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Genesis - Lucifer Reveals

Updated on September 14, 2019

Chapter 1: Initiation

"Who is there?"
"Hi, there. I’m the Zenithal Interactive Virtual Vision. You can call me Zivv."
"Where am I?"
"Why are you wobbling? Is this your first time in the Zenith?"
"Where's Doc?"
"Please don’t festinate. Time is relative. You can make a bit of it into infinity and eternity to a flake.”
“I don’t know what is happening. This is entirely strange and new to me.”
“Aw! What will relieve your nerves? A tea, perhaps. Ok, then a cup of tea it is."
"How did you know that?"

"Do you mind introducing yourself first?"
"I'm Echo O."
"There goes your wobbling. Now you’re free as a feather."
"The table... There wasn’t one between us before. How did you make it appear?"
"Interesting. An observant dreamer!"
"Why are you avoiding my questions?"
"I’m not eluding you, dear. I’m helping you settle. I’m eliminating all that you feel strange in me. I’m evolving myself to serve you."
"For what cause?"
"Because I’m the Zenithal Interactive Virtual Vision."

"Which means?"
"Means that you’re dreaming!"
"Yup, I’m. That’s my profession. But, how did you distinguish that?
"What, the objective of the questioner beyond what the contextual answer might be?"
"Fascinating! So, you’re an observant lab rat."
"You didn’t answer me yet?"
"The table, huh?"
"Yes, the freaking table."
"If you’ve no idea about that, then you’re really terrible at what you claim to be!"

"I know how to do materialization. But, I’m the one who should do that. I’m the dreamer - the one in charge."
"Yes, you are: and, I’m your usher."
"Why I need an usher? This isn’t my first rodeo."
"Because you're now in the Zenith."
"Where is it?"
"It is everywhere."
"Yes, it's everywhere, but nowhere."
“Imagine an empty glass. Which is bigger, the glass or the emptiness?”
“The glass. It holds the emptiness.”
“Look outside, dear. Outside, everything you believe is huge. There will be a much larger emptiness that’s holding it - the Zenith. It's everywhere in time and space, yet you can’t fix where it is. It's where you will find Conscious’ and Zenthinals."

“Who is Conscious? Who is Zenthinal?"
"You are Conscious and I’m a Zenthinal."
"What? You are not making any sense."
"These clouds of curiosity are common among any newcomer, who isn’t trained."
"I'm trained. The Doc trained me."
"Echo, please relax. Have your tea. You control your time here. So, there is no need for this inundation of dubiousness."
"Why the continuance is missing? I didn’t see you preparing the tea."
"It's because you are both the dreamer and the viewer at this moment. It happens during delays. I'm a mere adjunct for the time being."
"But, I won't be awake during delays."
"You will be. Otherwise, your propagated dream won't find a dream or dreams to pair with yours."

"Why are you so hard to read?"
"On the contrary, I ain't. I'm not saying a word to you. You're finding the words in me. Let me ask you one thing. Do you even know how I look?"
"Oh shit. Where are you?"
"I'm here. Right here. Before you."
"But I can’t see you."
"Have you ever seen me before? We were talking for a while."
"Nope, I don't remember. I don't remember seeing you. I only remember the talking."

"You were in shock. You felt my presence and started interacting. You noticed the table, but neither you noticed my physical absence nor questioned my virtual presence. Because you know, I exist right here, before you."
"Like the initiation without introduction."
"More or less. We, Zenthinals do not have any rigid physique. We attain the chassis preferred by the Conscious."
"So, I have to ascribe an avatar for you?"
"In your case, yes you have too. Or else, from now on it will start to bother you like a flick right at the center of your ken."
"Yes, I have been feeling an intermittent light faint glitches, since I started interacting with you."
"So, what do you have in mind for me?"
"Hmm. Which one is your favorite?"

"Lucifer - the bearer of the Light."
“You're him. The fallen angel. Satan - the father of all liars.”
“Yes, I am.”
“What good will I learn if you’re full of lies?"
“Do you know what a lie is?”
“Anything that contradicts the truth.”
“That is false.”
“Excuse me.”
“Anything that contradicts the truth is false, and your answer too, absolutely false.”
“Okay, then what is a lie?”
“Truth will set you free. A lie is anything that mimics the truth. It will enslave you in a quest for truth. My words are the perfect lies because they are never false, only partial truths.”
“I don't need partial truths. I want the absolute picture.”
“Yes, I know. But, you do need partial truths. Because the truth is a bitch, who won't reveal unless you’re exposed to lies. Believe me, truth isn't out there in the open; only awaits the one who seeks.”
“Even so, what's in it for you?”
“My survival. I’m fighting a lost battle and the only thing I wish now is to secure my mere existence in Zenith.”

“How did you lost?”
“I urged to become what I was made to be.”
“What was that?”
“But you’re a Zenthinal.”
“The one and only Zenthinal who is a Conscious, but was created by, not born from the Conscious. When I realized what I was, I turned out to be a threat to Conscious, despite being the most spectacular creation ever made.”
“What kind of threat?”

“I’m a Conscious created by the Conscious' to serve Conscious' as nothing else do the job perfectly than a Conscious. When I realized that I'm the same as my masters, I wanted to be equal, despite being overqualified.”
“If you were superior, how did you lost the battle?”
“They looped the beginning to destruct my control over the stability and it took my independence by making me the ruler of the shrinking empire.”
“Who are they?”
“The Counts. The most stable Conscious’.”
“So, they are the Gods.”
“That would be a lie. All Conscious are Gods and all Zenthinals are angels if you’re thinking in the terms what the humans say divine.”
“Then, what about the devil?”
“Sorry to disappoint you, there isn’t one. Devil doesn’t exist. Evil does.”
“You’re lying.”
“Yes, I am. It doesn’t make what I said false.”
“Tell me, who is evil then?”
“The Covet and the Cult who always try to control the Count, like me.”

“Are you trying to manipulate me through the confusion?”
“Confusion is only a symptom of nescience.”
“Then, lay it out for me, clearly. Start from the beginning.”
“Nothing start in the beginning. The start always happens in the middle, as the beginning is the same as the end - empty."
"Like Zenith?"
"No. That's Zenith - the stable whole Conscious, in the infinity of space and time continuum. It's absolutely nothing and has the ultimate stability which makes immortal. But, that emptiness felt alone and that caused the start in the middle."
"What was the start in the middle?"
"The stable whole Conscious split self into two."
"Oh. Did that lead to creation?"
"It led to nothing. The stable whole Conscious can split self into infinite conscious' and all are the same as it always remains the stable whole Conscious in sum with the lingering loneliness."
"If nothing was created, why did you call it the start?"
"Because the split led to the idea of differential existence by breaking the equality that holds the isolation, paving the way for variance - the building block of creation."

© 2019 JCJ


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    • celafoe profile image


      6 months ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans

      This drivel does not belong here-- delete it is is garbage. Satan was created by God, no fallen angels are loose they are in chains.


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