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Guru Geeta

Updated on February 28, 2018
image by Google search. Credits to owner. Quote added by author of article.
image by Google search. Credits to owner. Quote added by author of article.

Guru Geeta -- The song of glory of Guru.

When it comes to religion. The whole world is busy in rituals, dogmas and outer worship. If we talk about Hinduism. There are 33 Crore deities to be worshiped. But even they are worshiped through outer rituals. In these three deities are considered above all. Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva or as He is popularly known as - Mahadev. Which means the deity who is above all. But does our scriptures... Be it of any religion, teaches us outer worship ? Or they wanted to impart totally different message all together ? If we really go through these scriptures, which supposedly store the teachings of our revered deities, we will be surprised to know. What exactly was the message. And what we are told or what we are doing ?

The scriptures I have gone thru... One of them i found lovely is -- Guru Geeta. Which means - The Song of Guru. It's a part of Skand Puran. Though some Shalokas seems to be added later. If anyone has seen the movie - "Eat Pray And Love". When Julia Roberts reaches the south Indian ashram. There Guru Geeta is being chanted. She is holding this book in her hands. Seems like this Geeta is popular in South India only.

The Background Story -

Story begins from Parvati seeing Shiva prostrating to some invisible power, before starting His customary Gyan Sabha. ( The meetings of sages, for sake of imparting knowledge )
She later asks Shiva, that being called Lord of many deities, why and to whom was He prostrating. And then Shiva imparts Guru Geeta. The knowledge of Universal Guru. The Creator. The one who dispel darkness, which is created by illusion and ignorance. He repeatedly says after many Shalokas, telling us the glory of such Guru -- Tasmai Shri Guruvey namaah.

Meaning - I am prostrating to that Universal and One Guru.

He then goes on to say -- One needs to find and surrender to such Guru. For it's not easy to free our consciousness or soul from illusion. But a Guru, who has achieved union with the Creator, knows how to free our mind from illusion. And guide us too. He gives examples about how one can benefit from such Guru. In the end He stresses on the importance of finding such Guru and seeking His help to break free from the illusion of Maya or the cycle of birth and death.

Image searched via Google, all credits to owner. Quote added by writer of article.
Image searched via Google, all credits to owner. Quote added by writer of article.

So what exactly is Shiva's message in Guru Geeta ?

Guru Geeta being a part of Puran, is originally written in Sanskrit, and has three chapters. Consisting approximately 352 Shaloks. I use approximately because this count is debatable. Many scholars agree upon different counts. Though when we read Guru Geeta, some Shaloks definitely seems to added later.

Went through many translations of Guru Geeta from Sanskrit to Hindi and English. Taking reference of the one I found best. Here is Chapter wise summary of message in this scripture.

Chapter - 1 -

This one consist 108 Shaloks. Mostly this chapter sings the glory of Guru. Stresses upon need for Guru. And once one have found such Guru, how to best serve one's Guru, to invoke His grace. In form of achieving liberation. Shiva starts with giving in detail the meaning of Guru. Gu means the darkness and Ru means the light. One who can bring our soul from darkness to light is called Guru. One needs to seek initiation from such Guru. If one receives Diksha/Initiation of any Mantra given by Guru. Then one needs to diligently meditate on such Mantra. While meditating one needs to forget about worldly desires. And with one pointed concentration dwell on the nature of Self and consciousness. Surrendering to such Guru, one should serve Him through any means possible. Then He explains what exactly is Guru Tattva ?

Physical body of Guru is just like us. Human body. This body Guru wears, to impart the knowledge He has gained, to His disciples. But His real form is supreme consciousness. For He is one with supreme consciousness. When the disciple meditates on Mantra given by Guru, he successfully connects with radiant form of Guru. Which is Guru's real form. Which manifests in third eye center of disciple while meditating. In form of Light. This light burns away all afflictions of millions of births and deaths. And the disciple becomes free from darkness of illusion forever. Never to take birth again.

Chapter - 2-

From 108 to 235 Shaloks. This chapter contains deepest message from Shiva, about how to meditate. He talks about Spiritual energy, Kundalini shakti. What is consciousness. And how after being taught by Guru, one should meditate successfully to achieve self realization.

Chapter - 3 -

From 235 to 352 Shaloks. In this chapter He tells us about -- need for devotion to Guru. Which seats to use to practice meditation. Most importantly in this chapter Shiva counts many types of Gurus. The one who gives us worldly knowledge. The knowledge of scriptures. The knowledge of Mantra. Also false Gurus, who mislead disciples. But then He gives us the secret of Param Guru, or Satguru. The one who has merged His consciousness with Supreme consciousness. And teaches with His own experience. Only that kind of Supreme Guru can help us achieve Moksha or liberation.

Image via Google search. All credits to owner. Quote added by writer of this article.
Image via Google search. All credits to owner. Quote added by writer of this article.

My Opinion -

Interestingly, in whole narration He calls this Guru to be the manifestation of Anaahad Naad ( The Celestial Sound or Music of the Spheres )

And where is the seat of this Guru ??

He answers.... "Braham Randhre Stith, Ambhoja Madhyastam Chandramandlam". ( Sanskrit script of Shalok)

Meaning - His Lotus feet are situated in Third Eye center. Braham Randhra as called by many Mystics. He sits in the middle of Third Eye Center like a Moon. And burns away through His Radiant Fire the ignorance of Disciple.. ( Shalok -- 117 )

I have no idea why this scripture is not popular. But reading it - One can not help but notice - that Shiva Himself is giving us message of true kind of worship. Which is through meditation. Gathering consciousness behind third eye center. Learning the method from one He calls - Mahaguru or Satguru. No where He says - that we can find liberation through outer devotion or worship. And if this song/scripture is given by Shiva Himself, that should count something. But we can worship Him outside, without knowing His teachings. Without understanding or following His true teachings.

He says - No one can achieve liberation except through one such Param Guru...

And this is one message I found reverberating through each and ever scripture. Regardless of the religion that scripture belongs to. i never found outer rituals or dogmas prescribed by any scripture. And yet here we are. Whole population of human beings at large. Divided in two parts -- One who believes that GOD exists. One who don't. Those who believe He exists. Still bound in rituals and dogmas...

It's time we learn to know our scriptures. And messages they contain.

Isn't it ?

Recommendation -

There are many translation available of Guru Geeta. From Sanskrit to Hindi. And from Sanskrit to English. The translation and commentary i found most accurate and trustworthy is from-

Swami Narayananada

Published by - The Divine Life Society

It's a translation from Sanskrit to English.

A Shalok of Guru Geeta from Serial Ashoka - Akhanda mandalakaaran

Shiva Stutu Strotam By Ravan

© 2018 Roohi


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