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Gemini - expression and duality

Updated on May 24, 2010

What is Gemini about

The sun is entering the birth sign of Gemini on 21 May and this will highlight areas of our lives related with this energy; interaction, expression, communication and knowledge come to mind but there is also gossip, duality and doubt. The symbol of Gemini is the twins which automatically brings to mind the idea of duality. But duality should be interpreted as the opportunity to see both sides of the coin rather than thinking of two irreconcilable truths. Positive and negative exist together and form reality. Gemini duality demands awareness from us to recognise both the positive and negative in everything surrounding us. During the month of Gemini the likelihood of superficial judgement increases if we are unable to remember this principle.

Gemini is an air sign, associated with thought and communication of ideas which is what forms the core of our connection with others, our relationships and our lives as part of society.  We often fail to express our identity or even identify how to communicate who we are or what we stand for. Communication is often limited to words and facts. More often than not, we ignore the power of the subtle messages involved in the tone of our voice, our body language or facial expression.  Personal appearance, attitudes and emotions have the power to project in others the way we feel and although it is a subtle message, it is still powerful enough to influence the response we receive from others.  

The awareness exercise during the month of Gemini is to remember what we want others to know about us, and project this energy consciously.  Gemini is also identified as a birth sign that reinforces a quick mind, fast communication and superficial knowledge.  If we are aware of what we want to communicate to others with our attitude, posture, mind or even facial expression, the message is likely to be heard loud and clear.  Forget to be aware of the message to convey and you are likely to produce the opposite effect of what you were aiming for.

Gemini stimulates exchange and interaction where both parties can benefit mutually.  Whether you become engaged in business or personal interaction, Gemini energy will be at its best in the extent we can remember to see the positive and negative side for each party.  There are no absolutes and that becomes particularly so during this month.

Astrological events during the month

The day of the Sun ingress to Gemini, Venus moves into Cancer and past memories can take the shape of longing for events or places that made us feel nurtured or protected.  This energy needs to be directed to the present and where structures of the past are no longer valid, we might find it difficult to let go or replace them with something new. 

From 27 May Sun and Moon in opposition face a connection with Uranus and Jupiter that could have repercussions in the way we use our drive to pursuit a particular goal.   We are likely to observe a rush of energy pushing us to make decisions which are not necessarily easy.  The consequences of these decisions can be exaggerated or grow disproportionally to the impact we initially considered they could have.  The impact of these interacting energies can be seen in the long term but will affect our immediate reactions until the weekend.

June 6 marks the movement of Jupiter into Aries where it is likely to expand and increase the effect of Uranus ingress in this sign a few days before.  Aries demands action and these two planets are likely to play an important role in the next couple of months.  When action and drive are involved in this partnership of energies, the unexpected can literally provoke a much greater effect than any initial forecast.  Awareness and a sense of commitment toward humanity are necessary to deal with this energy.

June 10 will mark a connection between Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Virgo suggesting the need to refine communication.  If there is a statement to be made, words will have to be used carefully and with a clear purpose to avoid (very likely) misunderstandings.  It will not be an easy task to maintain clarity in our ideas as days pass.  By June 13, using rational processes, aiming for logic or pursuing intellectual explanations could result in a futile exercise if we fail to become morally and ethically involved in our decisions.  


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