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Updated on January 21, 2012
Bolsover Castle
Bolsover Castle
EYRE Chapel
EYRE Chapel
Nags Head Newbold
Nags Head Newbold
Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Rutland Arms
Rutland Arms
Horns Bridge
Horns Bridge

I Have always been interested in the paranormal due to experiences i have had in my life but not interested in a way it takes over my life.

I remember when i was young and all the other kids used to take story books out or read them in the school library and i used to hunt out the ghost story and haunting books, Anyway below are a few more of my favorite apparent haunted locations from around my local district of Derbyshire.

Please feel free to comment with your own personal Experiences


Several reported sightings of a woman in the kitchen area of places a child in the fireplace before vanishing. Ghostly figures have also been seen in the under chambers and a man and woman wearing a scarf standing together before vanishing.

THE OLD MANOR HOUSE (Currently a Bank)

The building was at one time said to be haunted by a small child, One visitor who happened to be confronted by what she thought was a real child bent down to pick the child up only for her arms to pass through the ghostly child. There has also been reports of rattling of chains.

DERBY ROYAL HOSPITAL former site of derby city hospital

Several staff have reported seeing a figure in parts of the hospital but mainly around the morgue area.It was reported in the media that a exorcism were to take place but the hospital denied is believed the figure is a roman soldier who died or was killed near by as the derby city hospital was built on an ancient roman road.


While Working A security guard and his dog witnessed a figure dressed in white overalls walk along the side of the building,They followed the figure who disappeared around the corner, The guard reported this was a dead end a locked gate with barbed wire along the top. A couple of days later the guard spotted the figure again and ran after the figure only for it to vanish before him.


Many years ago The Landlord reported phantom heavy footsteps heard on several occasions, Behind this public house is EYRE chapel which originates from the Thirteenth century and 12 family members of the eyre family were interred in the chapel crypt.


The imposing shell of a grandiose Georgian mansion built in 1724-29, with an immensely columned exterior. Roofless since 1919, when its interiors were dismantled and some exported to America Has a reputation to be very haunted. Witnesses have seen floating body parts, Foot steps have been heard and the smell of tobacco on several occasions. Moving shadows have also been captured by investigators. The adjoining church yard has also its ghost reportedly the glowing figure of a woman glides through the yard and disappears through the gate.

The Rutland Arms

Positioned at the back of the parish church (crooked spire) In 1875 a young cook/waitress hung herself there from the rafters. Is it the ghost of the same young woman who hung herself who has been seen walking down the wooden staircase and across the bar. She has been several times and once mistaken for one mans daughter.other occurances are glasses moving and switches switched off and the feeling of been watched.

Horns Bridge

Approaching chesterfield from juction 29 you pass under a railway bridge which is a north/south link originally built about 1838. The brick wall of the bridge is the scene for the strange occurrences many people have seen the figure of a man walking through into the wall (People i know personally) These occurrences have happened during daylight and nighttime.

A local worker returning home to hasland after his shift saw a man walk across the road, This man disappeared into the brick wall. On another occasion a man walking walking his dog was bemused when the dog ran off and would not go under the bridge, he tried to get the dog under his control when the dog ran straight at the brick wall injuring its face.

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    • D Philip Carney profile image

      D Philip Carney 3 years ago from Stockport

      We have been gathering quite a collection of haunted pubs in Derby; just here:

    • profile image

      rob 3 years ago

      My house is haunted by past family and have been seen and heard by all who come and stay some say that they will never come again

    • profile image

      sheree 5 years ago

      Very interesting I use to drink in Rutland Arms years ago and not heard anything about it being haunted- I do believe in ghosts tho I have seen one when I was young-

    • Portamenteff profile image

      Portamenteff 6 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

      Kind of spooky.