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Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Updated on January 23, 2011

Gemini man and Scorpio woman are a highly, highly unlikely match, astrologically speaking. Sorry to be so blunt, but I fear for the Gemini man who actually thinks he can date a Scorpio woman and walk away with all of limbs attached. Hmm, that sounds a bit dramatic, no? Well, I was actually downplaying my real thoughts on the matter, so take that for what it's worth! These two would need some serious help from other astrological aspects in the natal charts for this sort of relationship to work. Without it, I'm afraid World War III is the most likely outcome, with Scorpio woman coming out the winner. For more on the love compatibility between the Gemini man and Scorpio woman, please see below!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Gemini Man

Gemini man is a ladies' man and he enjoys a good flirt. Doesn't matter if it's the baker or candlestick maker, a supermodel, or his 90 year-old neighbor -- if Scorpio woman sees you flirting up another woman, she's not going to be pleased. Now, she's not an idiot and she knows Gemini man's not really interested in the old lady across the street. What will annoy Scorpio woman is the fact her Gemini man will put so much effort into chatting up strangers he's got little or no interest in, instead of channeling more of that energy into a passionate relationship with her. What Scorpio woman doesn't realize, is that Gemini man is not at all passionate, and certainly could never come close to feeling passion on the level a Scorpio experiences it. This will be a huge sticking point in the relationship, and I'm afraid this is something the Gemini man can't "fix" unless he's already got some fire or Scorpio energy in his chart.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is intrigued by Gemini man's charm, and in the beginning she'll adore all of the attention he lavishes on her. She does not realize that this is the extent of his capabilities. When he starts to wander about in search of entertainment, even if it's just pure entertainment and not a search for romance with another, Scorpio woman will feel neglected. And confused -- what red-blooded man wouldn't want a nonstop passionate affair with a Scorpio woman? What red-blooded male would actually prefer to chat up his 90 year-old neighbor instead of staying in bed all weekend with his Scorpio woman? Erm, a Gemini. And I feel for you, Scorpio woman, I do. As an Aries woman, we are very similar in this respect, and I must tell you that by the time I was 25 I'd renounced all Gemini men for precisely this reason!


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