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Meet Apollyon - the World Will Soon Serve the Beast From the Pit.

Updated on October 31, 2018
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Locusts from The Abyss

I Don't Think John Saw a Helicopter
I Don't Think John Saw a Helicopter | Source

Who Can Really Understand What John Saw?

I am going to pass on trying to explain anything about their appearance but I will say this; the above picture has a good grasp of the idea. In reality, I don't think any of our speculations, including the picture, can do justice to how nastily gruesome these creatures will be. What they did to end up in the Abyss, no one but God knows; but they did not have this appearance before their imprisonment. Another thing, they have been held in reserve for this specific time for thousands of years and as such God has proven that incarceration does not rehabilitate the wicked but makes them worse. Note: the words "like" and "as" are used 9 times in their description; they have to be the most convoluted beings ever, but in the fairly near future they will become an all too familiar sight.

The Devil's Meme Personae is a Great Deception.

The Perfect PR Campaign  for the Devil
The Perfect PR Campaign for the Devil | Source

On God's Orders, the PIT is Opened

More Darkness

John sees a star fall from heaven and then says, "to him was given the key.....". Who?: is an interesting question. Because the word fall is a perfect participle; whoever this may be, is no longer allowed in heaven; their fall is a permanent state.

  • It is not Satan for he is banished from heaven at the mid-point of the 70th week (Revelation 12:8).
  • The upcoming war in heaven declares that not all of Satan's angels (demons) are earth-bound.
  • Demons can appear as angels of light and if we saw the devil in his current form, we would probably be stunned at his glorious appearance. He loves it when we think that he has horns, is red and runs around with a pitchfork; it makes us easier to deceive.

Whoever, whatever he is; the key to the abyss is in his hands and straightway he opens the abyss. I wonder if he has revenge on his mind; it will be short-lived if that is the case. The first thing that arises from the pit is smoke that darkens an already darkened world. Sounds almost like a volcano but more than smoke and ashes spew forth. The darkness will continue to get worse as the final judgment nears; it is a miracle that anyone is still alive at our Lord's coming. God does not deprive all of Hope for He is going to display an "unexpected" ocean of mercy at His coming.

The abyss in not hades (hell); see Luke 8:30:31 - Legion was in terror of going to the "abussos" - abyss, the place of really bad fallen angels. Two reasons it is not hell: 1) Lost souls and angels do not share the same holding cells and 2) Hell will not be opened until the great white throne judgment.

Rules of Engagement

God is very much in charge as these demonic creatures obey His every instruction to the letter.

  1. Power of scorpions: seldom can they kill but many who have been stung considered dying as a better option. 1 Kings 12:11,14 Rehoboam threatened to chastise the people with the devilish little beasts.
  2. Do no touch any grass or any green thing.
  3. Limited to everyone who does not have the seal of God in their foreheads. The mark of the beast will not be given until the 2nd half of the 70th week, so this could include many who will become believers / martyrs in the future.
  4. Do not kill, just torment, torment and torment some more.
  5. Five months is all they get of freedom to torment. Then I guess it is back to the abyss.

Though many will try to desire to take their lives, there is no need for a suicide watch: the death rate for the next 5 months will approach zero. God is not going to let them get off so easy at this time: he is not finished with them yet.

What is in a Name?????

God does not gives this much press to a demonic being without there being some relative significance to what is happening in the here and now and in the future. Abaddon in Hebrew (destroying angel) and Apollyon in Greek (destroyer); he too is from the abyss but is not of the locusts. We have been introduced to a major character who has an incredibly significant role to play, especially for the final half of the 70th week. As we shall see, Satan is glad to have him back, for he has great plans for this beast of an angel.

APOLLYON, the Beast from the Abyss.
APOLLYON, the Beast from the Abyss. | Source

If you think the pictures that accompany this article are disturbing; what really will arise will be much worse, of which I am sure.

Creation Corner

Out of Nothing
Out of Nothing

Design and Order

Romans 1:20 "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."

Question: can anyone point out anything, just one thing in our universe that does not boast of incredible design and perfect order? Why is it that we love to visit majestic parks, mountains, lakes, woodlands, zoos, aquatic parks, animal preserves and watch tons of National Geographic documentaries about earth, sky, sea, flora and fauna? It gives us a wonderful thrill to see such diversity, beauty and power on display. Think of it this way. I loved my visit to Yosemite and to stand at the foot of the falls made you just want to drink it all into your soul, the awesomeness of it all. While standing there, I watched other people arrive and get out of their cars with their dogs. The people are looking up with their jaws dropped and their dogs are looking for the nearest tree for relief. The dogs could care less but we humans cannot help but to stand in awe of incredible design and perfect order.

When Man Plays at God, it is Very Messy.

Man is a poor imitator of God.
Man is a poor imitator of God. | Source

Three Principles of Evolution

  1. Natural Process

There is no existing evidence by either discovery or observation of the "natural process" creating anything living. Why; it is because the natural process always creates the wrong type of chemicals. To create the correct type of chemicals you also need three things: 1) a closed system; 2) the input of intelligence and 3) a controlled environment. Even then quite a few years ago an evolutionist created amino acids in the lab; what a joyous moment. It was short lived. He had taken a closed system, input his intelligence and controlled the experiment; it did produce amino acids but sadly these could never produce a living anything. He produced left and right hand amino acids but the living is made up of only the left hand variety which was later determined to be impossible. (Note: it may be the right hand; it has been so long I may have forgotten but I do know that it cannot be both.)

Time is Running Out.

The clock is ticking, the end draws nigh.
The clock is ticking, the end draws nigh. | Source

Time is Not the Evolutionist Friend.

2. Time

Billions of years is all you need to create such a complex world, the beauty and the beast. Even evolutionists know the Laws of Thermodynamics.

  • Law 1 - Matter and energy are always constant in total quantity. Matter moves toward energy (coal) and energy moves towards matter (ashes).
  • Law 2 Entropy - order to disorder. Order requires input and maintenance. If you buy a new Mercedes and decide to leave in the middle of a farm field for about twenty years you have a perfect demonstration of order to disorder. The car requires a lot of work just to keep it running let alone to keep it looking great. Order is destroyed by time and natural process as molecules move from energy to matter.

Do You Believe That All You See is by Chance?

Care for a Game of Chance?
Care for a Game of Chance? | Source

The Odds are Not in Your Favor.

3. Chance

Did you know that there are actual known probabilities for the seemingly impossible to happen. For example: the air is constantly filled with both hot and cold molecules and if by chance they should collect at a single point (known probability) ice would instantly vaporize or boiling water would freeze depending on which type converged. The probability of "chance" creating the simplest amino acid (left-handed only) would require the earth to be more than 15 billion year old. Sadly, the probability for one species to transition to another approaches zero. Yet evolutionists try to con us with massive amounts of change anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 times faster than the amino acid supposedly can be formed.

The Great Catch-22 - DNA
The Great Catch-22 - DNA | Source

Catch 22

Microbiology 101

  • Where does DNA come from? Proteins
  • Where do proteins come from? DNA
  • Which by chance came first?????

Any rational observer when taking into account the natural and physical laws that surround us and by which we live; they have to exist at the same time. Is anybody listening and does anyone really care any more? Pray for the light to come on in some lost soul's mind.


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