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From religion to reality; How to make it work pt.2

Updated on February 7, 2011

What's next?

Now that you have confidence in yourself, you need to build up your belief in what the Word of God says. As we all know, the word of god has come under heavy scrutiny in the last couple of decades. And it is becoming more and more popular not to believe in God, then to believe in Him. Now, I am not going to get into a debate of whether or not you should believe in God, all I am going to do is give you some sounds logic.

We all know that the earth was created because we live on it, so no one should question that. However, it is the formation of the earth that tends to throw people off. Science leads us to the Big Bang theory, but in order for that to work, elements have to be created before this massive explosion happens. There has to be neutrons, protons and a host of other microscopic and electromagnetic particles involved to create this crash. Did these items just pop into existence? Did these items create themselves? My thoughts are that someone or something had to create these things. Even mankind came into existence by a combination of many things not seen by the naked eye. I am sorry, but my logic or my pride refuses to believe that I evolved from a monkey. And to quote a passage from the bible, that says; "He (God) created us in His own image." Now unless you are saying that God looks like or is like a monkey then, to me, that just does not hold water. I am trying not to get to biblical and try to only be as logical about this topic as much as I can. Just the sure nature of things coming together at the right time and with the precision that had to be exact, is in itself, simply amazing. The human brain is more advance then any computer ever made and can store, process and deduce more information then we realize.  This amazing organ has evolved over the centuries, giving us the ability to cure diseases, fly to the moon and invent the very same computers, that some believe, are more intelligent then we are.  Even as a child, the human brain has to process more information in a day than any computer, Also, we have the ability to learn, to speak, to ration and to choose.  We are above all things on the food chain, because we have the ability to adapt quickly, not only to our surroundings but, to our situations.  So if God gave us this incredible tool to use, would it only be logical to say that Gods knowledge is far greater then ours. Only an advanced being could create a brain such as ours.

So if these statements, that I have made, are correct then it is only logical to say that God or a greater being exist and created all that we are and all that we know. And if that is the case, then it would be safe to say that Gods words are true and we can stand on them, count on them and even believe in them.  So I employ you, what ever your spiritual beliefs maybe, to take stock in His word. Because who better to trust then the creator of the greatest tool on earth, the human brain.

                                                                                      Thank You !!!



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    • krem profile image

      krem 6 years ago from Greenville S.C.

      This was part of the reason that I did not do a lot of quoting the bible. I tried to use people common sense in my statements. It is common sense to say that if something is created, the thing, being or what ever, that created it must be smarter then what it created, There are no sound proof that we came from a monkey but if you want to believe that is where you came from, be my guest but I think better of myself. Sure there are things that has exsisted longer than man but does it make them better or more intellegent then us. If so, I got a pair of socks that I have had for a very long time, does that make them smarter or better then people? I agree, with some people,it makes you wonder.(ha.Ha.)

      If the earth was not created, then how did it get here? Did it just appear out of thin air and if that is so, where did the air come from? Everything comes from something.I hope you realize that, at least.

      You could be right about us coming from an alien race but once again, where did they come from? Why would He not create a universe? The problem with mankind is that we always tend to believe that we are the all to be all and that if we don't have the answer, then there is no answer. Have you ever thought that maybe God, or your idea of a higher being, may not want us to know everything. Maybe He knows how dangerous such knowledge would be right now. Just look at the damage we have done with the little knowledge that we do have.

      You may have a point about me assumming Gods hand in our creation because I was not there. Even with ruins of past civilazations, we can only assume who they were and what they did. My point is, isn't all these thing really based on assumption, because no of us where there. That is why I would rather belief that I was put on this earth for a good reason then believe that my exsistance is just hap-hazzard.

      Thank You


    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 6 years ago

      This is not logic that you have written here.

      It is reporting the obvious and crediting a biblical God.

      There are millions of other reasons why the Earth exists and only one of them is the biblical God.

      Humans may have the highest form of intelligence on Earth but they have not lasted as long as the ant, roach, and other insects. They have survived Atomic Bomb Blasts.

      A monkey can live on its own faster than a human baby.

      Mindless bacteria and viruses can live in extreme environments. Bacteria and viruses can also take down humans are fool the human brain and its defenses.

      Humans kill not as predators for survival so much as they do it for power and control.

      Humans have not found a major medical cure in over fifty years. They find it more profitable to provide lifelong expensive treatments.

      Yes the Earth exists but that doesn't mean that it was a creation, and especially not a designed created, by a biblical God.

      There is no evidence or connection between our existence and the biblical God.

      For all we know we could be an experiment by some Alien Race, just like our scientists create stuff in their laboratories.

      Yes there are all those pieces that must have existed before the Earth but if God created Earth then he didn't need to create the entire useless universe.

      The human brain is advanced but life in general is very special. How an Ant Colony can work as one is also amazing. The human brain also has many problems, especially when the genes have defects in them,

      The human body as other life in the animal kingdom can cure itself of many diseases, but it is no different than other life forms in that respect.

      Humans have not adapted themselves body wise in recorded history. Before that it depends on your belief of primitive man.

      Here is where you make a quantum leap in logic

      ----- So if God gave us this incredible tool to use, would it only be logical to say that Gods knowledge is far greater then ours. Only an advanced being could create a brain such as ours.


      There is no evidence to make the assumption that your biblical God was responsible for any of this.


      If P then Q doesn't equate to If Q then P

      If it Rains then the Sidewalks get wet.

      is not the same as

      If the sidewalks are Wet the it must have Rained.