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Genesis...the Only True Generation PT 2 Chapters 11-25

Updated on May 25, 2020


1: Everyone spoke one language & one speech. (No tongues were edified back then)

2: More children moved further up the East End of Eden.

3: They begin to come out of the tents and make homes using rocks & straw for bricks... also mud for mortar.

4: As many homes began to develop. Man saw that by stacking brick upon brick they could build sturdy strong homes. They then voted to form a community and build a tower tall enough to reach the Heaven's. Man knew of the past floods. Forgetting the promise of GOD: that the rainbow symbolized the covenant made between he and the creatures of the earth, never to destroy anyone or anything he made by water again. They felt building a tower to heaven would protect them in the event of another flood.

5: The LORD came and looked upon the city and the tower that the children of Adam (the man) were forming.

6: GOD said: with all the people being one nationality speaking one language; it would be no stopping them from coming up with something else this bazaar.

7: So GOD brought different tongues upon them that they would not understand each other's speech. (Tongues were now edified)

8: Then he split & placed them in different parts of the earth (Understand now how ruddy white skin got in Africa ? So their city tower was never finished,

9: Therefore the name of this tower was called BABEL .. (which means confused or confusion) because the LORD did confound the language from all the earth. (This means that everyone had a different language from each other on earth) then he scattered him or her abroad upon the face of the world.

10: These are the generations of Shem: Shem was a hundred years old and begat Ar -phax -ad two years after the flood:

11: And Shem lived after he begat Ar-phax-ad five hundred years and begat sons and daughters.

12: And Ar-phax-ad lived thirty five years and begat Sa-lah:

13: And Ar-phax-ad lived after he begat Sa-lah four hundred and three years, and begat sons and daughters:

14: And Sa-lah lived thirty years and begat E-ber:

15: And Sa-lah lived after he begat E-ber four hundred and three years, and begat sons and daughters:

16: And E-ber lived four hundred years, and begat Pe-leg:

17: And E-ber lived after he begat Pe-leg, four hundred and thirty years, and begat sons and daughters:

18: And Pe-Ieg lived thirty years, and begat Re-u:

19: And Pe-leg lived after he begat Re-u two hundred and nine years, and begat sons and daughters:

20: And Re-u lived two hundred and thirty years and begat Se-rug:

21: And Re-u lived after he begat Se-rug two hundred and seven years, and begat sons and daughters:

22: And Se-rug lived thirty years, and begat Na-hor:

23: And Se-rug lived after he begat Na-hor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:

24: And Na-hor lived twenty nine years, and begat Te-rah:

25: And Na-hor lived after he begat Te-rah one hundred and nineteen years, and begat sons and daughters:

26: And Te-rah lived seventy years, and begat Abram, Na-hor, and Ha-ran.

27: Now these are the generations of Te-rah: Te-rah begat Abram, Na-hor, and Ha-ran. Ha-ran which is Abram sibling begat Lot. (This makes Lot Abrams nephew)

28: And Ha-ran died before his father Te-rah in the land of nativity, in Ur of the Chal-dees...this is why Lot was raised as Abram brother.

29: And Abram & Na-hor married: Abram wife was Sa-rai; Na-hor wife was Mil-cah. Mil-cah was the daughter of Ha-ran and her siblings were Is-cah & Lot.

30: But Sa-rai was barren and had no children.

31: And Te-rah took Abram his son, Lot his grandson, and Sa-rai his (daughter)-daughter-in-Iaw and went threw the land of Ur the Chal- dees, to the land of Canaan in a community called Haran and lived there...Remember Canaan... Ham's son. Now stay focused.

32: And the days of Te-rah were two hundred and five years: and Te-rah
died in Haran.


1: GOD told Abram to get out the country he was in, leave all his relatives, and move from his fathers house; to a land which he would show him.

2: GOD told him that he would make him a great nation, he would bless him, and make his name great; saying: he would be a blessing to all.

3: And I will bless them that bless you curse them that curse you, and because of you all families of the earth shall be blessed.

4: So Abram left as GOD had told him allowing Lot and his family to go also. Abram was seventy-five when he left Haran.

5:. With the substance they had, and the souls they employed in Haran. They then traveled to the land of Canaan.

6: Abram passed through the land of Si-chem, to the plain of Mo-reh. All through the land were Canaanites.

7: And the LORD appeared to Abram and said: to your seed, I will give this land. Abram then built an altar unto the LORD.

8: And he went by a mountain on the east of Beth-el and pitched his tent. Beth-el was on the west, Ha- i-on on the east and there he built his altar to the LORD, calling upon his name.

9: But Abram traveled going toward the north.

10: There was a famine in the land so Abram went to Egypt, to find food.

11: Now before Abram got into Egypt, he said to his wife Sa-rai: because you are a beautiful woman,

12: Therefore when it come to pass, and the Egyptians shall see you, and if you say you are my wife. They will kill me and spare your life,

13: So please I pray thee, that you say you're my sister. That way... I won't have to worry about anyone trying to kill me....This hurt GOD feelings because he told Abram he would always be with him. Remember: GOD will never leave or forsake us.

14: And it came to pass when Abram came to the land of Egypt, the Egyptians saw how beautiful Sa-rai was.

15: The princes of Pharaoh also saw her and commanded her to come with them to Pharaoh's house.

16: They treated Abram well for her sake. Giving him sheep, oxen, he asses, menservants, maidservants, she asses, and camels.

17: But the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because Sa-rai was Abram's wife.

18: And Pharaoh called Abram and said: what is this that you have done to me? Why didn't you tell me she was your wife?

19: Why did you say she was your sister? I might have slept with her. Look Abram... take your wife and be on your way.

20: And Pharaoh advised his men not to trouble Abram, his wife, and all he had with him.


1: And Abram went out from Egypt. Abram, his wife, Lot and all that they had. They left Egypt, traveling south.

2: Abram was very rich in cattle, silver, and in gold.

3: And he went on his journey from the south to Beth-el where his tent was set-up.

4: Unto the place of the Altar, which he had made. And their Abram called on the name of the LORD.

5: Lot, who went with Adam, and he also had flocks, herbs, and tents .

6: Abram and Lot had become rich men. They had so much wealth until they could not travel together comfortably anymore.

7: There was strife between the herdsman of Abram's cattle and the herdsman of Lot's cattle. Even words between the Per-iz-zites and the Canaan-ites who dwelled in the land also.

8: So Abram said to Lot: Look brother.... Were not going to fuss anymore. You and I are at each other, our workers are at each other, and we don't have any business acting this way being were family.

9: Abram asked Lot to look at all the land he could see explaining that GOD said it would all be his...It had became apparent that with all the wealth that GOD had blessed them with, it was time to separate and start their lives. Abram asked Lot to choose what side of the land he wanted to travel on, and he would honor that decision. If he choose to travel to the left he would travel to the right and vice versa...That way they would have plenty of room to travel.

10: Lot looked and saw Jordan, which was near Sodom and Gomor-rah. It was well kept green and beautiful, like the city of Zo-ar, which they had passed outside of Egypt.

11: Lot then chooses all the plains of Jordan, and journeyed east. There they separated themselves one from another.

12: Abram went toward the mountains in the land of Canaan. Lot toward the cities of the plains... and set his tent toward Sodom.

13: The people of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.

14: Then GOD came to Abram after Lot had departed. GOD told Abram to lift his head and look to the north, south, east and west of him... as far as he could see.

15: For all the land you see I will give it to you and your seed forever. (GOD had a covenant with Abram and his seed, but Lot and his seed; God had a different plan. It was time for Lot to move on).

16: And I will make your seed as the dust of the earth and if any man can number the dust of the earth, they can number your seed.

17: Now go walk across the land. Up and down it. As far as you can walk, for it all belong to you.

18: Then Abram removed his tent, and went in the plain of Mam-re, which is in He-bron where he built an altar unto the LORD.


1: And it came to pass when Am-ra-phel the king of Shi-nar, A-ri-och king of El-la-sar, Ched-or-la-o-mer king of E-lam, and Ti-dal king of nations;

2: They joined forces and made war with Be-ra king of Sodom, Bir-sha king of Go-mor-rah, Shi-nab king of Ad-mah, Shem-e-ber king of Ze-boi- im, and Be-la king of Zo-ar.

3: All of these joined together in Sid-dim, which was near the Salt Lake Sea...Now keep this location in mind it will be helpful in our later chapters as we go.

4: Twelve years these kings served Chedor-la-o-mer and in the thirteenth year they rebelled against him.

5: And in the fourteenth year Ched-or-la-o-mer and the kings that were with him. They overtook the Repha-ims in Ash-te-roth Kar-na-im, the Zu- zims in Ham, and the E-mims in Sha-veh Kir-i-a-tha-im.

6: Also the Ho-rites of Mt. Se-ir to El-pa-ran which is near the wilderness.

7: And they returned and came to En-mish-pat which is called Ka-desh and overtook all the country of the Am-a-lek-ites and the Am-or-ites that lived in Haz-e-zon-ta-mar.

8: And there went out the king of Go-mor-rah, the king of Sod om, the king of Ad-mah, the king of Ze-boi-im, and the king Be-la (the same as Zo-ar) these joined battle with them in the valley of Sid-dim.

9: Now Ched-or-la-o-mer of Eslam, Ti-dal king of Nations, Am-ra-phel king of Shi-nar, and A-ri-och king of El-la-sar they were four kings against five.

10: The valley of Sid-dim was full of slime pits (mud holes); and the kings of Sodom and Go-mor-rah fell in them but the ones whom remained, ran into the mountains.

11: And they took all the goods of Sodom and Go-mor-rah, with all their provisions, and they went away.

12: They took Lot, Abrams (brother- son)...remember Lot was blessed with much wealth from GOD...he lived in Sodom, they took his goods as well and departed.

13: And one came that had escaped. Telling Abram the Hebrew; for he lived in the plain of Mam-re...He was an Am-or-ite the brother of Esh-col & .A-ner these were associates of Abrams.

14: And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen and went to the land of Dan.

15: Abram divided his army against them, he and his servants. When night fell they overtook the kings in the land of Ho-bah, which is on the left side of Damascus.

16: And he brought back all the wealth taken from them. Abram also rescued Lot and retrieved his goods, the women and all the people as well.

17: The king of Sodom and the kings that were with him went out to meet Abram after the slaughter of the Ched-or-Ia-o-mer. They were at the valley of Sha-veh, which is the king's dale. .

18: Then king Mel-chiz-e-dek of Sa-Iem brought forth bread and wine, he was the priest of the highest GOD. (Let s talk about him. Look at his meal. Who could this king be? Most high priest of GOD. This is JESUS- Psalm 110 verse 4.

19: And he blessed him saying: blessed be Abram from the most high GOD, possessor of heaven and earth.

20: Also blessed be the highest GOD, which have delivered thy enemies into thy hands. Abram gave him tithes from all the goods.

21: And the king of Sodom said: give me the people and take the wealth for yourself.

22: But Abram said to the king of Sodom: I have lifted up my hands to the LORD, the highest GOD, and the possessor of heaven and earth.

23: That I will not take anything from this wealth not even a shoelace, or anything for this victory. So no one can say I was made rich from this deed and not by GOD.

24: Give the young men a portion that went with me A-ner & Esh-col from Mam-re let them take a reward.


1: After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision saying: fear not. I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

2: And Abram said: LORD GOD, how will thy give me; seeing I have no children. E-li-e-zer my steward from Damascus is the oldest seed in my house.

3: Behold to me thou has given no seed. Is my steward my heir?

4: And, behold the word of the LORD came unto him saying: this shall not be your heir; but he that shall come from your own body. He shall be your heir.

5: GOD brought Abram fourth and told him to look toward heaven, and count the stars. If he was able to number them he could number his seed.

6: Abram believed in GOD and pertain on this for truth.

7: And he said to him: I am the LORD that brought you out of Ur from the Chal-dees, to give thee this land for your inheritance.

8: And Abram said: LORD GOD when shall I know when I have inherit it?

9: Then GOD said to him: take me a heifer, a she goat; and ram of three years old. With a turtledove and young pigeon.

10: So Abram took unto him all these and divided them all but the birds, and laid each piece one against the other.

11: When the fowls came down to eat their carcasses, Abram drove them away.

12: After the sun went down a deep sleep fell on Abram; and lo a horror of great darkness fell upon him.

13: Then GOD said to Abram: know this for sure, your seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs. They will serve them and be afflicted four hundred years.

14: And that nation whom they shall serve; I will judge. Afterwards they shall come out with great wealth.

15: In due time you will rest your fathers in peace and yourself will be buried at a ripe old age.

16: But in the fourth generation they shall come here again. For the iniquity of the Am-or-ites is not yet finish.

17: And it came to pass when the sun went down. In the dark of the smoking furnaces and flaming torches passing through the night.

18: That same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram saying: unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river of Eu-phra-tes:

19: The Ken-ites, (remember Cain's seed and all his relatives land, GOD was giving it all to Abram) the Ken-iz-zites, and the Kad-mon-ites,

20: The Hit-tites, Per-iz-zites and the Reph-a-ims,

21: The Am-or-ites, Ca-nan-ites, Gir-ga-shites, and the Jeb-u-sites it all shall be yours.


1: Now Sa-rai Abram's wife she had no children. But she had a handmaid, an Egyptian whose name was Ha-gar.

2: Sa-rai said to Abram: "look; I can't have any children. So please you go lay with my maid. It may be that I should have children through her. Abram agreed. Didn't take much convincing did it?

3: Then Sa-rai Abram wife took Ha-gar her maid, and gave her to her husband to be his wife. They had lived in the land of Canaan for ten years.

4: And he went in unto Ha-gar and she conceived. Being that Ha-gar conceived she began to look down on Sa-rai....Can you all see how Gods word continues to repeat itself ? Another child out of content...Listen to God...Your true father...

5: Sa-rai said to Abram: I should not have done what I did. I put my maid into your arms; she is pregnant and feels she is better than I am. The LORD will surely judge us for this.

6: Abram said to Sa-rai: let me explain something to you. Ha-gar is still your maid you can deal with her the way you see fit. Sa-rai then got ugly with Ha-gar, and Ha-gar ran from her presence.

7: The Angel of the LORD found her by a fountain of water in the wilderness, near the area of Shur.....Sa-rai must of went really bad on her... being that she had run so far away. Never feel you are better than anyone, GOD will bring you down fast.

8: And he said: Ha-gar where did you come from? And where are you going? I left from the face of my mistress Sa-rai answered Ha-gar.

9: And the angel of the LORD said to her: you go back to Sa-rai apologize and do what she tells you.

10: The child you carry will have so many descendants that they can't be numbered.

11: Also behold your baby is a boy. You shall name him Ish-ma-el because the LORD has heard your misfortune.

12: He will live in the wilderness; he will be a strong solider and come against man. And men shall come against him. He shall prosper in the presence of all his brothers.

13: Ha-gar called the name of the angel of the LORD saying: you mean GOD sees me? Even here at this fountain he saw and heard me?

14: Wherefore the well where she stood was called Be-er-la-hai-roi, observe it is between Ka-desh and Be-red. (Pay close attention many miracles will take place at this same well as we move alone in GODS word)

15: And Ha-gar bares Abram a son and called his name Ish-ma-el.

16: Abram was eighty-six years old when Ha-gar delivered Ish-ma-el.


1: When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said: I am the almighty GOD walk before me and be as perfect as you can be.

2: I have made my covenant between you and me, and will multiply your seed exceedingly.

3: As Abram fell on his knees to his face, GOD said to him:

4: Behold my covenant is with you; and you shall be the father of many nations.

5: Your name is no longer Abram, you shall be called Abraham this mean... father of many nations.

6: I will make you exceedingly fruitful. Nations and King's shall come from your seed.

7: And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your seed after you. For an everlasting covenant. Living as GOD unto you and your seed after you.

8: And I will give you and your descendants this land here, all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession, and I will be your GOD.

9: Then GOD said to Abraham: You shall keep my covenant. You and your seed after you, in their generation.

10: This is my agreement between you and I, which you shall keep. Every man-child among you shall be circumcised.

11: You too shall circumcised the flesh of your foreskin, and it shall be a token between you and I.

12: When a male child is born among you; after eight days old he shall be circumcised. This includes your generation; he that is born in your house; and all strangers you employ that is not your seed.

13: He that is born in your house and he that are bought with your money shall be circumcised. My covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.

14: The uncircumcised male child, that soul shall not mix among your people for he has broken my covenant.

15: Then GOD said to Abraham: your wife Sa-rai that is not her name anymore. She shall be called Sarah.

16: I will bless her and give her a son. Yes. I will bless her and she shall be a mother of many nations and kings.

17: Abraham then fell down with laughter and said: Can a man that is a hundred and his wife that is ninety have a baby?

18: Then Abraham looked at GOD and said: I pray thee GOD let Ish-ma-el live.

19: GOD replied: Sarah your wife shall bare you a son indeed; you shall call his name Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him an everlasting covenant and with his seed after him.

20: Now as for Ish-ma-el I have heard you. I will blessed him and he will be fruitful. He will multiply exceedingly, twelve princes shall come from him and I will make him a great nation.

(Now as you can see GOD promised Abraham that he would make Ish-ma-el a great nation. This Ish-ma-el is the same son who descendants boomed our world trade centers in the September 11 or 911 tragedy... you will find that he and Isaac these two brothers whom loved each other dearly will both … Bury their father Abraham ... Assembling together once more.)

21: But my covenant I will establish with Isaac. Sarah shall birth him about this time next year.

22: And they walked off talking as GOD went up into the heavens from Abraham.

23: Abraham took Ish-ma-el his son, all the males that were born in his house, all the males that was bought with his money and circumcised the flesh of their foreskin. That Same day as GOD had told him to do so.

24: Abraham was ninety-nine years old When he was circumcised.

25: Ish- ma-el his son was thirteen when he was circumcised.

26: Abraham and Ish-ma-el were both circumcised the very same day.

27: And all the men of his house, born in his house, and strangers bought with his money were circumcised with them.


1: And the LORD appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mam-re as he sat at the tent door, in the heat of the day.

2: When he looked up lo, three men stood by GOD. When Abraham saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door. Then bowed himself toward the tent ground.

3: He said: Oh LORD if you knew how I felt about you, do not pass my tent. Please come over.

4: Let me fetch a little water for you and wash your feet. Then rest yourselves under the tree.

5: And I will fix something to eat so you want be hungry. After that you can continue your journey. This way you know I'll be here if you ever need me.

6: And Abraham rushed into the tent where Sarah was and said: hurry... make three measures of fine meal, knead it and make cake after cake.

7: Abraham ran to the herd and got a young calf, gave it to a young man and he prepared it.

8: Then he took butter, milk and the calf that had been cooked and sat it before them. He stood by under the tree why they ate.

9: The angel of the LORD asked: where is Sarah your wife? Abraham replied: in the tent.

10: I will return to you this same time next year and believe this Sarah your wife shall have a son. Sarah was in the tent door listening and heard what he said.

11: Now Abraham and Sarah were old in age and considered to be too old to have relations. Sarah had well went into menopause.

12: Therefore Sarah laughed to herself thinking... after I am waxed old me and Abraham shall have pleasure.

13: And the LORD spoke to Abraham and said: Why did Sarah laugh and ask if she could have a child at her age?

14: Is anything too hard for the LORD? At this time next year I will return and Sarah shall have a son.

15: Then Sarah denied it saying: I did not laugh. She was afraid. And the LORD said: Yes.... You did laugh.

16: When the men stood up and looked toward Sodom, Abraham looked with them giving directions. (As if they needed him.)

17: And the LORD said: Why should I hide from Abraham, what I'm about to do?

18: After all Abraham will become a great nation causing all nations to be blessed by him.

19: Now I know him. He will command his children and descendants to love the LORD, and they will keep the way of the LORD. Believing everything Abraham said GOD would bring too past.

20: Then the LORD said: because the cry of Sodom and G-mor-rah is so bad, and their sin is very awful;

21: I have to go there and investigate, and make sure it is as bad as the people cry. Then I'll know.

22: So the men left and went toward Sodom. Abraham stayed with the LORD.

23: Abraham came close and asked the LORD: will you destroy the righteous with the wicked?

24: Suppose there are fifty righteous people in the city? Will you destroy the whole city?

25: The last thing on my mind is to slay the righteous with the wicked said the LORD. Do you think me being GOD would judge wrong?

26: If I find fifty righteous people in Sodom, I'll spare the whole city.

27: And Abraham said: Hold on. I know you are a mighty GOD and I am dust and ashes:

28: But suppose there is five less than fifty will you still destroy the whole city for five less? And the LORD said: if I find forty-five righteous, I will not destroy it.

29: Abraham said: what about forty? The LORD answered: not for forty.

30: And he said: please LORD don't be angry but what if it's only thirty? And the LORD said: I will not do it for thirty.

31: Then Abraham said: I can't believe I'm doing this LORD. But suppose you only find twenty? And he said: I will not destroy it for twenty, okay....

32: And he said: please LORD don't become angry with me, but let me ask once more? What if it's only ten there? And the LORD said: I will not destroy it for ten sake. (GOD knew there was not even ten righteous people in So-dom or Gomorrah.)

33: Then the LORD went his way and Abraham returned to his tent.


1: That evening two angels came to Sodom; Lot sat there at the gate (Lot held a high office in Sodom, he was the justice there and was supposed to keep law and order. Some justice huh? seeing the angels he ran to greet them, bowing his face toward the ground.

2: And he said: come now my lords I pray you stay at my house. Please come and wash your feet, then leave early tomorrow where you're going. The angels replied: No. We will stay on the streets tonight...Now Lot knew what went on in the streets at night and feared for the angels.

3: But Lot continued to insist so they went to his home. He made them a feast and cooked unleavened bread. They did eat.

4: Before they could lay down the men of Sodom and the men of the city surrounded the house. Both old and young from every area.

5: And they called to Lot and said: Where are the men that came tonight? Bring them out so we can get to know them better?

6: Lot went out to them and shut the door.

7: He said: Look brothers, I pray you don't bring wickedness here.

8: Let me make a deal with you. I have two virgin daughters that you could consider; they will do what you want. Now what does this tell you about Lot... his daughters? Lot was a coward so how could he keep justice? Please bother's, do not bother the men in my house.

9: And they said: Stand back. This fellow came to town and he needs to be judged. Now we will deal with you worst then them. And they pushed the man against Lot and rushed to break the door down.

10: But the angels pulled Lot into the house and shut the door.

11: And they smote the men at the door with blindness, both young and old; so that they marveled at the door with wonder.

12: And the angels said to Lot: Who else is in this house? Besides your son-in-laws, sons, daughters and whom so ever you have in this city. Get them out of this place.

13: For we will destroy it because the cry of them is waxen and great before the face of the LORD. And he has sent us here to destroy it.

14: And Lot went in and spoke to his son-in-laws. Begging them to get up and get out of there, for the LORD was about to destroy the city. 'But he seem to them as one who had lost their mind, and they ignored him...Can you see this same thing today? As our FATHER is about to come back again. Man still ignores his warning. We better believe people)

15: When the morning came the angels of the LORD hurried Lot... telling him to take his wife and two daughters and leave that house. This was to make sure they would not be destroyed in the punishment.

16: While he lingered the angels took him, his wife and his daughters by the hands. Explaining that the LORD being merciful unto him would bring them out of the city.

17: And it came to pass as they had took them far away, the angel of the LORD said: run for your lives and don't look back. Get out of the city and go to the mountains or you will be consumed.

18: And Lot said to them: Oh no. Please my lord. (Now remember seems Lot is a bit of a coward-this is how you know without making judgment- pay attention)

19: Now I know I've found grace in your sight. And you are magnified with mercy, which you have showed me by saving my life. But I cannot go to the mountains; it maybe something evil up there that might kill me...After they explained he had found mercy from GOD, he would be afraid?

20: Let me ask you this: It's a little city near here. Mind you just a little one. Can I please go there so I won't have to worry about my life?

21: And the angel said: Alright. I hear what your saying GOD will permit you to go to that city and he promise he will not destroy it in the mist.

22: Go now! Get out of here, for GOD cannot do anything until you have left. Therefore the name of the city which Lot went to was called Zo-ar.

23: By the time Lot made it to Zo-ar the sun had risen again.

24: Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and Go-mor-rah brimstone and fire from the heaven. (The LORD still rain brimstone and fire upon the earth today. But back in biblical times a volcano seems to come from the heavens. They had not studied geography, as we do today-now stay focused.)

25: It spread to all the cities in the plain, the inhabitants of the cities, and everything that grew from the grounds.

26: But Lot wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. (Now lets talk about this: Lot was near the Mediterranean Sea, which is known as the Salt Lake Sea. Being that Lot wife was not looking where she was going, apparently she stepped in a crack or something. Which combined with the hot fumes of the Salt Lake Sea and Lava it instantly formed her into a big pillar of salt. This is why GOD say never wish back to where you come from, you just may get your wish. Remember to be out of the body is to be present with GOD.)

27: Now Abraham got up early that morning and went where he stood with the LORD.

28: And he looked toward Sodom and Go-mor-rah, at all the land of the plain. And man! The smoke of the country was like the smoke of a furnace.

29: Abraham found out later; when GOD destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham and sent Lot out of the mist of destruction...Now you know intercessory prayer do work... So lets keep praying for our brothers and sisters.

30: Lot and his two daughters left Zo-ar for fear of something there and went to the mountains in the cave. (This is where GOD told Lot to go in the first place. It doesn't matter to GOD what he has to do... to get us where he wants us... long as we get there.)

31: Now Lot older daughter said to the younger one: Our dad is old and there are no other men on earth...This go's to show you how much they had been taught about GOD word... So now we want be able to multiply our family.

32: Come. Lets get our dad drunk and sleep with him, so we can carry his seed on. (Another repeat....Like Ham and Noah).

33: They gave their dad wine that night; got him drunk, and the oldest went in to him. Lot was so drunk he did not know when she came or left.

34: The next day the older sister said to the younger sister: Okay I laid with dad last night. Let's get him drunk again and you go in tonight. That way we can make sure both of us have preserved his seed.

35: And they gave their dad wine that night also. The younger daughter went and laid with him and he did not know when she came or left. -

36: Both the daughters of Lot were with child by their father.

37: The oldest daughter had a son and called him Moab: he is the father of the Mo-ab- ites to this day.

38: And the younger she also had a son and called him Ben-am-mi: he is the father of the children of Ammon to this day.


1: Abraham moved and went toward the south country, he traveled between Ka-desh and Shur, then settled in the land of Ge-rar.

2: Again Abraham said Sarah was his sister. The king of Ge-rar, A-bim-e- lech took her to wife.

3: But GOD came to A-bim-e-Iech that night in a dream explaining he would be a dead man if he married Sarah, because she was Abraham wife. (Now don't forget in the eyesight of GOD to marry mean to sleep with a mate)

4: But A-bim-e-Iech had not come near Sarah. So he asked the LORD: will you slay a righteous nation?

5: Abraham told me she was his sister and she said he was her brother. In my heart I feel I am innocent and did nothing wrong.

6: And GOD said to him in the dream: Yes. I know you have not done this willing and that is why I'm coming to you now. To stop you from touching her.

7: Therefore give him back his wife. He is a prophet, he will pray for you and you will live. But if you keep her know for sure you will die, and all that you have produced.

8: A-bim-e-Iech got up early that morning, called all his servants and told them about the dream. The men were badly frightened.

9: Then he called Abraham and asked: what have you done to us? And what have I done to you, that you would want to see us parish? You did not have to do this to me.

10: A-bim-e-Iech then said: could you tell me why you fabricated this story?

11: Abraham replied: I did not think anyone here knew GOD, and would kill me to get my wife.

12: And yet indeed she is my sister; we have the same father but not the same mother. But we got married.

13: Now when GOD told me to take my family and leave my dad's house. Out of kindness I asked her to say that she was my sister everywhere we traveled.

14: Then A-bim-e-Iech took sheep, oxen, menservants, and maidservants gave them to Abraham then restored Sarah his wife.

15: He said: Listen. This is my land live where you please.

.16: A-bim-e-Iech explained to Sarah that he had given Abraham a thousand pieces of silver. It should be payment for all she had been through.

17: So Abraham prayed and asked GOD to remove the curse from A-bim- e-lech house. So he could continue his family by increasing in descendants.

18: The LORD had closed all the wombs in A-bim-e-Iech house because of the sin against Abraham & Sarah.


1: Now the LORD came to Sarah as he had said one year later.

2: For Sarah conceived and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the exact time GOD said she would.

3: And Abraham called his name Isaac (which means laughter).

4: Abraham circumcised Isaac when he was eight days old just as GOD told him to do so.

5: And Abraham was one hundred years old when Isaac was born.

6: Then Sarah said: GOD has made me laugh and all that hear this will laugh with me.

7: She said: who would of thought I would give Abraham a son in his old age.

8: And Isaac grew and came into accountability. Abraham made a big feast and celebrated Isaac's day.

9: Sarah noticed the son of Ha-gar, Ish-ma-el scornful. ,

10: She asked Abraham to send them away, for Isaac was meant to be his heir. (Now you see why the muslin nation is still angry? But in the end as it repeats … Love, which is the greatest force of the world will conquer anger).

11: But this was very hard for Abraham because he loved Ish-ma-el also.

12: GOD said to Abraham: don't be so sad because of Ish-ma-el & Ha-gar. Everything Sarah said to you listen to her, for Isaac is the seed that will be called.

13: And your son by Ha-gar I will also make a nation. He is your seed as well.

14: The next morning Abraham rose up early. Took bread, a bottle of water, put it on Ha-gar shoulder along with his son and sent them away. She departed and wondered in the wilderness of Be-er-she-ba. (You would think with all Abraham wealth, he could have given her more than a loaf of bread and bottle of water)

15: But the bottle of water left fast. Ha-gar put Ish-ma-el under a bush.

16: Then she went and sat down with her back turned away from him. She sat in a bow angle saying: I can't see him die. Crying very deeply.

17: GOD heard the voice of the lad. The angel of the LORD called to Ha- gar from heaven saying: Don't worry Ha-gar. Fear not.

18: Get up. Pick up the child and hold him in your hand, GOD will make him a great nation.

19: Then she opened her eyes and saw a well of water. She filled the bottle and gave Ish-ma-el a drink.

20: And GOD was with the lad. He grew, lived in the wilderness and became an archer.

21: Ish-ma-el lived in the wilderness of Pa-ran there his mother found him a wife, from the land of Egypt. (Can you see GOD plan coming together)?

22: During this same time, A-bim-e-Iech and Phi-chol the chief captain of his congregation came to Abraham. They knew GOD was with him in everything he did.

23: Please they asked: swear unto us by GOD that you will be fair to my sons, my sons descendants, and me. Be as kind to us as we have been to you, since you've lived here.

24: And Abraham said: I promise.

25: Then Abraham said: that well of water your servants so violently took away was not kind.

26: And A-bim-e-Iech answered: I didn't know. Who did this? No one even told me; I'm just hearing it from you today.

27: Then Abraham took sheep & oxen gave them to A-bim-e-lech and made an agreement.

28: He also took seven ewe lambs and set them by themselves.

29: A-bim-e-Iech asked: Why have you set these seven along.

30: Abraham explained: these seven shall be payment for this well I have dug. (Abraham knew he could not trust any man. Only GOD)

31: And he called that well Be-er-she-ba because this is where they made the deal.

32: After the deal was made at Be-er-she-ba. Asbirn-e-Iech & Phil-chol returned to the land of the Phi-lis-tines.

33: Abraham planted an orchard in Be-er-she-ba, and there he called on the name of the LORD the everlasting GOD.

34: And he stayed in the Phi-lis-tines land for many days.


1: During this same time GOD tested Abraham's faith. He called Abraham's name... Abraham answered: here I am.

2: And he said: take Isaac your only son by Sarah the one you love so much. Go to Mo-ri-ah and offer him as burnt offering to GOD. (Notice Abraham did not question GOD.)

3: Abraham rose early that morning; saddled his donkey, took two of his young servants, and split the wood for the burnt offering. He then got Isaac and went to the place, which GOD led them.

4: On the third day of travel Abraham could see the place where they were gomg,

5: He then asked the men to wait there explaining he and Isaac was going in the mountains to worship GOD. Then return to them soon.

6: Abraham gave Isaac the wood for the burnt offering. He took a knife in one hand, the fire in the other and they went off together.

7: Isaac looked at Abraham and asked: Father I see the fire and wood for the offering. But where is the lamb?

8: Abraham replied: GOD will provide the lamb for the offering.

9: After reaching the place GOD told him to go. Abraham built an altar and laid the wood in order. He then tied Isaac upon the wood.

10: When Abraham was about to kill Isaac.

11: An angel of the LORD called from heaven saying: Abraham! Abraham! And he answered: here I am.

12: Then the angel said: Don't kill the child! Don't do anything to him. GOD now knows you love and believe in him. You were even willing to slay your own child.

13: Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by the horns in a wild bush. He quickly got the ram and put him in the place of his son on the altar. Offering the ram to GOD.

14: Abraham called that place Je-ho-van-ji-reh, which means to this day in the mount of the LORD it, shall be seen.

15: The angel of the LORD called to Abraham a second time.

16: And said: By myself I have sworn this. Because you did what I commanded of you, and did not hold back your son your only son from Sarah.

17: In blessing I will bless you, in multiplying I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven and the sand upon the seashore. Your seed shall possess the gate of his enemies. (This means if any evil tries to destroy Abraham seed. It would be noted at the sign of its presence)

18: And because of you, all your descendants will be blessed because you have obeyed me.

19: So Abraham went back to his servants... they all traveled to Be-er-sha- ba and stayed there for awhile.

20: And it came to pass Abraham was told that Mil-cah his brother Na- hor's wife had children also. (You are about to be introduced to Rebekah who will become Isaac s wife)

21: Na-hor frrstborn was Huz, then Buz and Kem-u-el who has a son named Ar-am.

22: Then Che-sed, Ha-zo, Pil-dash, Jid-laph and Be-thu-el.

23: Be-thu-el was Rebekah mother which made Na-hor her grandfather. Mil-cah had eight children by Na-hor Abraham's brother.

24: Na-hor also had a concubine by the name of Reu-mah who also had children from him. They were Te-bah, Ga-ham, Tha-hash and Ma-a-chah


1: Sarah was now one hundred and twenty seven years old.

2: She died in Kir-jath-ar-ba, which is also He-bron, a land in Canaan. As Abraham mourned and wept for Sarah;

3: He left and went to the sons of Heth saying:

4: I know I am a stranger and have traveled to this land. May I please have a place to bury my people when they die?

5: And the children of Heth answered Abraham saying:

6: Listen to us my lord: You are a great prince among us, pick any of our burial grounds. No one will turn you down.

7: Then Abraham stood up and bowed to the people and the sons of Heth.

8: And he thanked them saying: Please I beg your pardon try to understand. Would one of you please talk: to E-phron the son Zo-har for me?

9: And ask him if I could have his cave at Mach-pe-lah. At the end of the field. Tell him I will give him whatever it is worth. Ask him if I could have it for a burial ground.

10: But E-phron was among the people. E-phron the Hit-tite answered Abraham from the crowd and said:

11: No my lord. Listen here: that field I'll give it to you. The cave it's yours too. As my witness in the presence of Heth sons and all these people, you can have it to bury your dead.

12: Abraham bowed again to the people of the land.

13: Then he looked at E-phron among the people and said: Now if you give it to me. I pray you understand what I'm saying, I will give you money for the field. Please take it from me; so I can bury my dead....Remember Abraham trusted no man. Only GOD.

14: E-phron answered Abraham saying:

15: My lord. Listen to me: That land is worth just four hundred shekels of silver. Now what is that between you and me? Okay if it makes you feel better you can pay me for it, but go ahead and bury your people.

16: So Abraham nodded at E-phron, held up the silver showing Heth sons and the people exactly four hundred pieces. And was given the land.

17: E-phron field, which was in Mach-pe-lah, near Mam-re. That field, the cave on it and all the trees that bordered around the field, was given to Abraham for his four hundred shekels.

18: This was done in the presence of the sons of Heth and all the people that came in that day, from the city.

19: And after this Abraham buried Sarah his wife on the field in Mach-pe lah, near Mam-re. Both locations are in He-bron, which is the land of Canaan.

20: Then the sons of Heth made sure Abraham took possession of the field and the cave on it for a burial place for his people.


1: Abraham was old & very blessed by GOD.

2: He called for his oldest servant. The one who handled all his assets and said: Please. Put your hand on my thigh. (This was how a word of promise was made between two people)

3: Abraham asked him to swear by the LORD GOD of heaven & earth, that he would make sure Isaac didn't marry from the Ca-naan-ites daughters.

4: Begging him to go back to the land where his relatives lived and get a wife for Isaac.

5: But his servant said: what if she will not come back here? Should I take Isaac to her?

6: Abraham replied: No! Do not take my son there.

7: The LORD GOD of heaven; he sent me from my dads house away from my family. He swore unto me that this land would be my seed. GOD will send his angel before you; there you will find a wife for my son.

8: But if the woman will not follow you, then our oath shall be broken. But do not take Isaac there.

9: So his servant put his hand on Abraham thigh, and made the promise.

10: The servant then took ten of Abraham's camels, and went to Mes-o- po-ta-mi-a, in the city of Na-hor (Abraham brother). Leaving with the fate of Abraham's wealth in his hands.

11: He had the camels to kneel down at a city well; during the time when the city women would come to draw water.

12: And he prayed to GOD saying: Please LORD send the woman quickly, and show kindness to my master Abraham?

13: Now here I stand by this well of water and all the daughters of the men of the city come here.

14: So please let the lady I ask for a drink give me one. Then let her offer my camels a drink also. Let this be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. Show favor to my master.

15: But before he was done speaking to the LORD Re-bek-ah appeared. She was the daughter of Be-thu-el, he was the son of Mil-cah who was the wife of Na-hor (Abraham's brother). She had her pitcher on her shoulder.

16: She was very beautiful, a virgin and no man had claimed her. She began to fill her pitcher.

17: The servant ran to meet her and said: Oh please, give me a drink?

18: And Re-bek-ah replied: oh yes my lord and she hurried and let down her pitcher.

19: After he drank she said: I will get water for your camels.

20: Then she emptied her pitcher into the trough and ran to fill it again.

21: The servant wondered if she was the one. But didn't say a word. Hoping the LORD had made his journey positive.

22: After the camels were done drinking; the servant took two bracelets and an earring, very expensive in gold then gave them to her.

23: Then asked: who daughter are you? Do you think your father would let us lodge in his home?

24: And she said: I am the daughter of Be-thu-el the son of Mil-cah, and she is the wife of Na-hor.

25: Even so we have straw and supplies with plenty of room to lodge in.

26: Then Abraham servant bowed his head and thanked the LORD.

27: He said: blessed be the LORD of my master Abraham. Who never let him down, always showing him mercy & truth. With me being in the right place at the right time. Have led me to my master's brother.

28: Then Re-bek-ah ran and told everyone in her home what had happen.

29: She had a brother by the name of La-ban. He ran to the well where the servant was.

30: Now when La-ban saw the earring and bracelets in Re-bek-ah hand, and heard everything she had said about Abraham servant. He ran to the well and saw the servant standing by the camels. (La-ban loved money)

31: La-ban said: Come with me one blessed of GOD. You do have a place to stay. We have lodge with room for your camels all waiting for you.

32: And the servant went with La-ban to his home. He took his supplies off the camels and gave them food and water. Then washed his feet; and gave the men with him water to wash their feet.

33: Food was then given to the servant to eat. But he said: I will not eat until I explain why I am here.

34: I am Abraham's servant.

35: The LORD has blessed him greatly. He owns flocks, herds, silver & gold, servants, camels, and asses. He is rich.

36: Now Sarah my master's wife had a son in her old age. My master will leave this all to him.

37: He made me swear I would not let his son marry one of the Ca-naan- ites daughters.

38: But go to his relatives, and find a wife for his son.

39: So I said to my master: What if she won't come?

40: But he assured me the LORD would be with me, and his angels would work things out. Therefore a wife would be found at his families house.

41: Then he said: if no one would come, I would be free from my promise.

42: Now when I got to the well; I called on the LORD and asked him to lead me.

43: I said: when I stand by this well send a virgin. When I ask for a drink of her water.

44: Let her say: drink and I will give your camels water also. Oh LORD; let her be the one you have chosen for my master's son.

45: I had not yet finished speaking with the LORD when Re-bek-ah walked up. She had her pitcher on her shoulder and went to the well. And I said to her... Let me have a drink?

46: And she did not exchange a word, just let her pitcher down and said drink. And I will give your camels water also.

47: Then I asked: who daughter are you? And she said: Be-thu-el, Na-hors son. Whom Mil-cah bear unto him. So I put the earring on her face and the bracelets in her hand.

48: Then I prayed and worshiped the LORD. He had led me to my master's brother daughter, to take as a wife for my master's son.

49: So tell me if your going to help him, if not let me continue my journey.

50: Then La-ban & Be-thu-el answered: we can't tell you if what you ask the LORD was good or bad.

51: Their Re-bek-ah is take her to your masters son to wife. If this is what the LORD said.

52: And it came to pass when Abraham servant heard their reply. He bowed down and praised the LORD.

53: Then the servant gave Re-bek-ah jewels of silver, jewels of gold and fine clothing. He also gave her mother and brother nice gifts.

54: And they ate. He and the men with him. They talked all night till morning. Then the servant said: I have to get back to Abraham my master.

55: But Re-bek-ah brother and mother said: let her stay the rest of the week or as long as ten days from now? After that she can go.

56: And the servant said: Please don't hold me up. The LORD has made my trip meaningful. Let me go tell my master.

57: They answered: we will let Re-bek-ah decide.

58: After calling Re-bek-ah and saying: do you want to go with this man? She replied: I will.

59: And they bided her off along with her nurse, Abraham's servant and his men.

60: La-ban and his mother gave Re-bek-ah their blessings. Explaining: you are our family. May you be enriched with millions of descendants? Let anyone that hate them be few.

61: And Re-bek-ah arose and her damsels. They rode upon the camels following Abraham's servant and his men.

62: Now Isaac had just come from the well in La-hai-roi, in the south of the country.

63: He was in the middle of the field in the evening, and could see the camels from afar.

64: When Re-bek-ah looked up, she saw Isaac and jumped off the camel.

65: Then she asked: Who is the man walking up to us? And the servant said: it is my master. So Re-bek-ah took her veil and put it on her face.

66: The servant explained to Isaac what his mission had accomplished.

67: So Isaac took Re-bek-ah into his mother Sarah tent and made love to her. She became his wife and he loved her. This was a comfort to Isaac after his mother's death.


1: Abraham again married a lady by the name of Ke-tu-rah.

2: More children were born through her. Zim-ran, Jok-shan, Me-dan, Mid- i-an, Ish-bak and Shu-ah.

3: Jok-shan had two children they were She-ba and De-dan. De-dan sons were As-shu-rim, Le-tu-shim and Le-um-mim.

4: Mid-i-an had children also they were E-phah, E-pher, Ha-noch, A-bi- dah, and El-da-ah. These were the children and grandchildren of Ke-tu- rah.

5: Abraham turned all that he owned over to Isaac.

6: Now Abraham concubines had sons by him. He gave them nice gifts and sent them to the east country to live. Away from Isaac. (Abraham did this to avoid any misunderstanding of the covenant between GOD and Isaac).

7: Then Abraham died at one hundred and seventy five years.

8: He was very old and wise. His people gave him a nice burial.

9: And his sons Isaac and Ish-ma-el buried him in the cave of Mach-pe- lah (both sons came back together as they will do again today). In the field he bought from E-phron the son of Zo-har the Hit-tite, which is in Mam-re.

10: In the field that Abraham purchased through the sons of Heth. He was buried along there with Sarah his wife.

11: And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, GOD blessed his son Isaac as he mourned by the well La-hai-roi. (Notice this is the same well he went to after his mother's death).

12: Now these are the generations of Ish-ma-el, Abraham son by Ha-gar (the Egyptian), and Sarah's handmaid.

13: And these are the names of the sons of Ish-ma-el, by their names according to their generation. The firstborn was Ne-ba-joth then Ke-dar, Ad-be-el, ,Mib-sam:

14: Mish-ma, Du-mah, and Mas-sa;

15: Ha-dar, Te-ma, Je-tur, Na-phish, and Ked-e-mah.

16: These are the sons of Ish-ma-el, and these are their names by their towns; and by their castles. Twelve princes according to their nations.

17: Ish-ma-el died at one hundred and thirty seven years, and was buried by his people.

18: And they traveled from Hav-i-Iah to Shur near Egypt, toward Assyria. Here Ish-ma-el died in the presence of all his brothers.

19: These are the generation of Isaac. Abraham begat Isaac.

20: Isaac was forty years old when he married Re-bek-ah. She was the daughter of Be-thu-el (the Syrian) of Pa-dan-a-ram and the sister of Laban (the Syrian).

21: Isaac prayed to the LORD for Re-bek-ah because she was barren...Sound like his mother doesn't it? And the LORD answered him and Re- bek -ah conceived.

22: During her pregnancy her babies kicked constantly. So she prayed to the LORD about this.

23: And the LORD said to her: two nations are in thy womb, and two manners of people shall be separate from thy bowls. (This means you have twins and they will be fraternal). And the one people shall be stronger than the other people shall; and the elder shall serve the younger. (In other words they are fighting. The one who is born first will serve the other which means the younger will inherit Isaacs covenant from GOD).

24: And when she delivered sure enough, there were twins.

25: And the first came out red all over like a hairy garment. They called him Esau, (which mean Hairy the Smiths bible dictionary).

26: And after that his brother came out and grabbed Esau heel. His name was called Jacob, (which mean sup planter or heel grabber the Smiths bible dictionary). Isaac was seventy-five years old when they were born.

27: And the boys grew with Esau being a mighty hunter and Jacob a simple man, staying close to home. (Can you see how GOD repeats the same thing over and over? He's no different today. So please take heed).

28: Isaac was very fond of Esau because he could hunt and cook what he caught. (Isaac felt Esau was strong and maculate). But Re-bek-ah protected Jacob. (Mothers today still feel the need to protect the babies of the family).

29: One day Jacob was preparing stew. Esau had come from the field and was tired, didn't feel like cooking.

30: So Esau said to Jacob: Let me have your stew? I am tired. I don't want to cook. From this statement he was called E-dom. (Let s talk about this. Esau was called E-dom because he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life. GOD was not happy with him for this. Romans 9-13)

31: Jacob said: I'll sell you my stew for your birthright. (I bet that when Jacob made this statement he only wanted to be recognized by Esau as the elder. But they both knew the covenant of GOD would only pass to the heir. Little did he know he was about to create the 12 tribes.)?

32: Esau said: If I die from starvation, then I loose everything anyway. Just give me something to eat. (GOD say avoid foolish talk. One day of hunting without food; make him starve to death? Now really...

33: Jacob said: Swear it then. So Esau sold it to him for a bowl of soup.... Now we know where Sold your Soul for a jelly roll comes from...

34: Then Jacob gave Esau bread and stew. He ate, got full and left. Not caring about the covenant of GOD anyway.



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