregation?

So... Since I have found more often than not that churches are not being recognized unless they are doing something a huge organization. I will take it upon myself to bring aware, but also to have the do diligence to also hold the paper accountable. It can be disheartening to live in a town, where a ministry group travels from Ohio to South Carolina, set up in RVS just to help fix their sister church from all walks of life, age groups, etc. To have another ministry that comes out of Pennsylvania to South Carolina to just to help fix up homes of the Elderly that might not else be able to afford it. Yet this is not spoken or even mentioned on a skinny little shred of paper, no sentence, not even a mention.

I often wonder how do we know of the good of this world if all we see and push and promote is the bad. I know someone of you as readers at this moment want to know what it is that the pastor's wife told me. You have been hanging on this long right, its only fair. Well, not to disappoint, but at this moment I feel I want to give it to you straight. I not only want you to hear her account, but I want to bring in the account of the pastor, and the account of the woman who was praying so diligently even when it looked as if he was gone and beyond revival.

I will leave you with this and then the very next follow up article I will do will be Monday by 7pm and it will have all the details you would ever want to know. His wife spoke of how his body had become dead weight and if you have ever been around someone that dies as I have. They are literally unmovable. And for her to see him go from lifeless to life and see how his body weight was shifted back to life is something you can't forget. Well my good people until tomorrow. I pray you just know God is still in the miracle working business and each day we are allowed to be here we are living proof of that. May we all life a life that is intentional. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

Strong Butterfly~!

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