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Gay Marriage Bashing Clerk

Updated on September 4, 2015

Gay Marriage Bashing Clerk

The Clerk who went to jail for disobeying the Supreme Court’s order to issue marriage licenses to gays is naïve. She claims that her Christian convictions prevent her from issuing gays licenses to marry. Well Jesus didn’t say that you would know a Christian by their convictions. Convictions can be laid down out of love for a friend. Convictions are judging people to be right or wrong instead of loving them. Love has nothing to do with right or wrong. It has to do with relationship. Jesus said you will know a Christian by their love. These are people who would not demand their rights while denying others’ theirs. Some of the greatest advancements in law have been civil rights. These rights came in opposition to those who believed that they should be denied based on the denier’s religious beliefs. It took an act of government at its’ best to bring about the level headed changes that needed to be made to insure that all citizens benefit from the Constitution of the United States. They had to be enforced with troops, yet today we see them as common place. Have we learned anything from the civil rights movement of the 60’s? It was similar to when people believed the world was flat and religion was the authority and police of that time. They oppressed, tortured, and killed scientists who said that the world was round. Still religion hasn’t learned its’ lesson that it is not infallible and doesn’t know it all and that opposing views are not meant to be persecuted or taken as a threat to the church. Society changed for the better when science was acknowledged, but the church forever lost its’ respect and influence as the world’s authority and police. Their example left a bad taste in the mouth of history and those who fail to learn the lessons of history bring it back all over anew.

Let’s take a closer look at the present. The clerk claims that her deputies represent her and so she prevented them from issuing marriage licenses, but who does she represent? She was elected into office not to worship God, but to serve we the people of the United States. She was elected as a civil servant under the Constitution of the United States. America did not elect God into office. She represents the law of the USA and is confused to think that the bible takes the place of the law. If this country wants to elect God, then why not make it a campaign and stop half stepping. Otherwise respect the law or you are not in the will of God who says to respect the law and government.

Christians try to compare her to Daniel in the lion’s den, but Daniel was a civil servant and he didn’t complain about serving gays in Babylon. Daniel was concerned with the attempt to eradicate Judaism and when he was thrown in the lion’s den. When Daniel's friends wouldn’t bow down to a statue one might argue that they wouldn’t allow anyone to let their religious beliefs nullify their own. The burden of love lay with the offender and in the case of the clerk, she is offensive.

This scenario is nothing new. Even John the Baptist went to jail and lost his head because he couldn’t stop meddling in the civil affairs of Caesar and his illegal by Jewish law wife.

However if there ever was a biblical precedent for this case it is meat sacrificed to idols. The clerk argues that her conviction don’t allow her to eat meat sacrificed to idols, or rather give marriage licenses to gays. Paul goes on to justify not eating these meats, but later when he speaks of vegetarianism he allows for the consideration of differing levels of conscience development. Those who believe they have the stronger conscience are to defer to those who are considered to have the weak conscience. In other words if you believe it’s wrong for gays to marry, but gays do not, then love wins out. You must act out of love and not out of conviction.

Not to mention the contempt of court that this woman has done in the name of Christianity against trained and seasoned honorable Supreme Court justices. When you do things wrong you go to jail and have time to think about it.


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