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Sexing up a Book on Science and Religion with Humour

Updated on September 12, 2015

Come laugh with me


Authors all have their favourite books - well I do, lol. Mine is my last one, go figure, which is on the relationship between science and religion as well as seeking to prove beyond reasonable doubt the existence of God. I'm a bit of an unconventional author. I like to do things that people say I shouldn't. Have you ever read a book that has "lol" in it? Well I have brought the computer geek speak into the written published word. So here's your chance to see what will like quite random humourous quotes - well I hope you'll laugh with me. Here goes:

The cell membrane is like the security process mentioned. It allows the cell to let in substances it needs, to expel substances it doesn't require, and to block or fight off intruders. So you could actually liken it to the bouncer at your favourite nightclub (but that doesn't mean it comes with squashed face and bulging biceps!) P.61 God:Fact or Fiction?

However the DNA bases are only mutually attracted to certain types, for example blondes (nah, just kidding, lol!) A will only pair up with T, and C will only pair up with G. Like two negative ions, if they aren't attracted then they won't do the tango. P.67

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand how completely far from the truth this aforementioned statement is. Why not just render a similar ridiculous analogy of giving the monkeys pens instead of typewriters? Then just give them a million years, and expect them to at least write the complete alphabet instead of the complete works of Shakespear. If the pens don't clog up by then, or the monkeys die of boredom, then I wouldn't give a monkeys *** of hope for them to write anything legible. P.86

When we think of fossils, we tend to bring to mind images of crustaceans carefully dug out of the ground, or alternatively some may think of parents or grandparents as living fossils. P91

I hope you see that I've brought some rather heavy subjects and added a bit of god-given humour. Well God is the author of life and He is my inspiration. Please feel free to rate this, comment and forward it to your friends. Oh and by the way, I have two books available in the US and God:Fact or Fiction? is one of them.

God bless

Brendan Roberts


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    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      You've tried, I suppose. Hard to figure out. Much peace.

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 

      10 years ago from U.S.A

      I think i have some things to say in regards to the origin of life. check out my blog , I like yours


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