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Updated on January 3, 2014

God and Man

It has to be your cruel and complete hatred of man that a person can sit back and watch a man being set on fire while he is a live and hanging by his neck from a tree. It must be your hatred for man than you can gather around as people, drink, and laugh while allowing your children to dance around this man as he screams in pain for the few short moments before the rope hanging around his neck finally suffices him.

Then you and the people go back to your daily lives as if nothing has happened and nothing of value was taken away.

It has to be your cruel and hatred for man, that you can see a man running for his life for freedom and you chop off his foot without hesitation.

It has to be your cruel and complete hatred for man that you train your dogs to tear man apart bit by bit while he screams in pain and terror until he has no screams left. There you stand watching and laughing for you believe that he has gotten what he deserves for trying to fight for freedom.

It must be your cruel and complete hatred for man that you shoot another human being at point blank range because you have the gun and you feel entitled because you believe that you are the most superior human race.

It must be your cruel and complete hatred for man that you will sit on a witness stand and tell lies on an innocent man that would have him sent to jail or hanged because your face is brighter and so you were some how given the power to choose and chose to condemn an innocent man and still you sleep peaceful at nights.

It must be your desire to remain blind that you dare to say that human being taken from their home and country to build you large homes, nurse your babies and pick cotton all day and night, while their fingers bleed for no pay, witness the raping of their young girls and the murder of their sons are happily singing in the field while they work.

You are so desire a reason to help you to sleep better at nights that you refuse to face the truth, that they were prisoners, in a country that was not their own and had no other choice but to leave it up to God. There singing helped them make it through the day, and to stay strong in hopes that their prayers to God will be answered and they will some day be free.

For the special you, that you are, that every Sunday you will be at church with your family and a bible in your hand cause some how outside of your bible, because it is not written in your bible, you believe that what you have done and are doing is right with God.

Of all the mighty power that you think that you have, you just realize that you do not have the power to avoid your own death.

So in your last days you are brassy enough beg God for mercy, even though you haven't shown any to man. You want him to cure your diseases, sickness, and to end your pain, even though you did not care about the pain of man.

You curse God and if you could buy a liver you would, if you could buy a kidney you would and if you could buy more time you will, whom you cannot buy is God. However you try, you give everything to charity now, and when you die you have left so much to charity that you figure God will have no choice but to let you in to heaven.

Years you spent on this earth doing evil to man, now that you are so close to death, now that you know that this earth will end for you. You start to think about the after life.

Before you didn't give a damn, you have even joked at times that God can take you if he wanted, now you realize that if there is a God he may not even take you at all. Flash backs of your life flicker through your head maybe, but for sure you know if there is a heave then there must be a hell and now you are scared to go to hell.

You have worked for nothing but you have built an empire on the sweat and back of man. You passed on what you have not earned to your children, grandchildren, and they proudly displays it as their own and holds it over the head of man.

In the time you have lived you have continue to rise proudly from what you have not worked for and you walk pass the man on the street spitting on him as you go by.

Now you say to God, 'God I am your son, I beg you to help me to beat this terminal disease and if you do I promise I will change".

Sympathetic people pray over you and tell you that God forgives all things, they reassure you that you will rise into the kingdom of heaven, but how do they know, they are not dead.

You cling and beg for mercy like all the other men that were unlucky enough to have crossed your path and succumb to the same end that you are about to face. The Same end.

The truth is that we are born as gifts from God and we die because here on earth we cannot live forever, it is the in-between that determines if after death we live on.

So listen clearly, you do not need to wonder, there is a heaven and there is a hell. Come judgment day God will stand in front of you, open up his big book, and read you off all that you have done on this earth.

So prepare to answer him this one question, "Why should he give you any thing more than you have given man,” yes man. The men that were unlucky to have passed your way throughout your life were the sons and daughters of God, why should he do anything more than you have done for his sons and daughters.

The pit of hell will open on judgment day and Lord our God will decided who goes up into heaven for eternity and under who's feet will he open up into the fires of hell. God will decide that.

How ironic is it though, that you are now begging God for forgiveness at the time that you know that you are going to die.

Even in your death, you want something that you have not earned or worked for and now it is God you want to carry your load.

God love us all, he loves everyone and every man. We make mistakes and God forgives us because he hopes that we have learned from our mistake, and we will change our ways and try to do better.

And yes God loves you too, so it will bring tears to his eyes because it will break his heart to have to open up the pit of hell for one of his children but he will open it because he knows that he has tried and tried again, and given you chances after chances to choose him. However, he knows that the devil has a hold on you that he cannot break and as a good and loving God, he has to send you home.


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