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Updated on May 29, 2013

Genesis is the first book of the Bible and also the first book of the Jewish Torah. It is also in the Muslim book of the Qur'an, Both Jews and Christian give credit to Moses as the author of Genesis. Moses was a Jew, raised in Ancient Egypt by the pharoah's daughter. The pharoah who rained in Egypt at the time probably was Ramesses II. Moses also wrote the next 4 books (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deutteronomy) Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Moses compiled it probably during the Jewish tribes wandering in the wilderness (desert).

Many scholars since the 19th century do not think that Moses was the author of Genesis, but rather it was later, perhaps in 6th century B.C., was put together by anonymous autors

Genesis = word means “origin”

The Book of Genesis in the Bible begins with prehistory, which describes the creation of the world and the beginnings of human history (Creation, Mankind, Fall, Flood, BabelTower (chapters 1-11). 

The salvation history seeks to explain and give reasons to the patriarchs and the people of Israel for incorporating the history of mankind history (12-36). The Patriarchs of Israel - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - is a story that speaks about the patriarchs. The book closes the story of Joseph (37-50), which is also intended that the patriarchal age as Egypt and Israel, stay connected. The units listed in the book’s structure are set.

Genesis is set in the Middle Bronze Age (1950-1550 B.C.)

Abraham circa: 2000-1825 B.C.

Isaac circa: 1900-1725 B.C.

Jacob circa: 1720-1550 B.C.

Chapters 12-50: From more general (human race) history and themes to more and more general, until choosing 1 man; Abram (later renamed to Abraham by God) in Egypt who moved from Egypt to Israel, and then back to Egypt again (through Joseph).

Jacob and his 11 brothers join Egypt circa 1700 B.C


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