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Updated on February 14, 2016


I live in Polly Ground Community, Ewarton, Jamaica. A very picturesque, peaceful place, with warm friendly and kind people. A tiny paradise you know? I love it here!
I live in Polly Ground Community, Ewarton, Jamaica. A very picturesque, peaceful place, with warm friendly and kind people. A tiny paradise you know? I love it here!

Let us attempt to define.

To understand this concept, the first thing that one must answer is what is everything? The Brand Nubian Hip Hop group from the Now Rule crew explains it simply: Everything is Everything. Before GOD, there was Nothing. The Creator used the “Nothing” to create Everything. He called the universe up out of himself. This means everything is out of… and is…GOD.

“All things were made by Him, and without Him was nothing made, that was made.” John 1:3.

The Bible says God is the Word, but thought precedes words, so before God was the Word, God was the Thought. Anyone who thinks understands that any thought may occur at any time. God is all of these. To not want to think is the biggest insult one may hurl at the Creator. As a result, death occurs quickly for all non-thinking individuals.

Now if you think that this statement is about someone else; YOU ARE SO WRONG! This is about YOU! Reason with me, when you who are a child of God (an eternal being), dies at 130 years, you are not even a fetus. By my estimation, it takes perhaps four thousand years of continuous life to be properly oriented to the universe. Prior to that, you shouldn’t even be considered an adult. Now please list all the people you know of who have died at 130 or more…Do you see?


No qualification necessary.
No qualification necessary.


God is everything. And that is a big concept. It becomes necessary to break “everything” into sections so that one may more completely apprehend this truth. God is language, mathematics and music. God is construction, God is health. God is both knowledge of self and knowledge of others. God is nature and God is time. God writes “I build and destroy”, therefore God is Order and Chaos. There is more, but if you respect these truths, then you are on the road to enlightenment.

God is the Word and God is everything, thus ALL life is of God, and ANY life that can communicate IS God. Therefore, know yourself Human. I encourage you to embrace every person. Everyone is a child of God, even what is called Satan. Not only that, but you were made from everything. Anything that you hate is a part of you; this kind of thinking leads you to hate yourself. This condition is most definitely NOT conducive to the attainment of eternal life. So remember, anything that you hate puts you in the grave. It is best to love all things, in this way you love God. For God is everything.

Arriving at this understanding was a journey; this is the story of my epiphany. When I was selling “drugs” in the United States, I happened to meet a young man of European descent, his name was Eddie. Eddie was short, about 5’7”, slim with long shoulder length hair (which he wore loose). Eddie’s profile was form fitting, trendy clothes, earrings, a sports car and effete mannerisms. In short, he came off as gay as a bright summer morning.

The Cradle of Civilization, Fertile Crescent.

Pride and Prejudice

Eddie would come to Houston to buy weed. No other Jamaican would deal with him so he would buy from the Mexicans. That was until he discovered me! Once we became friends, I would see him perhaps twice a month and he would relieve me of one hundred and fifty or two hundred pounds.

The other guys in the crew disapproved of me dealing with Eddie. “Yaadman no have nothing fi do with Battyman”, was the observation that was repeatedly made. I didn’t listen, Ren had taught me to respect money. He had said, “When you are a businessman, your business is to make profit; it is not your business where the profit comes from.”

Anyway, my secret was an old man who owned a mountain of marijuana in Monterey, Mexico, let me call him Enrique. Enrique could afford to sell me weed for ninety dollars a pound. The usual thing to do was to drive the weed to Toronto, using the U.S. as a transshipment point; the same way they used Jamaica as a transshipment point for cocaine. I would get 13, many times 14 hundred $US for a pound; so although it was a lot of driving, it was well worth it. Plus I’m a country boy (washing my own clothes by hand, carrying water and rising early to go to school) hard work doesn’t faze me.

Once, while on a return trip from a parley with Enrique, I was notified by my contact at the border that two officers of the border patrol were present with my picture asking questions. They had staked out the Nuevo Laredo gate and were coming on in staggered shifts. I stuck out like tar on snow in my Eddie Bauer’s Ford Expedition; I was supposed to be a student. I had not anticipated this and had invested all my cash in product, so a detour to the El Paso gate was out of the question.

Upon arriving in Nuevo Laredo, I checked into a hotel and called the crew in Houston. I explained the situation and asked for someone to come and drive me through the border. I was safe in the passenger seat I told them, and once across the border I could get the person a flight from Victoria back to Houston. I just needed to cross the border.

The answer was a resounding NO. Essentially the response was, I had gotten myself into trouble, so I should get myself out. No one was going to help me. I was in a quandary, finally after much thinking; I came up with a desperate idea. Eddie! Where was his number?

The scene of the action

The Resolution.

“Hey Eddie, it is Corey.”

“Hey Corey, what’s up big man?” I quickly apprised him of my situation, Eddie was like,

“I’ll come if you sell me some of that chronic, how much have you got?

“Three thousand pounds,” I replied, “and if you come, it’s all yours.”

Eddie was at my room door six hours later. We left immediately as rush hour was the best time to attempt the crossing. We went to a clothing store. Eddie bought me some tight white jeans, a blouse-like white shirt with frills at the wrists, neck and going down the front. He bought a white Sombrero also, white rimmed shades and a pair of fashion earrings which was actually white feathers.

We got to the border and Eddie chose the third lane. As luck would have it, there was one of the officers who were looking for me. I recognized him as we had been in school together; he had graduated two years prior. It was a good thing I had not attempted to cross alone I reflected, if I could have recognized him from this distance, then my goose would have been well done, not rare in any way.

“See him deh Eddie! See him deh!”

Eddie went into action, He started to honk the horn, and then he leaned out of the window and gave the finger to some mystery person while shouting expletives. He was gesticulating wildly then he put his arm around me while continuing to draw attention to us. The officer got interested in what was happening, we were about fifth in line to the gate by this time. As soon as Eddie realized that he had the officer’s attention, he leaned over and put a big wet one on my cheek. I took a few very deep breaths to dispel my chagrin; the officer took a good look at us, shook his head and went into the office. WE WERE THROUGH THE BORDER!

We laughed as we left the border behind, Eddie was like,

“So how was your fifteen minutes as a Battyman?”

“Fuck you Eddie!” I was laughing and couldn’t stop.

To make a long story short, that was the beginning of a long and very lucrative partnership. The drive to Eddie was one fifth the journey to Toronto and Eddie paid more. I made much more money than if I had been a stupid, prejudiced, small-minded person.

Now for the kick! It turned out that Eddie was a practicing Mormon with five wives! He took me home with him a few times, I am well acquainted with all of his seventeen kids, and they address me as “Uncle C”!

Trust me, God is everything!

So what else about me is true?

I love the pork whether jerked or stewed,

Plus most of the time, people think I’m rude,

And nothing is my favorite thing to do.



Although I don't use marijuana anymore, I still believe that it is a far healthier smoke than cigarettes. Plus you feel good! To quote a popular artiste, "Blaze up the fire!"
Although I don't use marijuana anymore, I still believe that it is a far healthier smoke than cigarettes. Plus you feel good! To quote a popular artiste, "Blaze up the fire!"

Checking your conscience, (Being the Devil's Advocate)

Is it morally correct for politicians to legislate on habits that do not affect anyone but the person who practices it?

See results


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    • coreyjobson71 profile imageAUTHOR

      Corey Sean Oliver Jobson 

      2 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for your feedback, yes I was a Rastafarian until I saw the contradictions in their doctrine. I don't fully understand why you think it "blurred into a smoke haze". How could I improve it in your opinion? My object in including the story about Eddie was to show that hate and prejudice is counter productive. Did that point come forward?

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      2 years ago from Brisbane

      Well that was a wild ride. I thought the hub started well but then it blurred into a smoke haze:)

      I take it your an ex Rastafarian?


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