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Fruit laden trees only will get the hit!

Updated on December 24, 2011

Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus!

Why great people suffer much?

When we see a fruit tree displaying ripe fruits, we automatically pick up a stone and hit it to get the fruit. Likewise in this world, people who are wise and intelligent and who are full of knowledge are the one who get more opposition than others. Even in the case of saints and sages, they are the one who take the brunt from disbelievers and atheists. We are aware that Jesus was crucified, Buddha was fed with poisonous food and Mahatma Gandhi laid his life succumbing to the bullets of an extremist. The world over, pious people suffer much compared to others. Why it is so? God tests the pure in soul so that their glory can be seen by others. It is when people suffer; their finest qualities come to the fore. History is replete with many such events depicting the sufferings undergone by the pure at heart. On this day we remember Jesus Christ. Those in power dreaded Christ. He was gathering more and more people to follow him wherever he went. His Teachings had the stamp of authority of God.

The priests feared that their authority will be undermined if people flock to Christ and listen to His immortal Teachings. All good natured people were attracted by his universal messages of Love and Truth. He taught them tolerance as a greatest virtue. Hence he said, “Forgive seventy times seven”. If someone slaps you on one cheek, show him the other cheek. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi followed the great quality of ‘forbearance’ when the British authorities tortured him in many ways. He never developed anger with them. Hatred is anathema to him. He had absolute belief in the conquest of Truth. When he toiled for the independence of India from British yoke, he was sad when there was no harmony between Hindu and Muslim citizens of India.

When we consider the life of Buddha, he has left his family and son and the luxurious palace. He preferred the life of a mendicant. He begged his food from few house. He was searching for Truth. He wants to know the reasons behind disease, old age and death. Prior to that he was not aware of the oddities of life. He was kept secluded from the external world. Hence he has started meditating on the Truth of Life. Finally he found that everything in this world is ephemeral and nothing lasts. He wanted people to follow righteous ways, righteous speech, righteous actions and righteous vision. But Buddha had great many opponents to his way of Life. He was abused in the vilest terms. Buddha used to keep quiet when the young man who are averse to teaching resorted to abusing him. When somebody enquired him why he is keeping silent to the vile abuse, he said that a letter addressed to somebody is not accepted it is returned to the sender. I do not accept his abuse and hence I kept quiet. The abuses automatically will pursue the abuser. Likewise all great man suffered much since they were fruit laden trees.


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