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From the rising to the setting of the Sun

Updated on November 16, 2012

I rose early.

The world was dark and still.

I bustled about the kitchen looking for items to make six lunches -- four peanut free, which is a bit of a disaster because I sure could have used the standard pb and j this morning.

I scrounged through the fridge and rummaged through the cupboards. Little piles of lunches began to emerge. I realized I could really use some coffee and as I reached into the cupboard for the coffee grounds my eyes caught the loveliness unfurling outside my window. Like a pale pink rose beginning to bloom, the morning was rising.

The sky was the palest pink and there was a frosty mist in the air. The bare November trees stood solid with their limbs upraised as if in worshipful praise and I was reminded of the verse I heard last evening:

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised. Psalm 113:3

In the stillness of the morning my heart resonated with the thought of praising the Lord with the rising sun until the sun would set again this evening over the fields and the praising trees would be cloaked in the darkness.

With this thought in mind, I carried on with the morning activities and the day got going with all its noise and drama.

At the end of this day, when the sun was setting, the world went pink again.

I stepped out onto the back deck and snapped the photo.

I thought about the day.

Was the Lord praised?

Was He praised in the morning piano practice, the dawdling teeth brushers - their mother's 'encouraging' words, the blood pressure raising dash for the door in time for the school bus?

What about when I spoke with the woman with the worry weary face telling me of her daughter's illness? The client who I upset by following my supervisors' instructions? Caring for my daughter with the pale face and slight fever? Fifth grade geometry homework? Leftovers all dumped together in a pot for supper?

The sky went pink and I wondered, was the name of the Lord praised this day in my life? It felt like a bit of a mad dash with so many twists and turns and complications. (I didn't even mention the dog doo-doo on the running shoe.)

What a day.

If praising the Lord requires one long, continuous stretch of undivided concentration and adoration, then it didn't happen today. But that is not true. We are not trees rooted, immovable and mute. We are people, interacting with one another, moving about through time and activities, dealing with thousands of interruptions a day.

I did praise the Lord today. Between all the 'this' and the 'that' and even in the very midst of the jumble there were moments of praise. Could I have praised more? Absolutely. Could I have cut out some of the irritable comments to make way for more praiseworthy, God-honouring words? Yes.

Psalm 113:3 speaks of continuous praise for the Lord. In our activities, our words, our attitudes, how we interact with each other and our response to the interruptions that come our way; the name of the Lord is to be praised. Today was living proof that all kinds of things happen in a day and we are instructed to praise the Lord. From the rising of the sun and all that the new day holds --geometry homework, piano practices, fevers, illnesses, and leftovers in a pot; the name of the Lord is to be praised.

What a day! Praise the Lord!


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