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Updated on February 14, 2010

More mysteries with the number 7

What is the mystery about the number seven? The mystery is in its meaning, however, it goes much deeper than that. The meaning of the number 7 (from G-d's perspective, not Man's, as evidenced in G-d's word) is that it finalises a period of time, or an event or a series - it completes it.

A perfect example is when G-d took 7 days to create the world. On the 7th day he rested (the Sabbath) because in 6 days He worked - creating- and was finished on the 7th day with that whole procedure - it was finished!

Another example:

Joshua's story - (Joshua 6:8) Seven priests carrying the seven trumpets, the priests and the army waliked around the city of Jericho once each day for 6 days, on the 7th day they marched around the city 7 times, the seventh time around when the priest sounded the trumpet blast, Joshua commanded the people to shout! When they shouted - the city walls collapsed. The 7 's in this story completed a particular task, and in the end Joshua had the victory over the enemy.

All you believers reading this take note of this story and the meaning of the seven trumpets- it is relevant to us for the end times, remember the battle was not won by might or power but by G-d's Spirit! (Zech 4:6 ).

The victory was not won because the priests blew the trumpets seven times, or walked around the city seven times or shouted. The victory was won for two reasons:

1. Joshua's and the peoples obedience to G-d's commands.

2. G-d breathed on the city, as He said in the words above, Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit". G-d's spirit is the same wind that hovered over the waters when the earth was dark and formless. (Genesis1: 2).

This story has a great significance for us today.

Joshua and his men would be frowned upon today if he and his men started walking around Jerusalem with priests blowing trumpets 7 times. Yet their faith and obedience produced results!

There may come a time - in your lifetime- when you may witness similar events like these, again! You may even be part of an event whereby G-d would expect the same obedience and faith - are you ready for that?

Joshua's story has a deeper meaning, as does all of G-d's Word. Joshua's (Yoshua- meaning salvation) name is a derivative of Yeshua (meaning salvation), and that was no coinscidence. G-d portrays His son Yeshua prophetically through this story and through Joshua's life. Joshua was leader of the army and led his people into the promised land. Before he did so he was commanded to send two spies to Jericho to assess how many believers there were in the city, (just as G-d did with Sodom and Gomorrah before it was destroyed.) and again he offers the world the same chance by sending the two witnesses into Jerusalem before Yeshua returns to battle against the dragon. Joshua demonstrated Yeshua's future coming when our savior returns as king with an army to claim the promised land. And in the same way as Joshua, the battle will be won not by might nor by power but by G-d's spirit, Difference is Yeshua will return with an iron sceptre to bring the final judgement on the world.

Moving on now to Enoch.

Enoch was 7th in Adam's lineage (Gen 5). Enoch was the only one (since Adam) who walked with G-d! Adam had once walked with G-d before the fall into sin.

G-d  brought  Enoch into the world as the 7th in line - He completed that phase - as the seventh man . Only the first and the 7th (the last in that phase)had the privilege of walking with G-d! It was G-d's Divine Completion. But what did it complete? That is the mystery.

For the answer we need to look deeper.

G-d created numbers - mathematicians will confirm how magical numbers can be, numbers can provide formuli, fractions, and can make up thousands of different combinations with just a few digits. Numbers tell their own story.

Now number 5 is G-d's number that points to His Grace, it also represents 'a new beginning'. Where there is an end to something, number 7 may be seen to be used. When there is a beginning the number 5 is usually around somewhere. Number 3 is also closeby because it represents G-d's Divine Perfection. The number 6 is the number of Man and humanism- hence the 666 = the humanistic leader to come!

Now Enoch lived 365 years and this is not coincidental. If we translate these numbers into meaning it comes out as G-d's perfection for man is G-d's Grace and a new beginning.

To the layman this doesn't make much sense but to those with ears that hear and eyes that see and a heart to receive it makes a lot of sense. It tells us that Enoch's purpose was to demonstrate somehow that to become like G-d you need his grace and a new beginning

to be 'Born Again'.

Interestingly, if you add 365 (3+6+5) it totals 14 (Even these two digits are very significant to this study but that's another story). Now add 1+4 together and you have again number 5.

So to sum up Enoch's purpose in his life was to show the world G-d's Grace!

Now that is a 'WOW' factor! Yet that is not all!

Exactly at the point of his age of 365 years (that totalled 5 in number = Grace) G-d decides to take Him!

Enoch did not experience death - he was taken up to be with G-d.

Many people question the validity and reality of the rapture - here it is!

So not only is G-d's message to the world saying 'G-d's grace is available to those who become born again, but they will also walk with G-d and when the time comes he will take them to be with him,

Therefore there is a generation who will be taken in the same way as Enoch!

In the next session there will be further discussion on the number 7 and another descendant of Adam in the book of Genesis. Also the book of Revelation has a number of references to 7s.

If any readers are wondering what is meant by being 'born again' it refers to giving up your old life and leaving behind the things of this world, and entering into G-d's way of life. It is about becoming a completely new creature - born of the spirit and being led by the Holy Spirit. The first step is to acknowledge G-d the father has sent His son Yeshua to this world as a saviour. He was sacrificed on the cross so that He could be your covenant between you and G-d the father. The covenant is that you commit your life to Him and in return He will adopt you into His family. G-d has gifts for you to help you do that, he recognises you cannot re-birth yourself - you need His help. Just call on Yeshua and he will help you through the transition. Then find a place where believers meet to pray and read the bible, preferably 'in depth' and not where they remain on the 'milk' all of their days! (milk means to be on the basics and never moving forward).

I pray this prayer for you:

Lord, may you guide all those who genuinely seek you, to your safe refuge place, where they may receive peace, joy, comfort and reasurrance as well as the milk and the honey, where they may learn and grow and feast on your word.

Lord, may you forgive them as they forgive their adversaries, and offer you their repentant hearts.

Lord, may they receive your Grace and your gift of salvation,

Lord, may they walk with G-d.

Lord, may you guide their footsteps to a safe place where they will be guided to receive all that you have to offer, to become a child of G-d and an heir to your kingdom.

Lord, may they in turn give you all that they have to offer. May the covenant be sealed with your seal of ownership.

Lord, may their names be written into the book of life!


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    • micadeolu profile image

      Michael Adewale Olubode 6 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      The tonic solfa in music are also seven. That suggests the powers that lie in the music tones. If well used could bring about great wonders. The silver trumpet that will be used to usher our Lord Jesus Christ back to earth is being prepared. Many think this is a hoax but remember what the book of numbers chapter 10 says about the silver trumpet. We are looking for well meaning people to join us to work together. Contact me if you are interested.

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 8 years ago

      The "Lords Prayer" is also divided into 7 petitions.

      3+4=7 First three concerning God, the next four concerning man.