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Updated on August 1, 2016



The Desires of human heart are many but all runs toward a goal of being a success, it is the desire of God the creator for us to succeed and we need to recognize the fact that His Grace has a major role to play in our success.

No one can receive anything except from God. The grace of God is available if only we act in faith, it comes like the wind that carries the eagle and it is the usual habit of the eagle to be patient for the wind, the wind is constantly in motion and once the eagle sense this, it uses the current to support itself and soar with it.

This analogy is similar to the grace of God for your success, you need to be patient with the wind of Grace as the eagle does to the wind, once you sense the grace of God with your faith in God, then soar with the current of Grace.

Faith and patience works together, a physical success without the spiritual is a failure. Many people have become heavenly useless because they set their eyes only on the things of the earth, your strength lies in your spiritual considerations just as the Samson strength lies in his spiritual consideration.


1 Cor 3:6 : I have planted, Apollo watered but God gave increase. (KJV).

  • Man plants while God brings increase. For God to bring increase, you must have planted. Rom 9:16 So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runeth but of God that sheweth mercy.
  • There is also the need to desire. God responds to the desire of men. Prov. 16:9 A man in his heart deviseth his way but the Lord directeth his steps (kJV). Desire the success and God will direct your steps towards your desire.
  • Man must also act in accordance to your desire. You cannot just fold your arms and be thinking of success or the grace for success, you need to put an effort along your desire. Your everyday activities should be towards your desire and this may involve creating friendship and relationships or a lot of things related, but mind you. Psalm 1:1 say Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly..
  • You must remain Focus and not be distracted, others might get there before you but remain focus on the purpose of your heart. Great men are not born great and small are not born small but they are made. Proper management of your destiny is success.


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