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Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Updated on January 25, 2011

Gemini man and Pisces woman could be a possible love match, but this will depend on their natal charts and their respective aspect placements. Theirs is not an automatic success story, but it could work out well if they are able to work toward a mutual goal of flexibility. On the surface, there won't be a great deal of conflict, but whether or not this relationship goes deep enough to satisfy on a soul level will depend on their abilities to blend their characteristics and not insist on holding onto wholly separate identities. If they can do this, things could work out brilliantly. For more on the love compatibility between the Gemini man and Pisces woman, read on!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Gemini Man

Gemini man is always on the move, always thinking up new adventures and always changing his mind. These traits could annoy some women, but Pisces woman takes it all in stride. She's totally cool with her Gemini man dreaming his day away, because she often does the same thing. Their dreams are utterly different, however, and Gemini man should not expect her to join in when he waxes poetically about all the things he wants to accomplish. Instead, he should learn to appreciate Pisces woman's incredible ability to listen. She will hear everything he has to say, and she'll smile encouragingly, and this will fortify him plenty. In return, Gemini man must take care not to trod on her own dreams, which includes living happily ever after with a white knight in shining armor. If Gemini man can't be this knight, he must at least make an effort to sweep her off her feet once in a while.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is a very emotional being and she needs a good deal of love. Surprisingly, she's not terribly clingy with Gemini man and she'll let him flutter about like a social butterfly, as long as she knows he's going to flutter back home at a decent hour. If he does not, Pisces woman could end up feeling very depressed and moody -- and a moody Pisces woman is no fun! Therefore, Gemini man must make an effort to keep his Pisces woman feeling secure in their relationship. She will not tolerate blatant flirting, and if he tries this on other women while in the presence of his Pisces woman, he will be shocked to see the typically-meek and mild mannered Pisces woman has got a bit of a temper. If he thinks fish can't bite, he'd do well to conjure up an image of a Piranha, because a scorned Pisces woman's got teeth!


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