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Ganapathi Bappa Moria,Warshe Warshe Loukariya.

Updated on February 16, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

He will come tomorrow - Hindu God comes on Muslim Festival.

Sri.Gowri & Sri.Ganapathi pooja is complete.

Devotee ofter pooja gives prasad.

Guests invited receive prasad.

Mostly Lady's attend such pooja's - Gents play cards or they go some other place to rejoyce.

Boys Beat Drums In Front Of Sri.Ganapathi.

Sri.Ganapathi over 5 Feet Tall On Truck Taken In Procesion on Streets.

Closer View Of Sri.Ganapathi On Truck Comming In Front Of Our Home.

Young Bramhin Hindu Couples Sure Love Sri.Ganapathi.

Street to Street all Hindu's worship in Karnataka.

Badra pada shukla da dina dan du mane mane ge ni bandu harsha niduve.

Yes he will be in every hindu's home and every street will be full of boys,girls and lady's in colorful dress go about visiting house after house.

No invitation is needed to enter a house,just say ganapathi nod beku.( I want to see your Ganapathi) they will not only welcome you but give you sweets.

Ganapathi's mother Gowri comes first and then only the very next day ganapathi comes.Some times both mother and son arrive together.

This year they arrive together on a Muslim festival,how the two calenders meet is very scientific.

Bombay originated this festival as a social event during pre Independence day when freedom movement was getting organized.

Sri.Loka Manya Tilak thought of making this a social festival to hood wink the stupid rulers of that time who ruled India and raped India of all the GOLD that India had which the world did not have.

He would speak in local marati as to how we can get freedom and what we should do and how we should do.

We got the freedom worshiping Ganapathi but we still carry on the hindu home festival on a scale that no one in any country practice.

There will be large scale competition as to who keeps the hugest ganapathi and decorates so hi tech impressive.

The lights and dance with music goes on up to 15 days continuously for hours and hours.

Ganapathi's favorite sweet Kadubu and anything sweet 100% Vegi is given freely to any one and any quantity.

Next to Mumbai is Karnataka.

Gujarat is out of this festival,

Andhra fighting for separate Telangana State or some other fight,

Tamil Nadu rulers do not belive in God.

Kerala all converted.

So all the people of Mumbai & Karnataka enjoy this festival for 15 days.

Make a wish and Visit 21 ganapathi in 21 homes.

Your wish will come true in 21 days,21 Hours,21 minutes and 21 seconds.


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