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GOD visits Abraham

Updated on November 5, 2016


I have chosen to start with the text first, to get a familiarity with the subject. Now lets look at the background. Abram was a gentile from Ur. He is also known as "father of the faithful" and "friend of God". While he was still called Abram "the LORD appeared unto him", The Bible does not say if it was a dream or not. Much later he meets Melchizedek. There is much debate, but I believe for a lot of reasons that He was Yeshua pre-incarnate. So this could be his first visual meeting. When Abram was 99 years old the LORD appeared unto Abram and made some promises and changed his name to Abraham. He again meets the LORD in our story. It could well be that he recognized HIM immediately and he only spoke directly to one but addressed them in the plural, which could be by GOD'S engineering because the were three all part of the picture of Himself that the LORD was revealing. Why, why now? This was showing to Abraham, the father of faith, His complete self, the perfection in the indivisible 3. This was GOD coming the faithful to reveal the coming judgment. Amos 3.7 The Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth it unto His servants the prophets.(spokesman) Deut. 19.15 Only on the testimony of two or three shall a charge be established.The God head is a unity of person, they have different ways of relating to us. They are always in agreement because they are one. For us in the finite realm we constantly struggle with the flipping back and forth and also the separateness that they are. I believe it is nowhere more at play than here. One minute its we then its he or is it he then its them, he's is there then here. If your confused read some commentaries. Another issue in dealing with things in the Word and also in life is that don't fit our paradigm. The examples are endless just ask Einstein.


As with the rest of Scripture there aren't enough books in this world to even begin to understand or explain the depth and riches of all GOD has hidden. But He gives us the blessing and joy to find them, and the RUACH KODESH to understand. Proverbs 25.2 "the glory of GOD to conceal - the honor of kings to search". The one thing I keep etched in my mind is 1 Cor.13 the love chapter, though I have wisdom etc but have not LOVE I am nothing!

I love the KJV its what I grew up on and it strives to be word for word, but in learning Hebrew I have learned that "each language has its own integrity" and it will always be a challenge to interperpit precisely. One of the few TV shows I like is NCSI. One thing I get a kick out of it is Ziva, who being Israeli, butchers her English and also doesn't get American Idioms or comes up her own which get laughs. Young's Literal Translation does a good job but misses it at times, and the Amplified has a value but it still leaves much to be desired. Your best bet is to learn Hebrew and get sensitive to the Hebrew mind set. Also we need to be sensitive to the oddities and idioms that GOD has designed into the TANACH. We will NEVER get much of the secrets but I assure you GOD rewards the diligent.

One the common things you might hear is that Sodom and Gomorah are a type of the Rapture and it may be. One of the things I have asked many times is what's the deeper message? You have Abraham standing at the "Door". This is just a short time since God visited Abraham, who previously was named Abram (exalted father) but renamed by GOD. He was also told by GOD "you shall have a son". When Abranham heard this he laughed. Now GOD is visiting Abraham again, but this time it's as three persons. This is above Sodom that's in the valley. Most of the time when there was an appearance of GOD, he is called 'The Angel of LORD' and the people who saw HIM, didn't realize it was GOD until he left, then they declare "we saw GOD and didn't die. Why? Because they saw him robed in flesh, Even Moses didn't see HIS infinite completeness! In thIS case with Abraham HE wasn't seen as 'The Angel' or that he was confused or even that he feared dying. Now he's seeing GOD as three and doesn't seem to be confused. The Bible doesn't clarify weather it was one person of the GODHEAD or more, it also doesn't say if they were different in appearance or if they looked alike as in twins.

Before I begin study of any Scripture I seek GOD'S blessing and meditation. I also ask that I not over read or under read any of HIS WORD. I read it many time in many different translations and study many different commentaries. I look into the Hebrew wording and dictionaries too. The Interlinear at is a great resource and I have gleaned much from Bill Sanford and his ALEPH-TAV Scriptures. The Aleph-Tav in Scripture is a mind blowing picture of Yeshua and His Covenant Blessing. You won't see it in English Translations but it's in the Original Hebrew and its truly amazing, you will see it in Gen.18/19 also. We humans are a curious creation. we are only ones with the ability to think about, ponder and seek GOD! Yet because of the Fall we have to struggle to see Him and a bigger challenge to "find the Door".

Paradigms - are an interesting reality. We all have them yet with GOD'S grace we may see clearer "through the glass darkly". I'm sure many have heard of the Internet viral picture of "the dress". It is amazing to see the controversy over its colors, by science its true colors are known, but many see one set of colors many others see something much different, yet when the people who misinterpret the colors are told. They still insist it is as they see, and even get very angry when corrected. Why? Well if you ask Eye Surgeons they can't agree on exactly what's going on. I really comes down to our paradigm. It doesn't matter what the truth is our mind interprets what we see through our mind filter and then we see 'what we see'. God blinds and God opens our eyes! Even when God opens our "eyes" we still can refuse to see, or see only what we want to see or able to accept. We all need to test our conclusions through each other and most importantly the WORD. I pray I don't defend my "seeing" but always to test and revalue. It always amazes me how people like Einstein are at first are called liars and even attacked for thinking outside the Box.

THE METHOD - Compare Scripture with Scripture. A common base is the Law of First Mention, although it's good you can't lock yourself in by it. A good example is 'leaven' it's considered equaling Sin. The basis gets skewed when you go to another Scripture Luke 13.20-21, where Christ likened leaven with the Kingdom of God. I first get deeply familiar with a Bible view, then comparing many different translations and dig into an Interlinear. I also look into many different commentaries, because "come let us reason together" is integral. Please note I prefer to start with the King James Version as a base line. In Genesis 18/19 you will see an example of future, clarified and compressed. The Flood was the First Judgment, the Second Judgment is future. Genesis 18/19 is in between the Cross and the End times. The picture starts with the Resurrection of Christ! Come let us reason together.

Gen.18.1 "The LORD appeared -- in the plains of Mamre -- in the heat of the day". The Interlinear Bible Gensis18.1 "Yahweh by the oaks Mamre -- heat of the day". They were by the oaks yet they were also by one particular Tree. Genesis 18.8 "under the tree, they did eat". The LORD was by the strong Oak in the heat of the day. I suggest the LORD, pictured as three, is at the Cross, the strong Oak in heat of the day. Christ was on the Cross in the heat of the day, Noon to 3PM. At Calvary you definitively see the "Three", the Father the judge the SON the Sacrifice Lamb and the Spirit which CHRIST gave up at the third hour. In John 2.19 Jesus said He would raise Himself, Acts 2.30 the Father would raise Him, 1 Peter 3.18 the Spirit would raise Him. I've often heard people try to use water as an example of the Trinity and being challenged that water is always water and I have never seen them rephrase it as H2O. H2O exists in three forms, but lets say that you took all the ice anywhere and put in one container, you get all the water and put it in another container and you get all the vapor and put in another, then you kill all the water now you only have H2O in 2 forms. Water is no more! Now you bring Ice and Vapor next to each other Ice being colder and Vapor being warmer will Resurrect Water. In the abstract that's why your seeing The Three in Genesis 18. In verse 2 "-when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door". On Sunday morning when the disciples heard they ran to see. The tent door was Jesus his covering and the door, John 10.7 I am the Door". Verse 3 I'll fetch some water and wash your feet and you can rest. They just came from a 'long journey' and as common courtesy he offered a little water asked them to rest. After the Cross rested. When a priest was going to minister he had to wash his feet first. Next an easy one, verse 5 I will fetch a morsel of bread, and refresh your 'inner man' this is self explanatory, but remember "the law of first mention", this is the first mention of this phrase. I'm not going to follow it but it's an interesting study. The next verse is to the key to this whole picture. Have you ever wondered about the story of Esau and Jacob? I'm sure know it where Jacob had to fake being Esau. His mother told him to in Genesis 27.9 fetch two goats. Why two goats? This was an picture of the CROSS. At the Cross there was a Sin Offering and you needed two lambs or goats, one for the Sacrifice and one for the Goel the one let free. It is interesting in the "sod" level, the literal understanding, Esau was a really bad 'SIN' guy from beginning to end, yet Jesus had to become SIN for us, and we are HID in Him.

As I said Genesis 18.6-8 is the KEY! "Three measures of fine meal -- a calf tender and good -- butter and milk -- and set it before them. This is a "Peace Offering" which comes after the "Sacrifice Offering". GOD is obsessed with HIS SON Jesus, so HE has filled the pages of Scripture with pictures of HIM. Not only in the historical record but 'hidden' in plain sight. The stories and the symbolism in every way possible. Sometimes it's even in reverse and I think the butter and milk is an example, usually a drink offering is wine, but Abraham is offering butter and milk, which is more associated with the promised land and what we will enjoy in His Kingdom, and Abraham is giving back to GOD our blessing, sort of like in Revelation where the saints are casting their crowns to GOD in honor of HIS Victory.

The main purpose, I have to admit for a long time I couldn't see how this conversation fit into the Sodom story, but I've come to think that this is the main purpose of this visit. It seems Abraham failed to tell Sarah that she was going to have a baby. Abraham was told very recently by GOD in Genesis 17 that Sarah would have a child in her old age. When GOD first told him he laughed, and GOD didn't question him. Now in Genesis 18 he retells Abraham that Sarah shall have a son. It seems that Abraham 'forgot' to tell Sarah the good news. This time when God tells him, Sarah hears and laughs within herself. God is a discerner of our thoughts, so we can't even hide our thoughts. God asks Abraham, why did Sarah laugh? I don't think this was a scornful laugh but a wondrous laugh. The word is Strong's h6711 "merriment or scorn", the LORD only asked what her motive was. In Luke 1.34 Mary wondered, Sarah was wondering too.

This next part sounds to be an after thought. God asks "shall I hid what I'm about to do?" From our human view point it looks like He cannot make up his mind, Yet GOD knows all things even before time. I will not put HIM in a box! I will not a ask why, I will ask into why, teach me your ways of GOD. The Bible also says God does nothing without revealing it to HIS saints. When Abraham hears, he asks questions for his understanding of Gods ways. The bottom line is Sodom was really rotten and God does not go hear say and by the witness of two is a matter established. GOD has always promised to He will not destroy the just with the wicked at the last Judgment. This is not the real end but it is a type and so he is going to Rapture them. Please note Genesis 18.33 the LORD went his way. Which way?

Meet the ET, in Genesis 19. A study of the ET is a study of Yeshua. E T are two letters that are considered not a word but a "untranslatable mark". For many years it was a real mystery but that was until God started His progressive revelation. Isaiah 41.4 Said the LORD, I am the first and with the last. Isaiah 44.6 I am the first, and I am the last, beside me there is no God. Revelation 1.11 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last. Alpha and Omega are equal to Aleph and Tav. Aleph is a silent letter which gets it sound from the invisible vowel associated with it, in this case "E'. When you see ET as Yeshua it all comes together. Whole books have been written on this subject, if you are interested. What ET does is mark believers as covenant children. Two examples are: one Esau had a ET before his name before he sold his birthright, in Genesis 27.31 Jacob asks Esau "sell me your ET birthright" verse 33"Esau sold his ET birthright" the second is Ruth who married Boaz. Before she marries Boaz there is no ET before her name but after the Redemption she has a ET in front of her name. You will see Him in Genesis 19.

Genesis 19 and there came two - and is a VAV,the prefix, to the word "there came" two "angels". There is no word angel it's messenger and the context tells you if they are of this realm or other. Verse 6 the men of the city are demanding Lot give up the guests. I've had the honor of being a overnight guest of Jewish friends and they always tell I'm under their covering I'm family. Abraham goes out the door (strong's h1817 feminine noun, door) The picture here is the house is the Church and he is going to be a light in the darkness. Then in verse 8 after he couldn't stop their thoughts he offers the his "two virgin daughters" these two are a picture of the Church in the world, we go out among wolves. The thought of what he is offering is horrendous,even considering he has guests how could he not just as much protect his daughters. It's a nightmare I can't ever believe yet consider. If I were Lot they be facing a shot gun. Yet God using this as a spiritual picture allows Lot to do the unthinkable but like Abraham and Isaac God intercedes at the last minute. My GOD is a God of the last minute, He is NEVER late and ALWAYS on time. They rejected Lot the representative of the Church and wanted to break the door ie the Church h1817. They pulled Lot into the house ie Ark and sealed the door. They smote the Sodomites with blindness ie spiritual blindness and they could not find Jesus the Door (strong's h6607 a masculine noun) John 10.7 Jesus "I am the door" I wonder, if when the "messengers" reached out their hand, that they turned up their God Light so bright that their Light blinded those with hardened hearts.

We need to dig a little deeper with this. It will be worth it. First there is the "ET" a once considered untranslatable "mark". there is no word ET in Hebrew. The skinny minny is it is a mark and we know WHO the mark is Jesus. 'E' is a vowel sound for the Hebrew letter Aleph, the First letter and 'T' is the last letter named Tav. Jesus Is the First and Last. There is much written on this subject. You also can't see it in English but you will see it in Hebrew. Also words like 'and' are prefixes to a root word. It's interesting that this "ET' is only considered a mark but you will see prefixes like 'and' connected to it, but "it is not a word' so in reality its connected to a non word, and all you get is the prefix sound. Although that is the reality, it is a prefix to a man, and it is saying something about Him or the covenant person His 'mark' is on. I also would like us to look at blindness in the Bible. God allows some people to be born blind some to get blind with age, or some other physical reasons. Spiritual blindness can have a number of reasons, but I think the hardest is the man who says he sees yet will not see or to put it my in my words they have built a "box"

Back to Genesis 19 In Hebrew, verse 10 the men 'ET' put forth their hand and pulled 'ET' Lot into the house andET the door (h1817) shut,. To rephrase, Jesus put forth his hand a pulled a covenant child Lot into the house and Jesus the door shut. An interesting note is that ET is the pre-incarnate Christ. Hebrew words like 'and' are a prefix connected to a word is usually just one letter, in this case called the VAV. VAV in Hebrew is also a picture of a man so you could see this as the 'man Jesus' the door shut. Verse 13 We ET (Jesus) will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the ET (Jesus) face of the LORD, and the LORD hath sent us to destroy it. Lot warned his sons in-law -- the LORD ET (Jesus) will destroy this place. Verse 15 the messengers told Lot take thy ET (covenant child) wife and-ET thy (covenant) daughters. Then the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lets reason together

Gen. 18

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX - is it one or three ?

A common problem we all face is our paradigm. We tend to read ahead or reinterpret what we are reading. Gen. 18 is a good example, it has curious wording which leads us to read ahead or overlook key points. This section seems to be the only one I know of that sounds like One being Three! GOD came to Abram previously so he may have recognized HIM, yet that is speculation. Gen. 18.1 "the LORD appeared unto him (Abraham)" - seems simple enough but what's it settling up? Gen.18.2 "he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood before him" we might be right in saying One of them was the LORD, but the Scripture never defines it and even continues the word play."he ran to meet them" easy enough. V4 "my Lord" a fair address to a superior visitor, but was he directing it to one person or three? More first person singular - "in thy sight--I pray thee" V4 "I pray you --wash your feet" Now a switch "rest yourselves" could be a general term or is it? V5 "comfort ye your hearts -- ye shall -- ye come" still not confusing but then "they said" sounds like all three are replying. There are a few more simple statements then in V9 its back to a plural response "they said" then V10 "He said" a singular reply then in V13 "the LORD" a first person singular. Jump to V18 "the men turned their faces". Now another twist in V17 the LORD asks presumably to the two others but in V20 the LORD replies "because of the cry" V21 "I will -- unto me -- I will" V22 " the men -- and went" sounds like they all went fair enough. Not so fast the second part of V22 says "but Abraham stood before the LORD. Didn"t GOD just say He was going down, could be, Did he change His plan or was delaying His departure, well God has a discussion with Abraham then it says then "the LORD went His way". Which way?

The word play continues in Gen 19. In Gen.19.1 There came 2 angels -- and Lot rose up to meet "them". The "we - they" continues then, in v10 the men put forth their hand, and pulled Lot unto them, Then they tell Lot, "The LORD hath sent us to destroy it" In v14 Lot told his family "the LORD will destroy this city". Moving forward to v17 "when they brought them forth -- that he said. (The he being one of the angels) Finally in v21 " He (the messengers) said unto Lot I have accepted thee".

Why this whole scene? No one seems to want to dig into this revelation by GOD in this story. It seems a though GOD is wanting us to see the Trinity. GOD the father, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT. GOD the Father cannot in this realm EVER be seen directly, yet HE can cover HIMSELF in the appearance of human flesh or three, and that goes for the SON or the SPIRIT.


God is just

As Abraham observed Sodom and Gomorrah burn. God is just.

Aleph and the Tav Chuck Missler


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