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God and Baseball / Part One: March

Updated on March 11, 2016



March 6, 2016

As this season starts, I ask that you,
God, keep your hands on them that plays.
Let them and their leaders stay healthy and strong.

May they not be ashamed to tell the world
that their "GOD GIVEN TALENT" is from you
as we watch them play the game that we all love.

I ask that there be some who plays
because of their love for the game
and not because they're paid more than they're worth.

As for them that plays only for the cash,
in their next life, may they sell beer and chips
as we, with broken dreams, plays the game that we love.

Let my team, this year, be competitive,
even if they're not to play this Fall.
Give them that swings at 3 & 0 a kick in the ass.

May time slow down so that this Summer season
and baseball doesn't seem to fly by.
My bones, now days, prefers the warmth of the sun.

Giving someone this invention was a gift,
especially when the sunny days are dark.
You through baseball helps me make it through those times.

Baseball and your other rainbow called Spring
says that you are alive and in control.
God, you, the season and baseball makes me feel young again.

Thank you.



The changes in the air has come
almost too late to me.
It has arrived in time. The clouds are gone.
The, sun, wind and rain has shown up.
Spring, which is here at last,
is the time of the year that I do love.

The baseball teams have traveled to
where they prepare to play
the game that they love for next six months.
The sounds of baseballs being hit,
caught and umpires calls has
been missed but that is to end in a month.

The month before before baseball begins
feels more like sixty days.
It's one of five months that I wish flew by.
To get my mind on something else,
I clean up my man cave
which is where I watch all of the day games.



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