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Gemini Woman and Cancer Man

Updated on January 26, 2011

Gemini woman and Cancer man have a chance at happiness, but the odds of such success could do with a little help from other astrological aspects in their natal charts. In the beginning, everything will seem peachy and fascinating for both. And while you can say this about most couples, it's different with these two. They appeal to each other on a level neither expected to encounter with someone. But this isn't a guarantee that everything will work out perfectly. It could... but like I said, they could do with some assistance. For more on the astrological love match between the Gemini woman and Cancer man, do continue reading below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Gemini Woman

Gemini woman is fond of proclaiming that she's waiting for her prince to come and pluck her from the murky waters of crap romance and dull men. Cancer man wants to be her prince. Truly. He will do his best to sweep her off her feet, place her on his white steed, and run off into the sunset together. Trouble is, once they reach the horizon, Gemini woman is likely to have changed her mind. About what, you ask? Any random topic will do! The knight she wanted 5 minutes ago could now be too boring, too dull, too masculine, not masculine enough, etc. Cancer man will not be thrilled with this changeability and it could make for some serious insecurities, which could lead to some fiery arguments. Of course, that very argument will show Gemini woman a new side of Cancer, and she'll suddenly realize he's still the perfect man!

Cancer Man

Cancer man is sensitive and caring. He wants to rescue Gemini woman from whatever she needs rescuing from, and haul her off to his castle. He really does want to be her hero, and that's convenient, as Gemini woman loves a good hero. But once she's been rescued, she'll want to move on to the next exciting adventure. That's not to say she'll be on to the next man, but her Cancer male might worry that's what she's up to when she's out gallivanting with her friends all night. He may not seem it, but he's got a tinge of possessiveness about him and if Gemini woman isn't careful, she might push him to his limit. And if she does, he'll turn crabby as anything and she'll sorely regret it! Of course, she's got a silver tongue and she'll be able to talk herself out of whatever she's done. But Cancer man is not an idiot, nor is he a doormat, and if that sort of thing happens too frequently, Gemini woman will come to find her Cancer man has moved out of the castle! This is why I said it would be helpful if their charts had some aspects that allowed them to blend together, rather than pull apart, in these respects.


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