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Gautam Buddha - The incarnation of God

Updated on August 31, 2014
Nubra Tibet Buddhism Temple Buddhist
Nubra Tibet Buddhism Temple Buddhist | Source
Buddah Gold Statue Buddhism Thailand Asia
Buddah Gold Statue Buddhism Thailand Asia | Source

This day of 14th May, 2014 is being celebrated in India as sacred Buddha Purnima. Mahatma Buddha, is also known as Gautam Buddha. Born in a royal family, prince Gautam was influenced with the miseries of human beings and left his family and kingdom in search of truth. Lord Buddha, who is also known as TATHAGAT, said that the life of human being is full of sorrow and grief. While sitting in the boat of sorrow, his teachings enable us to reach at the destination of the inner most depth of the river of joy and happiness. He said his sacred teachings about 2500 years ago but the same are appearing as most precious for us now-a-days, with reference to the context of our daily life. Some are being quoted as under :-

" The fragrance of the flower never goes against the direction of blowing wind, but the smell of good qualities spreads all over the nature."

" If the wisdom of a person is working in a right way and his views are praiseworthy, there is no reason for making his sad. None in this world can make happy to a person, whose way of thinking is bad and whose views are harmful to mankind."

" The grief and miseries can not be removed by struggle, these can only be removed by making our views and wisdom working with healthy and constructive approach."

" It is only the lust and thirst of obtaining the desires being fulfilled, which is the ultimate reason of sorrow and grief."

" If there is sorrow, there is certainly a reason of it. Since, we can't detect this reason, we fail to get rid of it."

Bhuddist Temple Temple Bangkok Thailand
Bhuddist Temple Temple Bangkok Thailand | Source
Buddha Gold Temple Sri Lanka Buddhism
Buddha Gold Temple Sri Lanka Buddhism | Source

Gautam Buddha was firstly the philosopher and after that, he was religious. He never desired his statues to be constructed. He knew that after making his statues, people will begin to worship him. This worship may cause decay in the edges of his sacred teachings. Because he thought that his view might be converted into modes of worship to influence the right way of service of mankind. It is another truth that a huge number of statues of Lord Buddha, are constructed till date.

Buddha Zen Buddhism Monastery Meditation Art
Buddha Zen Buddhism Monastery Meditation Art | Source

The sacred religious aspect of first "Pad" of DHAMMA PAD created by Lord Gautam Buddha, elaborates that "the desires are the leader of all the miseries of a human. If a person speaks with polluted desire and commits a sin then the grief follows him in such a way, as the wheels of a bullock cart follows the steps of the bullocks".

Another "Pad" describes that if a person speaks and works with happy mind, then the happiness and joy follows him in such a way, as the shadow always follows a person."

Gautam Buddha never accepted that the almighty or the fate of a man is responsible for his grief. The only reason of his sorrow is his polluted and defective views and way of working. He taught that " Goodness produces the happiness and evils give birth to sorrow."

Buddha Meditation East Eastern Spiritual Statue
Buddha Meditation East Eastern Spiritual Statue | Source

Pilgrimages of Lord Gautam Buddha :

Lumbini -

This place is situated near Nautanva in Nepal. Lord Gautam Buddha was born at this place. Some attractive objects in this place are the Columns and Stoops built by the Great King ASHOKA. Temples of Rukmandei and Pushkarini are also the centre of attraction of visitors at this place.

Bodh Gaya -

Right from Gaya (Bihar state, India), at a distance of seven miles, there is a vast banyan tree, under the shade of which, it is supposed that lord Gautam Buddha got knowledge. Now-a-days, there is no tree but the place is worshipped. This place is also known as the sacred Bauddha Sinhasan. A large temple of Gautam Buddha is the most attractive place to visit here. Other sacred and historical temples and places at Gaya are very important according to Hindu mythology. These are Vishnupad temple, Aadi Gaya, Surya Kunda, Ram Shila, Pret Shila, Brahm Kunda, Brahma Sarovar etc.

Sarnath -

Lord Buddha taught his first lesson at this place. It is situated near the most popular and religious city Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh state of India. This first teaching of Lord Buddha is also called as the change of religious wheel. The most visiting objects of this place are Dhamekh Stoop and four headed lion sitting on a column (built by Ashoka). Buddha temple, Chaukhandi stoop, old preserved culture of art of statues, Moolgandh Kuti, Naveen Vihar are the attractive places here.

Kushi Nagar -

In the district of Kushi Nagar, situated near the another district Gorakhpur of Uttar Pradesh State in India, Gautam Buddha left this world and merged in the nature of the almighty, between two shaal trees at his age of eighty years. At this place, the attractive objects are Parinirvaan Stoop, Bihar Stoop, sacred bones of lord Buddha.

Buddha Green Ceramic Art Yellow Buddhism Gautam
Buddha Green Ceramic Art Yellow Buddhism Gautam | Source

TATHAGAT is the name of -

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Sacred bones of lord Gautam Buddha are preserved in the museums of Kushi Nagar, Pawa, Rajgrih, Bet Dweep in India.

There are other "stoop" in Kaushambi, Saanchi and Peshawar.


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  • AUPADHYAY profile imageAUTHOR



    Thanks Arun Kanti, and someonewhoknows, for your valuable comments and staying at my hub. I feel extremely sorry for my late comments.

  • someonewhoknows profile image


    4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

    Maybe more of the worlds people should consider eating more vegetarian.

    It's said to be healthier than a diet where animal protein is too abundant .

    Eating rich foods in moderation is the way to be healthy wealthy and wise!It,can cut both food costs as well as health costs and that is wise!

  • ARUN KANTI profile image


    4 years ago from KOLKATA

    Gautama Buddha was one of the greatest religious teachers that the world has seen. His teachings expounded in Buddhism, are immensely popular in many countries. He established a new religion, which has no sects, classes or castes and teaches the principle "Live and let live". It was Gautam Buddha, who taught us non-violence and eating vegetarian food. Thanks for the timely hub.


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