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Updated on May 10, 2015

Healed by the Divine Physicians

As part of Women's History Month, let us look at the life of Ghosa Kahsivati, Rishika (female Rishi) and Brahamavadini (Vedic philosopher). She is one of the most well known Rishikas along with Gargi, Maitreyi and Lopamurda.

She was a princess and the daughter of Rishi Kashivan and granddaughter of Rishi Dirgatamas. She had contracted a skin disease, most likely leprosy. Leprosy exists mostly in temperate and tropical climes. Skin sores, nerve damage and muscle weakness are symptoms of this bacterial disease. Children are more prone to contract the disease than adults. The lepromatous form of the disease is the most severe. Lumps and bumps are common symptoms. About a hundred cases are reported in the USA every year mostly in the South, California, Hawaii and the US Pacific Islands. Antibotics are used to treat the disease, but it is 100% curable following this kind of protocol.

In ancient times there were "leper colonies" and people isolated themselves from the rest of society. In the Bible (Luke 17:11-17) Jesus cures ten lepers. They show themselves to the temple priests to prove they are clean of the disease, so that they can enter back into society. Only one of them returns to thank Jesus. He was a Samaritan who was considered a foreigner in Jewish culture. Jesus often used the Samaritan as a model citizen in his parables.

Ghosa was very devoted to the Ashvini Kumars, the Divine Physicians, who created Ayurvedic Medicine. She prayed to them and they were pleased with her devotion. They taught her Madhu Vidya, the science of secret learning. She became youthful again and was cured of her disease. She lived with her father for 60 years before they taught her the secrets and cured her of her afflictions. She married and had a son called Sage Shuhastya Ghauseya.

Ghosa composed two suktas in the RigVeda. In X39 she worships the Divine Twins, the Ashvini Kumars. The Ashvins are horsemen described in the RigVeda, sons of Saranyu, goddess of the clouds. She is the wife of Surya, the Sun. They appear at sunrise and sunset as the horsemen in a chariot and are the Divine Physicians who instituted Ayurvedic Medicine. In the Mahabharata Pandu's wife, Madri, is given sons by the Ashvins, Nakula and Sahadeva. Along with the sons of Kunti, they are known as the Pandavas. They symbolize the goodness within us. Nasatya (kind, helpful) and Dasra (enlightened giving) are the Ashvins' names. They are often compared with the twins of Castor and Pollux in Greek and Roman mythology and the divine twins, Asvieniai, in the Baltic religion.

The sukta X40 in the RigVeda is a plea for married life since she had the skin disease. Sukta X41 is written by her son to show that God answers prayers.

Her beauty was her inner qualities and character which helped her overcome her challenges in life. Many of us live with health challenges. Several years ago I was at death's door but was given the resources to remove dental fillings which were destroying my health. It took a year for me to overcome this illness. I can't imagine how it was like for Ghosa to live with her situation for 60 years. Because my health was restored to me, I became educated about many environmental and health concerns. To this day this is why I educate people about environmental health and ecology. Ghosa became educated in the wisdom of the Vedas and Ayurvedic Medicine and passed the knowledge on to the next generation.

It is only in the last five years that I became acquainted with the ancient medical system of Ayurvedic Medicine. The beauty products and shampoos developed by Horst are called Aveda. He went to India to learn about this system to develop these products. The chemical products of his salons made his mother ill. So out of illness became a great environmental company which exists to this very day. Horst is no longer with us, but his legacy is passed on through the business he developed based on Ayurvedic principles. These are the lessons that Ghosa learned of keeping health in line with natural, ecological principles. Our health should be based on what we eat and how we treat ourselves and others.

Ghosa was one of the ancient seers who was part of the history of India. Many modern yoga studios promote healthy living and Ayuvedic Medicine which she passed on to the rest of us from the Divine Twins. I think it's very interesting to see how Americans are changing their lifestyles and following Ayurvedic health philosophies. Recently in the news McDonald's sales gone down dramatically due to the fact people are eat more healthy diets. It shows that America is changing for the better on the health front. Some Americans are going the other way as are some of the American Hindus. They are packing on too much weight, eating in an unhealthy way and avoiding exercise. I say go back to the wisdom which Ghosa shared through the Divine Twins. Through her devotion her health returned and allowed her to become one of the greatest Rishikas of India. Her son passed on this great tradition to us all.



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