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Gemini Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

As you may or may not already know, your ascendant / rising sign is your astrological mask. This is what people might think you are when they first meet you or are just getting to know you. The degree to which you're influenced by the rising sign will depend on where it was when you were born. Those with a Gemini rising sign will definitely have at least a few solid traits in common with a Gemini sun and they will probably be very useful to you. I've got a Gemini ascendant myself, so you if you'd like to learn more about this rising sign, read on!

The Great Communicator

Ok, so maybe our tongues aren't solid silver like Gemini sun, but we've got a decent silver coating going on! We might not be able to re-create the Gettysburg Address, but we could probably give you a synopsis that would fool you into thinking otherwise! That's because when Gemini speaks there is little thought involved (don't say it!) as it's more of a direct stream of consciousness. Of course, this means you'll have to sit through loads of bizarre conversations as this type of brain jumps all over the place. And boy, can we go on... I was once offered a shirt that said, "Help, I'm talking and I can't shut up!"


Taz of the Rising Signs

You remember the Tasmanian Devil, right? That scary little beast who was always in a spin and going on about something at the top of his lungs in a language you couldn't quite understand? I'm pretty sure he had a Gemini ascendant. You see, those with Gemini rising are all over the place, trying to decide what they want to do next, and babbling aloud as they do so. When we really get going, it may sound like we're speaking in tongues -- and we might be. Hard to tell, because we can't even understand ourselves sometimes! This is that dual nature of the sign coming through; we are easily captivated by something new and exciting, but just as we set out to explore it, something else comes along and captivates us even more. Slightly schizoid, I know.

Does the Mask Ever Come Off?

Unless the rising sign and sun sign are the same, the masks do come off with most ascendants. It may take some time, but there is always a deeper soul underneath. In the case of Gemini rising the mask will actually seem to come off frequently, alternating between the natural twin nature of the sign itself, and whatever the sun sign is. People who are very familiar with astrology do tend to peg me for an Aries right off the bat, but it doesn't take long before they suss out the rising sign. Like I've said, how obvious your ascendant is will depend on other aspects of your chart, but we're all sure to at least feel the need to communicate *something* more often than not!


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