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Genesis Bible Commentary: Overview

Updated on November 7, 2017
God creating Adam, detail of a painting by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel.
God creating Adam, detail of a painting by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel. | Source

by Rod Martin, Jr.

This is an introduction to a series on the first six chapters of Genesis—the first book of the Bible.

From a logical standpoint, there may be two main ways to look at the Bible. One is that of a work of literature compiled from several sources, some of them borrowed, but all in an attempt to make some sense of the universe around us from a metaphysical perspective. This is a strictly secular viewpoint—one based on the continuity of "cause-and-effect" physical reality.

The book is done and now available. Click on the Source link for more information.
The book is done and now available. Click on the Source link for more information. | Source

The other main way is that of divine guidance. Scientists, as a whole, typically don't like this approach, but like it or not it is just as valid. The Bible purports to be a work of divine guidance or inspiration. What if it is? If we ignore this, then we have to throw out a great many clues based on a prejudice. Such a biased approach is not at all scientific, though such divinity reaches outside of the purview of science. One can easily explore both approaches. And in fact, some of both may be true.

When I was researching for my Atlantis novel, "Edge of Remembrance," I made a number of discoveries about the geology of the region which support the past possible reality of Atlantis.

I also discovered a couple of items about Genesis that intrigued me enough to investigate further. I wanted to look into every good lead on human prehistory that I could find. I considered Genesis an "unknown quantity" in this regard, but full of potential. I wanted to fund my novel with as many reality-based facts as possible.

I started with the hypothesis that not everything in the Bible is to be taken literally and that perhaps the timeline was one of those things which was not to be taken at face value.

I also found a striking similarity between a pattern I discovered in Genesis and the Kabbalah's (Jewish mysticism's) "Tree of Life."

Read the Book that Changes Everything

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood (Volume 1)
The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood (Volume 1)

This book is from years of my own research into a biblical timeline compatible with those of mainstream science. I wasn't surprised that God's holy book would match his own creation (reality), but there were many surprises, including discovering through science the target of Noah's Flood -- a species which went extinct at that time.


Problems with Interpretation

Biblical literalism is an abomination. These are words a biblical literalist does not want to hear. That's understandable. Anything that seems to attack their beliefs, they may feel is also attacking the Bible. But let's look at that thought for a moment. Do beliefs about the Bible equal the Bible? Are beliefs and the Bible equivalent? Some might think so, but they are not equivalent. Is a photo of an apple equivalent to an apple? Of course not! You can't eat the photo.

The problem with biblical interpretation is that, all too frequently, ego becomes attached. When ego gets involved, then any amount of discussion tends to threaten or bruise the ego.

True biblical interpretation is humble and hungry for answers. Without that humility, one can never receive the answers to their questions. Without the hunger, you are likely never to ask new questions.

There are thousands of different interpretations of the Bible. Only one can be right on any topic; one or none. What if all interpretations are wrong? What if they all fall short of the Truth of God's Word? Shouldn't we remain humble and hungry for answers? Shouldn't we not crave the lazy and easy of the literal?

In 2 Corinthians 3:6, we are warned not to clamor for the letter (literal), for that only leads to death. Only the spirit will lead to life. The literal is only a starting point -- the place to dig for the spirit. Most people don't want to do the work of digging.

In this series, I have documented some of my own digging. This only scratches the surface. Let love guide you to help me in digging for more spiritual gold.

Noah's Flood

Why was God satisfied with the results of Noah's Flood?

See results
The Kabbalists' "Tree of Life" matrix found in Genesis. This even matches the removal of Enoch mentioned in Genesis 5. See the book ad, above, for more information.
The Kabbalists' "Tree of Life" matrix found in Genesis. This even matches the removal of Enoch mentioned in Genesis 5. See the book ad, above, for more information. | Source

Genesis Bible Commentary: SERIES

The following links will take you to the various parts of the series.

© 2012 Rod Martin Jr


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    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      15 months ago from Washington DC

      Being a pauper because of following the Christ's teachings, I can afford to purchase your books although I would enjoy reading them to see where you are coming from. Thanks for the info, I may be able to obtain them someday.

      Before being evicted from Huffington Post I had over 4,000 posts there about the same here over the past five years and the house on my profile is my website with my complete interpretation of the Bible, The Bible Unsealed, life story, poetry and other interpretations like most of my posts here are reflecting if not about the Constitution.

      Revelation 21 reveals after the "dead in Christ" of Rev. 6:9-11 are born to the 5 (% of the population) wise virgins protected from the "red sea of blood" the Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty spilled from all none survivors of the world's end is completed, the people repopulate the earth with will be spirits (21:4) and without a sun (21:23) for as long as this civilization existed. When we apply Rev. 17:15's definition of waters (with an s) as people of all types then the "light there ben light" represents the separation of "sons of god" from "daughters of men" who are raptures by the firmament but those not raptured (because they didn't develop bodies) began to develop bodies (Dan. 4:33) they didn't know how to maintain until late in the sixth day (only 10% of the earth's population).

      Adan and Eve (see my "Treason U.S.A. Style") were adolescents children of them who didn't know how to mate with a hairy foreskin when they entered puberty is why they were "made (left with) coats of skin" while developing civilization.

      I said that because I do my research from within the Bible as Isaiah 28:9-10 instructs us.


    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      15 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, Elijah. A most thought-provoking view. I appreciate what you've written,but disagree with some of it. There's a healthy dose of logical, internal consistency with what you wrote, but it ignores a great deal of information you apparently do not have. And that's okay. My own "theories" of existence have gone through several iterations in the past 68 years.

      From my own research, it seems Adam and Eve in the Garden were spirit (not yet incarnated).

      The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is egoism -- the dichotomous false self which includes not only good-evil, but also compassion-indifference, wisdom-stupidity, love-hate, responsibility-blame, and many more. Ego is physical (false) self and, as such, is subject to action-reaction physical law. This is where karma comes from. If you erase ego and give up all self-concern, karma disappears.

      You might be interested in my books:

      The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood

      The Science of Miracles

      and my upcoming book, Proof of God.

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      16 months ago from Washington DC

      God was satisfied with the results of the flood because the flood was not literal but a metaphor revealing why woman-en-mass [woman means "woven from man" and suggest they are "minds unable to comprehend all things" and not a gender but what Adam renamed those who became descendants of them] came to be the ego laden beings we are. My hub "Understanding The Knowledge Of Good and Evil" should be food for thought. Since Adam nor Eve discarnated the "literal" day they ate from the "knowledge of good and evil" that must mean they became the "living dead" Jesus mentioned when he said "let the dead bury their dead". With that being the case everyone who drowned in the water [symbolizing knowledge of good and evil] became the living dead or "minds unable to comprehend all things".

      Because of that Jesus coined the term "born again" which is what a tadpole does when it changes into a frog. Its is transformed from a water [knowledge of good and evil] being into a land being where its past and present experiences teach it to accept all things because karma controls all entities existing in existence.

      Paul's telling the Galatians "God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" is another way of saying "karma" controls everything human/woman and man/god [man = "minds able to comprehend all things"] do. How that works is in the state of human/woman we, because of judging, have our egos preventing us from remembering what we did in past incarnations. Whatever we encounter from all life types are things we did to those particular life types. If we kill them as a pest in this life when we were in their bodies our life-forces in those bodies were killed by the bodies you were in as the pests, if you protected when in those bodies you will protect them while in this body and that include what you do to other man in this body was or shall be done back to you by another life-force in this human bodie.

      Thus, the life-force of god is also controlled by karma and weaves itself through existence as we are doing which makes it the fulfillment of god's intent.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Perspycacious, that works for me, too.

      Jesus taught by parables, instead of literal language, so it seems curious that so many in modern times would insist that the Bible be taken literally.

      The language of spirit is not the words of human languages. So, the words of human discourse can only approximate what is in the spiritual world. Thus biblical literalism is inadequate to reach spiritual meaning. 2 Corinthians 3:6 spells this out, "Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life."

      Thanks for taking the time to visit. I hope you can read the series (links above).

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Lawrence, I apologize. I didn't look far enough and missed the fact that there were two other comments before your most recent.

      I agree with the Atlantis aspect. According to Edgar Cayce, the Flood occurred in the second of three major upheavals in Atlantis, about 28,000 BC. According to the timeline I derived from Genesis, the exact date might be 27,970 BC. And this is exactly when one very specific species ceased to exist -- a species described in Genesis 6 as the "daughters."

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks for the input, Lawrence Hebb. I keep learning all the time, especially from comments like yours.

      I have no doubt that there are multiple layers of code.

      The Kabbalists wrote the first 5 books of the Bible in a code called the Language of Branches. I'm just starting to learn about this with my study at an authentic Kabbalah group called Bnei Baruch. You might find out a little more by watching the following video and then following the link.

      I have heard also of another code which is in the individual letters in some kind of matrix, but that sounded more like accidental coincidence than anything premeditated.

      The code I discovered is not as neat as programming code (and I've been a software engineer for nearly 30 years). It's more spiritual with clues found throughout Genesis that lead to a new biblical timeline that seems to agree with those of science.

      My book (above), "The Bible's Hidden Wisdom," tells the details of the discovery.

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      It's interesting what you say about the Kabbalists and code. Since the computer age came along we've realized that there is a code running through the Bible. The Medieval Jewish community knew about it and the thirteenth century Maimonides used it to work out using the first four chapters of Genesis that we are living in a ten dimensional universe four of which are knowable but six are not knowable to us! (and that was six hundred years before we even dreamed of the the theory of relativity!)

      The best I've heard about the code is that it's a self authenticating code that only occurs in the books of the Bible in the original language. Have you come across it?

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      4 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      St. Paul in 2 Timothy 3:16 reads that "All scripture is given by inspiration of God...." I will settle for that one. Good read and commentary. Thanks.

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      I found this fascinating to read and I'll probably look at more of you stuff. I found myself wondering the other day (I'm doing a series on the Noah flood at the moment) whether it could tie in with the legends of Atlantis.

      Really enjoyed this hub and look forward to digging more of what you wrote out.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, Nell. I try to stay humble on it all. My views keep changing, the more I learn.

      For instance, I learned several weeks ago that the first 5 books of the Bible were written in code by Kabbalists, describing not real events, but relationships in the spiritual world using the language of this world. I'm not sure how absolute that statement is, because Kabbalists talk about Abraham and Moses as if they were real people, so there must be some reality to the metaphor or code.

      The more I learn, the more it seems that God is an unknowable benefactor. Blame? That's a negative attitude of shifting accountability to others so that they are burdened. Responsibility is a positive attitude of taking the driver's seat for the benefit of all. God is never to blame, but always responsible. God is perfectly humble, because He is never self-concerned, and thus has no limitations. He is also unconditionally loving and fearlessly confident. When we take on these traits, we change the world and heal it. Some of this I've actually experienced during the only incident this lifetime of full-blown forgiveness.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      5 years ago from England

      Interesting stuff lonestarr, I always call the old testament a history book with a bit of religion thrown in! lol! I think this is the way to read it purely because back then people always blamed or thanked everything on God, earthquakes, tornadoes etc, so if you take out the word God, and see it as history then it does get totally fascinating! I watched the link by the way, and yes I am definitely interested now, so thanks!

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thank you, @Mathew James, for your analysis.

      I think divine inspiration is like a scientific discovery. It tends to lead to more of the same. Scientific discovery tends to lead to more discovery, thus validating it as a step on the path to greater understanding.

      I hope I have shown a light on Genesis which will help others see it newly and with fresh discovery.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, @Disappearinghead. I'm still uncertain about how much is divine guidance. The more I discovered, the more I felt that divine guidance must have been involved in at least some of what was written.

      I look forward to you take on the answers I found. In some respects, it feels as though I've stumbled upon a Genesis "Rosetta Stone." It certainly breaks the ice. Perhaps new discoveries after this will melt it.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks @Perspycacious. I'm glad you stopped by.

      I think this may be a major breakthrough. At the very least, it cautions us to remain humble, because there is far more that God can teach us.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thank you, @glmclendon. All 6 parts have now been added. I hope something of the spirit I felt comes through in them.

    • Mathew James profile image

      Mathew James 

      7 years ago

      if it is looked at as literature there are no claims to it from it's author(s), and the analysis will end basically with "who is the author" or "where is the evidence to support what it says"

      if it is looked at as divine guidance, that allows it to be explored much further and with much deeper understanding. but that also opens up it's ability to be corruptted and no longer thevine

    • Disappearinghead profile image


      7 years ago from Wales, UK

      A work of literature or divine guidance? I really can't be certain. Genesis appears to me to be the former, and the prophets the latter. Did God dictate to the authors every letter, word and phrase, and they wote it down verbatim? Or did God give them a set of ideas or impressions, and they wrote things down in their own words coloured by their views and personalities? I look forward to your views.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      7 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      I'm looking forward to reading all of your Hubs, but spreading my reading judiciously to my other Followers as well. Thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge.

    • glmclendon profile image


      7 years ago

      I like what you have done. I am looking forward to reading your work.

      Stay Well


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