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GOD: Our Protector, really?

Updated on June 26, 2017

They say that the lord our God protects you and me,

well if that's true,

he must be able to protect himself too,

then why do we lock our temples,

why do we fear that our precious Gods may get stolen,

and appoint guards with bellies swollen,

why are they closed at night,

and the security is kept tight.

the fact is that there is no God in those carved stones,

nor on the golden thrones,

if there is, there's only one,

she's the one who got you here,

she's the one who's always near,

if not you then your heart,

and you both just can't stay apart,

it's none other,

than your loving mother.

Hey there, do you agree to this, what's your take on this topic? Waiting for your honest views.

Hear Mr. Ex-Prez on atheism​!

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    • profile image

      Priyanka 5 months ago

      If we could see, then god is the one who helped you when you had no one.. That's you, god is in you... But it's not bad having a hope on someone else when you lose hope in youself ❤