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From the atom to Universe!

Updated on August 2, 2013

The power that moves the electrons enables the planets to orbit!

The scientists are trying to find out 'sub atomic particles' which goes into the formation of atoms. Every student of physics knows that atom contains nucleus, protons and electrons. The electrons are in orbit and there is always a specific number of electrons in each element so far discovered. The universe is gigantic in size when compared to the minute atoms. Though atoms can not be split further, nuclear reactors trigger explosions by forcefully splitting the atom which goes into the generation of atomic energy for power generation. The same atoms are used for destruction during wars. We have many examples like "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" which were annihilated by atom bombs hurled at those places. It is the monstrous power and energy that are contained in the atoms. Every thing is made up of atoms. The so called inert materials like rocks and minerals too contain atoms of different structures. So much energy is locked inside the atom. How we can call them as 'inert? We talk about energy and power. Where from this atom acquired so much energy? Which power has caused the electrons to orbit? Rationalists will aver that it is "nature'. Spiritualists aver that all this nature is nothing but God! What is in a name? Whether you call it as 'nature' or god both indicate some unknown mysterious power which has manifested as all this in Cosmos.

The scriptures assert that from 'atom to Cosmos', every thing is pervaded by the same Divinity. We know air is everywhere, the sky is everywhere. Though we can not see the air with the naked eyes, we can infer the presence of air by the swaying of trees, the fluttering of curtains and the feelings of our skin. Likewise, the sky is inferred by the sound waves. Sky is the medium through which sound travels. Also the sky enable light and heat from the sun to reach the earth. In the upanishadic texts of East, there is a stanza, 'Anoraneeyan Maheeto maheeyan". The meaning is "the supreme power(God)pervades the atom as well as the cosmos! This is the main theme of this hub. Watch the movements of ants and other insects like mosquitoes. Though they are very small in structure, with their tiny legs, they negotiate long distances compared to their little size. The mosquito though very small is able to pierce the thick skin of animals and human beings drink the blood without hurting its needle like mouth. Even the small needles some times bend and break while we try to inject insulin or such medicines but with slender and flexible tube like projection, the mosquito easily sucks the blood with immunity. Even before we notice, it escapes from us. These are all really wonders of the world. Rows of ants passing through a hard rocky surface leave marks on the rock after they move on it for long time! Where from those tiny legs could carve these marks on the hard surface when it takes a lot of energy to chisel on the surface by sculptors with modern tools?

You need not believe on god to infer these wonders. The honey bees travel many miles flying to gather few drops of honey. How meticulously they store the honey in the beehives? We have to learn co-operation from the ants and bees since man lacks the ideal quality. The basic idea is that the very same power which activates the atom is also responsible for the movements of gigantic planets across the space. We know that it is a single sun which gives warm and light to the entire universe whether we live in rural or urban areas, whether in deserts or in icy regions. Who has set in motion all the planets in orbits? The same power whether we call it nature or god which fills everything and energizes every bit of the universe!

Krishna with his famous flute!


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    • profile image

      arindam 4 years ago

      it is really astonizing power , which many call as God