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Updated on January 1, 2016


CHESS - A game a game that's easy to learn and fun to play, but hard to master. I find Chess to be very symbolic! It's as if GOD designed it Himself. You have a game of two adversaries locked in a game of wits and strategy. Strategy - "the art of achieving ones goals with available means under changing conditions" Max McKeown.

A grandmaster once came to Philadelphia. Part of his visit was to a mall and to play 50 random players at once. He beat them all. Another thing he did was play someone and tell them "I'm going to checkmate you "on X space and X move" and he did it. The master in concert with the opponent's free choice to move as he wished still won! Exactly as he said. His challenger "got played" It's amazing to me that someone can see that far ahead and dare anyone to test him.

The Original Grandmaster, God, designed the "game" creation and set the "rules" and lives by them. Think about the fact that the KING never gets killed. Please note that in Gods realm you can't kill Him but when He took on flesh God the Son became like us. It's as if the designer of the game became one of the Pawns. He has a queen, the Church and she's powerful. Yet the lowly pawn can become a queen, one of the saints. The queen has a lot of power but her job is to serve the King. The KING moves around one step at a time. He doesn't need to fly across the board, yet he is the center. God created all things and sustains all things He truly is the center.

The chess pieces each have a personality. The Grandmaster lives by the same rules as his challenger and he uses the personal attributes of each one to accomplish the victory. A master does not make useless moves. He's precise and calculated. He knows his opponent. He will prove his mastery by developing unique strategies that confuse and overwhelm. The one difference is that our GRANDMASTER does not want to defeat us but to complete us.

The bottom line is GOD can make you all that you can be. JESUS LOVES YOU. and is not wanting any to die the death of eternal separation from Him. You can be a queen if you will let the Master be King in your life.



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