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Gayatri Mantra and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra

Updated on September 24, 2010


Hi all,

I am new to this hub.Just wanted to share my thoughts about gayatri mantra and maha mrityunjaya mantra and some general info.

This is a rather long  post.If u have patience plz read.if not then I have nothing to say.

Disclaimer:.I am not advertising any philosophy,or product,just sharing what I know for the benefit of all.

Gayatri Mantra addresses to the sun god(savita) and maha mrityunjaya mantra addresses to Lord Shiva.Its also called the Moksha mantra of shiva.

These mantras being very powerful,shud be chanted with correct pronunciation and if possible with vedic intonation.Then only they show their full effect on the individual who chants them.

To obtain the siddhi of these mantras,one shud chant them 1.25 lakh times in a course of 40 days.This is known as madhyam anushthan(middle sized discipline ).Other two forms of anushthans are laghu and uchcha anushthan wherein one chants one of these mantras for 24000 times in a course of 9 days and 24,00,000(24 lakh times) in the course of 1 year.

The best time to do laghu anushthan is during the Navratri festival,wherein one shud devote his time during these auspicious days to complete the discipline.These mantras are powerful enough to grant liberation to the chanter who chants them with full faith.These anushthans can also be done during anytime of the year.Once the discipline is started it shud be completed and shud not be left in the middle,otherwise great harm comes to the person.

Purascharana is one more discipline which grants immense spiritual potential and power to the person who does it.I am not stating any details about it here,but they can be obtained from a guru who himself has done this kind of massive japa of the mantras.In purascharana one has to chant the mantra a certain number of times.Gayatri has 24 syllables, so 1 purascharana of gayatri amounts to chanting 24x1,00,000 = 24,00,000 times in a year.Maha Mrityunjaya mantra has 33 syllables so 1 Purascharana amounts to chanting it 33,00,000 times in a year.It may sound similar to doing an uchcha anushthan but its different in the sense that,one has to do some other things like offering some part of the purascharana to guru,to homa(sacred fire) etc.

I have heard at many places that these mantras work only if the chanter of the mantra is initiated by a guru(who himself has undergone such penance),chanting without initiation may be fruitless.But as a personal question ,these mantras are available to everyone(sarva sulabha),and everyone may not have access to such a guru,so how can they chant the mantra,without initiation,and reap benefits??If anyone can answer this question,he shud surely do it ,to clear my doubts and others who have the same.

One more thing which people might not know-Gayatri mantra though available to everyone is said to be "keeled" ie. locked by ancient sages(Vasishtha,Vishwamitra,Shukracharya and Lord Bramha) bcoz of its misuse in ancient times.Anybody who chants the gayatri as a routine discipline shud know that the chanting will have marginal or no effect or even negative effect if it is not unlocked.There are special nyasa mantras addressing to these sages and deities which are to be chanted before doing any amount of japa,these will unlock the mantra and will thus release its full potential,and will prove beneficial to the chanter.

Mahamrityunjaya mantra is also very powerful.It is basically a "death conquering" mantra.I am not sure whether this is also locked or not,but to my current knowledge its not.This mantra is very powerful in curing various ailments of the body,mind and soul.Being the "Moksha mantra" of lord Shiva,if chanted for a long time,it connects one to their own inner divinity and increase the positive and divine vibrartions in the chanter.It also creates a protective shield(kavacha) which protects the chanter from negative influences and ills.

These mantras are no doubt powerful,but a true devotee will only benefit if he conserves the power generated by these in his body,mind and soul.Abstinence from any kind of sexual activity,pornography etc.,controlled food habits,having more natural foods than artificial ones,minimal usage of tamasic foods like garlic,onion,vinegar,and other pungent eatables,non-alcoholism etc .are very necessary for conserving the power generated by these mantras.One cant chant mantras and also indulge in an undisciplined lifestyle and expect to derive benefits out of the chant.Mind shud be kept pure,avoiding any kind of unpleasant,distressing or useless thoughts in order to conserve the power.Loud music,rock,pop,film music,and any kind of agitating or exciting music(western and these days indian movie music too) shud be avoided to reap complete benefits.These are some rules to be followed to really gain benefit.

To get more information on the gayatri sadhana one can visit the gayatri parivar website "".There one can find gayatri mantra(in mp3 format) chanted by gurudev shri ram sharma acharya,who himself was an exponent of gayatri sadhana and one of the most powerful sages of 20th century.Another good audio chant is by "Sathya Sai Baba" on his website(just google it).These can be played everyday ,if possible thruout the day and all family members shud keep chanting them along with their work.One can also carry them in their ipods and mp3/mp4 players and listen them continuosly while they travel to work  or even during working hours.This wud be beneficial compared to listening defiling movie songs,and other such stuff.

Another good source of any kind of mantra information is a person by name "Thomas Ashley Farrand".He has written many books on mantra vigyan,4 of which are very appealing-Mantra Sacred words of Power,Healing mantras,Shakti Mantras and Chakra Mantras.In these books and their audio companion CDs he has described at length about how to undertake a 40 day discipline of various mantras.He is one of the foremost authorities of mantra science in the western world.Unfortunately ,we do not have indians spreading such wisdom so we need to depend on the westerners for our own things.Anyway one can get these books and cds from and improve their lives.

If anyone can provide a genuine answer to the question asked above I wiil be very thankful.

Thanks for reading...



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    • profile image

      Gnaneswary 16 months ago

      Thank u for this information. It was very helpful as I was just thinking of starting n Anushthan


    • profile image

      Mokesh raj 2 years ago

      All mentioned is great

      But where does the harm factor arise from?

      Do what u need from heart mind and soul.

      God will take care of the rest.

    • profile image

      shyamsunder 2 years ago

      I dont think that benefits mantra can be derived only by abstinence from certian things, if its so then how come tantric mantras work where we find many more things on play that are suggested to avoid. So mantras will work if the chanter do it with devotion and eating habits are nothing to do with this. As and how a flower loses its petals when fruit starts growing and become a full fledge fruit from flower, the same way mantras has the power to transform the person habits too. Let the chanter focus on chanting the mantra with devotion, leaving aside diet and food habits. Mantras are so powerful that they wean away a person from all avoidable acts automatically.

    • profile image

      Muralidhara Subbaraya 2 years ago


      Came across your article by accident. Appreciate the nice article.

      We need article like this.



    • profile image

      pawan kumar 2 years ago

      hi, i am very thakful to you.

      can you please send that how we awake our kundili shakti on my email.

      please send me...................

      my email is-

    • profile image

      Sonal 2 years ago

      Hi, very informative post, Im thinking of taking madhyam anushthan, Can I please have your email address?

    • profile image

      Citra 2 years ago

      Hello! Wow that is amazing chinchin85! Good job on the progress.

      Can I ask you a couple of questions? Would you be willing to exchange emails? I am currently practicing maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and do not have a guru, they are not easy to find in upstate New York.. I would be so appreciative! My email is

      Hope to hear from you!

    • profile image

      chinchin85 3 years ago

      Hi All,

      Are people still reading this blog??...I had written it 3 years ago !!!..Life has changed much in these 3 years & all the written stuff above seems a distant dream or fantasy for me....Slowly the Ego ....the "I" is dissolving & am understanding that whatever was written above in the two posts & even this one is just flowing through the body mind apparatus...Just like I don't know what my next thought will be...similarly I don't know what sentence will I write or type next...actually one needs to be careful not to miss this simple fact...that all this is indeed happening automatically & there is just a silent witnessing happening...its like some thought comes in the mind & when you start typing...the succession of thoughts is continuous & automatic without any PERSONAL interference....but the awareness of the continuity still persists....

    • profile image

      Parull Wadhwa 3 years ago

      i really like your blog. plz keep writing and let ppl like us also benefit.

    • profile image

      chakri 3 years ago

      I always believe that One should have full faith that GOD(Gayathri or Shiva)is our protector.Time restrictions cant be achieved unless and until he has lot of practice of japa.So first we can fix a target amount of japa and do japa daily what our body and mind permits.This can be increased as and how he proceeds by himself.One should remember "Manasche na lagnam guro(LORD) ranghri padme tatah kim tatah kim tatah kim tatah kim".It means you cant concentrate on lords feet then no use.. no use.(Info LORD feet is great place to start).

    • profile image

      M L Narasimharao 3 years ago

      sir. The information given is very useful.Thanks

    • profile image

      chinchin85 3 years ago

      Thx for reading this post which was written almost 3 years ago.

      @Kevin...the laghu anushthan = 24000 Jap in 9 days. Rate 27x108 (where 108 beads japamala (garland of beads)) is required.

      One imp thing.Do a fix no.of japas everyday. Don't do say 3000 japas in one day & then 1000 another day & then 5000 the 3rd day so as to cover up.And also do it at fixed timings where u are sure that u will not be disturbed.

      See, mantras are useful in one way that they help u discipline the mind. This could as well be done by concentrating on the breath & doing other forms of meditation.

      The aim of any spiritual practice is to empty the mind so that it abides in its source- which is the SILENCE of the don't make the means as an end...if one does too much will no doubt produce very divine vibrations...ur mind might become so trained that one might even do mantra even during sleep...but one still has to move further....i.e to go beyond the mind...the divine mind is PURE INTELLIGENCE...with infinite seeds of all possible possibilities...our individual egos are simply one seed out of those innumerable one...expressing ourselves in our journey towards THE SELF....actually WE ALL ARE THE SELF....right here & right now...but ego creates a VIRTUAL SEPARATION...& tries all possible sadhana & stuff for continuing ITS existence...I will always feel "I am doing this"...but there is no separate I in reality...its a belief created by the mind...& mind is a collection of "I" is just a sleep you will not have any sense of "I - ness"...but still u exist...without being or knowing that thought "I"...Ur existence precedes the mind's existence....& when u silence the INNER TURMOIL of thoughts...U become/realize what U already are.....

      So do the mantra japa....but remember that it too is in the domain of mind...of words...of thoughts...mantra after all is the collection of sounds...U need your mind to do mantra....but U don't need ur mind to be URSELF....

    • profile image

      kevin 3 years ago


      can you please tell me how many mantra jaap one have to do in laghu anusthan of maha mritunjaya , i understand that in gayatri laghu anusthan one will have to do 24000 jaap in 9 days. your reply is greatly appreciated

    • profile image

      Yup 4 years ago

      Everything's fine. No harm will happen if u stop chanting. Stop scaring people

    • profile image

      rk 6 years ago

      first of all "Pranam " you to sharing such knowledge to th e, gen of these days.

      I Have an Idea @ your question dude, even I suffered the same Question once in my life, but the answer is not just the one line explanation so I really avoid to past here, secondly people would be there who are indeed not have rights to hear it at all.

      So if you are able to mail me .. it would be appreciable(More precisely any one can mail me for this regards) and the true way to share knowledge,

      Thanks and regards,

      Just RK