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Genesis...the Only True Generation Pt 3 Chapters 26-39

Updated on June 16, 2020

Chapter 26

1: Another famine like the one during Abraham times hit again. Isaac went to A-bim-e-Iech king of the Phi-lis-tines in Ge-rar.

2: But the LORD appeared to Isaac telling him not to go into Egypt, but to the land he would show him.

3: Stay there and he would be with him. The LORD said: I will bless you and your seed. Giving you these countries as I have promised them to Abraham your father.

4: And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and until them I will give all these countries. From your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.

5: Because Abraham obeyed my voice. Believed in me, kept my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.

6: So Isaac stayed in Ge-rar.

7: The men of Ge-rar inquired about Re-bek-ah. Isaac said: (just like Abraham) she is my sister. For he feared to say she is my wife. He felt the men would kill him for Re-bek-ah; because she was so beautifuL (See how father GOD word repeats? It still does today)

8: And it came to pass after Isaac had been there awhile, A-bim-e-Iech king of Phi-lis-tines; looked out his window and saw Isaac & Re-bek-ah playing around.

9: He called to Isaac and said: I can tell that is your wife. Why did you say she was your sister? And Isaac said: had I not; I would have to die for her.

10: Then A-bim-e-Iech said: what are you trying to do? One of us might have slept with her, and then we would have brought pain among us.

11: So A-bim-e-Iech warned all his people not to touch Isaac or his wife. Anyone who did would be put to death.

12: Isaac sowed in that land and reaped that same year, a hundredfold. The LORD blessed him.

13: And Isaac continued to grow. He became very, very wealthy.

14: For he increased in flocks, herds with many servants. And the Phi-lis- tines envied him.

15: He inherited all the wells, Abraham servants dug for him. The Phi-lis- tines had stopped them, by filling them with dirt.

16: A-bim-e-Iech asked Isaac to leave. For he had become mightier than he.

17: And Isaac departed, making his home in the valley of Ge-rar and he stayed there.

18: Isaac opened all the wells back up that Abraham had purchased. The phi-lis-tines had stopped them after the death of Abraham. He called their names the same as Abraham.

19: Isaac's servants dug in the valley and founded water there.

20: And the herdsmen of Ge-rar fought with Isaac saying: the water was theirs. He called that well E-sek because they quarrel with him.

21: And he dug another well and fought for that also. This one, he called Sit-nah.

22: So Isaac moved from there and dug another well that he did not have to fight over. He called it Re-ho-both saying: the LORD has made room for us. We will be fruitful here.

23: And he went from there to Be-er-she-ba.

24: The LORD appeared to him that same night and said: I am GOD of Abraham thy father. Fear not for I am with thee, and will bless you and multiply your seed for my servant Abraham's sake.

25: Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD. He set up his tent and his servants dug a new well.

26: Then A-bim-e-Iech came to him from Ge-rar with A-huz-zath (one of his friends) and Phi-chol (the chief captain of his army).

27: Isaac said: Why have you come to me; being that you hate me so? You sent me away from you.

28: And they said: we can certainly see the LORD is with you. Let us make an oath between you and us? Can we make an agreement with you?

29: That you will do us no harm, as we have not touched you? We have been nothing but good to you and sent you away in peace. Now the LORD blesses you.

30: Isaac made a feast and they all ate and drank.

31: They stayed overnight. That morning they swore one to the other no harm; and Isaac sent them away in peace.

32: Later that day Isaacs servants came to him saying: we have found more water.

33: And he called it She-bah, therefore the name of the city is still Be-er- she-ba to this day.

34: And Esau was forty years old when he married Judith the daughter of Be-e-ri the Hit-tite, and Bash-e-math the daughter of E-lon the Hit-tite. (Remember the Hit-tites. Cousins of the Ken-ites-Satan Family.)

35: This hurt Isaac and Re-bek-ah very deeply.

chapter 27

1: Now it came to pass that when Isaac had gotten old and his eyesight
had begun to leave. He called to Esau and said: Esau! He answered: yes

2: Isaac replied: I am old and do not know how much longer I will be with
you all.

3: So son please take your weapons and hunt me some good meat. Then
prepare some of your good stew for me.

4: Use plenty of meat the way I like it. Bring it to me so I can taste it
again. Then I will bless you before my number is called.

5: And Re-bek-ah heard when Isaac spoke to Esau. Esau then went to the
field to hunt for meat for his dad. (Re-bek-ah knew what GOD had said:
the elder would serve the younger. She had to do something quick)

6: She called Jacob and said: Look, I heard your dad saying this to Esau.

7: Hunt him meat and make a stew so he could eat it and bless him in the
name of the LORD, before his death.

8: Now listen to me Jacob. Do what I say everything I tell you.

9: Go to the flock and get two young goats. I will make Savory stew for
your dad the way he likes it.

10: You take it to your dad so he can eat and bless you before his death.

11: Jacob said to his mother: Mother. Esau is a hairy man and I'm

12: My dad might feel me and think I am a liar. This would bring a curse
on me not a blessing.

13: And Re-bek-ah said: Let me be cursed. You just do what I said and go
get the goats.

14: So he went and got the goats and Re-bek-ah made stew that Isaac

15: She then took some of Esau's track clothing and put them on Jacob

16: After that she took the skins of the young goats and lined them on
Jacobs's hands and neck.

17: Re-bek-ah gave the stew and bread that she made to Jacob.

18: And he went to his dad and said: Father. Isaac answered: who are you? My

19: Jacob said: I am Esau your firstborn; I have done as you have asked.
Now come, eat my stew so you can bless me.

20: Isaac replied: how did you do it so fast? Jacob answered: the LORD
thy GOD brought it right to me.

21: Isaac looked and said: Come near. I need to touch you and make sure
you are Esau.

22: And Jacob went near to Isaac his father; and he felt him and said: the
voice is Jacobs's voice but the hands are Esau's hands.

23: So he ignored the voice because the hands were as Esau hands, and he
blessed him.

24: Isaac asked again: Now you are my son Esau? And Jacob said: Yes.

25: Well bring it here and let me eat so my soul can bless you. Jacob gave
it to him along with wine to drink.

26: Then Isaac said: Come here and kiss me, my son.

27: And he came and kissed him and he smelled the smell of his clothing.
And said: the smell is as the smell of a field, which the LORD has blessed.

28: Therefore GOD give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the
earth with plenty of food and wine.

29: Let people serve and bow to you. Be lord over your brethren, and let
your mother sons bow down to you. Curse is everyone that curses you,
and blessed be he that blesses you.

30: After Isaac had finish-blessing Jacob and Jacob had left. Esau his
brother came in from hunting.

31: Esau made more stew and brought it to his dad. Esau said: Wake up
dad and eat so you can bless me.

32: Isaac answered: Who are you? And he said: I am your son your
firstborn Esau.

33: And Isaac trembled and said: Where is he that just brought me stew? I ate it all and blessed him. And he is blessed.

34: And when Esau heard the words of his father he cried with a bitter cry
and said: Bless me too. Please Father.

35: Isaac said: your brother came with subtilty, and has taken away your

36: Esau answered: Is his name Jacob? This is the second time he has
crossed me. First he take away my birthright now he have taken away my
blessing. Don't you have another blessing reserved for me?

37: And Isaac said to Esau: Behold, I have made him your lord. And all
his brethren I have given to him for servants. Blessing him with plenty of
food and wine for a lifetime. So what can I give you?

38: Esau answered: You got to have something to bless me with. Please
father something. And Esau began to cry very deeply.

39: And Isaac said to his son: Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of
the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above. (Pay close attention to
Esau's blessing
. This is how you will know Esau to later become The Red
Nation better known as Russia).

40: And by thy sword shall thy live, and shall serve thy brother. It will
come to pass when you will have dominion, that thou shall break his yoke
from off thy neck. (In other words-he will know Jacob is to be the heir of
GOD. But Esau would form a Nation by taking it with violence then he
can move away and become the head of that land)

41: And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing from his dad. He
thought in his heart, when our dad die I will kill Jacob.

42: Esau plan got back to Re-bek-ah. She sent for Jacob and said to him: Look. Your brother Esau is angry and plans to kill you.

43: Now listen my son. Listen to me and obey me. I want you to go visit
my brother La-ban in Ha-ran.

44: Stay there with him a few days and let your brother cool down.

45: Now when Esau calms downs and forget what he vowed, I will send
for you. I just can't loose two sons in one day. (I know it seems that Re-
bek-ah got Jacob into all this
. But she had only done what GOD asked.
This action is called covert action-Smith Bible Dictionary
. She would
have been wrong to ignore
GOD request. As far as losing two sons in one day this means-if Esau kill Jacob in cold blood the law had been
given by now, that he would have to pay with his life
. Re-bek-ah being
the next of kin would have to perform the execution

46: And Re-bek-ah said to Isaac: I am in-effective in my life because of the
daughters of Heth. (Heth daughters were also the descendants of Satan.
Without them to watch Jacob he could marry into their family.) If Jacob
take a wife from the daughters of Heth it would be just as bad as the
daughters of this land. What have I taught him if he mix our bloodlines?

This meant if the bloodlines were mixed...the Keys of David; identifying Jesus bloodline would be destroyed. Remember Gentiles have to be adopted back into the family of Father God.

-- -- ----------

chapter 28

1: Isaac called for Jacob to wish him his blessings. Then instructed him
not to take a wife from the daughters of Ca-naan. Isaac then said:

2: Now go to Pa-dan-a-ram, to the house of Be-thu-el your mothers father.
Take a wife from the daughters of Laban your mother's brother.

3: May GOD almighty bless you, and make you fruitful to multiply and
become a multitude of people.

4: And give you the blessings of Abraham you and your seed, so you can
inherit the land you know nothing about now. The land GOD gave to

5: Then Isaac sent Jacob to Pa-dan-a-ram, unto Laban the son of Be-thu-el
(the Syrian), the brother of Re-bek-ah; Jacob and Esau's mother.

6: When Esau saw that Isaac had blessed Jacob, and sent him away to Pa-
dan-a-ram to take a wife. Also warning him about the Canaan daughters;

7: Seeing Jacob obeyed his father and mother; it made him think

8: Esau knew he was married to Canaan daughters, and it did not please
his mom & dad.

9: So he went to Ish-ma-el (Abraham's son) and married his daughter by
the name of Ma-ha-lath the sister of Ne-ba-joth.

10: Jacob left Be-er-she-ba and went toward Ha-ran.

11: He came to a certain area and stayed there all night. He took stones
and used them for pillows to rest his head.

12: As Jacob slept he dreamed a ladder had come from heaven to earth,
and angels of GOD were going up and down it. (Have you ever wondered
what Jacobs
ladder was? Now you know.)

13: And behold, the LORD stood above it and said: I am the LORD GOD
of Abraham your father, and Isaac. The land where you lay I will give it to
you and your seed.

14: And your seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and you will spread
abroad to the west, east, north and south. And in thee and in thy seed
shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

15: And behold, I will be with you every place you will go. I will also
bring you back to this land and will not leave you until I have done what I
have spoken. (Imagine having GOD as your guardian angel 24-7 well he
still is today nothing changes with
GOD he's the same yesterday, today, and forever.)

16: Jacob awoke from his sleep and said: Surely the LORD must be here
with me? And I don't know it?

17: He was afraid and said: How dreadful this place is ! (Nothing like he had saw in his dream) This has to be the house of GOD, and the gate to heaven.

18: And Jacob rose up early that morning, and took the stones he used for
his pillow. Set it up for a pillar, and poured oil on top of it.

19: And he called the name of that place Beth-el. But the name of the city
he was in was called Luz.

20: Then Jacob vowed a vow saying: If GOD will be with me, and take
care of me everywhere I go. ..Make sure I have bread and water with
clothing to ware.

21: And bring me back home to my father's house in peace. Then shall the
LORD be my GOD.

22: And this stone which I have set for a pillar, shall be GOD'S house.
All that he blesses me with I will give back a tenth to GOD.

chapter 29

1: Jacob moved on his journey to the east.

2: He came to a well in the field with three flocks of sheep were resting near.
This well was used for watering the flocks but had a big rock stuck in the
top of it.

3: Here all the flocks were gathered. They rolled the stone from the wells
mouth, watered the herds then replaced it.

4: Jacob said: My brethren. Where are you from? And they answered: Ha-

5: And he said: Do you know Laban the son of Na-hor? And they replied: Yes, we know him.

6: Then Jacob asked: is he well? They answered: yes he is well. They're his
daughter Ra-chel is, coming with the sheep.

7: Jacob then said: Man... It is early, it's not time for the cattle to be
watered. Well water your sheep and go feed them?

8: And they said: we can't until all the flocks are gathered. Then they
have to roll the stone from the well's mouth so we can water.

9: While Jacob spoke with the people, Ra-chel came up with her father's
sheep. She took care of them.

10: And it came to pass when Jacob saw Ra-chel the daughter of Laban
(his mother's brother), with her sheep. He went and rolled the stone off
the well. Then watered the flock of Laban.

11: Jacob kissed Ra-chel and said:

12: I am your father's relative. I am Re-bek-ah's son. And she ran and
told her dad.

13: When Laban heard the news of Jacob his sister's son, he ran to greet
him. Then embraced and kissed Jacob bringing him to his home. Jacob
told Laban what had happen.

14: Laban said: you are my blood relative stay as long as you like. Jacob
had been there a month. Working for Laban but not taking a salary.

15: Laban spoke to Jacob and said: just because you are family, you don't
have to work for nothing. Tell me, what shall your wages be?

16: Laban had two daughters the elder was Leah and his baby girl was Ra-chel.

17: Leah was nice looking but Ra-chel was beautiful and well favored.

18: Jacob loved Ra-chel and said: I will work seven years for your baby

19: Laban said: I would rather you have her than a stranger. Okay it's a

20: And Jacob served seven years for Ra-chel but it seemed like days, he
loved her so much.

21: Jacob said to Laban: give me my wife, the years have been
fulfilled. I want to go in to her.

22: And Laban gathered all the men of his place and had a feast.

23: That evening he took Leah his elder daughter and sent her to Jacob's
tent. (Jacob had been drinking all day and was well boozed that
evening. He wanted Ra-chel so bad he did not know the difference).

24: Laban gave Leah Zil-pah his maid to be her handmaid.'

25: And it came to pass the next morning behold ,it was Leah. And Jacob
said to Laban: What is this that you have done to me? Didn't I serve you
for Ra-chel? So why have you deceived me? (Now he see how Esau felt.
This too was part of
GOD is plan.)

26: Laban said: it is not customary in our country to give the youngest
before the firstborn.

27: Take care of Leah. Then serve seven more years and I will give you

28: And Jacob did so. He kept Leah and after seven more years married

29: And Laban gave Bil-hah his other maid to Ra-chel for her handmaid.

30: Jacob went in to Ra-chel and loved her more than Leah. Then he
served Laban seven more years.

31: And when the LORD saw Leah was loved less, he opened her womb
but Ra-chel was barren.

32: And Leah conceived and had a son and called his name Ruben. And
she said: surely the LORD have looked upon my affliction, now my
husband will love me.

33: She conceived again and had another son and said: because the LORD
heard that I'm not liked he gave me another son. And she called his name

34: She conceived again and had another son; and said: this time he will
really favor me, for I have had him three sons. And she called this one

35: She conceived again and had another son and said: now will I praise
the LORD. And she called this one Judah. Then she stopped conceiving

chapter 30

1: Now when Rachel saw she had no children, she went to Jacob and said: Please give me children or I will die?

2: This angered Jacob and he replied: Am I GOD? Have I stopped you
from conceiving?

3: And she said: My maid Bil-hah, go to her. When she conceives during her delivery, she can
sit on my knees. It will be as though I'm having your child.

4: So she gave him Bil-hah to wife. And Jacob slept with her.

5: She conceived and had a son.

6: And Rachel said: GOD has seen me, he heard my voice. And have
given me a son. So she named him Dan.

7: And Bil-hah Rachel's maid conceived again and had a second son for

8: Rachel said: I have wrestled with my sister and I have won. And she
called the second son Naph-ta-li.

9: When Leah saw she stopped conceiving, she took Zil-pah her
handmaid. And gave her to Jacob to wife.

10: And Zil-pah also had a son.

11: Leah said: He is a soldier and she called him Gad.

12: Zil-pah had a second son for Jacob.

13: Leah said: I am so happy. All women will call me blessed. And she called his name Asher.

14: Now one day during wheat harvest Ruben went hunting for mandrakes
(known as passion fruit. Believed to cause conception back in biblical
He gave them to Leah his mother. Rachel said to Leah: give me
your son mandrakes I beg you.

15: Leah replied: you have already taken my husband. Now you want my
son mandrakes also? And Rachel said: if you give me Ruben mandrakes,
you can sleep with Jacob tonight.

16: Jacob was coming out of the field and Leah ran to meet him. She
explained: I gave Rachel Rubens mandrakes, and she promised you would
sleep with me tonight. So Jacob went to her tent.

17: GOD blessed Leah, she conceived and gave Jacob a fifth son. (I think
GOD blessed Leah with this son to prove all children come from him. No fruit can ever produce conception.)

18: Leah said: GOD has given me my bond, for giving my maid to my
husband. And she called this son Is-sa-char.

19: And Leah conceived again and bare Jacob a sixth son.

20: Leah said: GOD has blessed me with several children. Now my
husband will stay with me; for I have given him six children. And she
called this one Zeb-u-lun.

21: Leah conceived again and had a daughter, she called her Dinah.

22: And GOD remembered Rachel and opened her womb.

23: She conceived and had a son. She said: GOD has answered my

24: And she called his name Joseph. Rachel thought: GOD will give me
another child.

25: After Rachel gave birth to Joseph, Jacob went to Laban and said: I
have to leave and find my own home & land.

26: We have stayed here long enough. I have served you well.

27: Laban replied: Please don't leave, I have been kind to you. You've
become a blessing to me.

28: Tell me what you want?

29: Jacob said: Now you know I've worked hard taking care of your cattle, right?

30: You only had a small amount when I came. Now you have many. I
need my own place and cattle.

31: Listen to this. I will take care of them again but you have to do one
thing for me.

32: Let me go through them and remove all the speckled, spotted and
brown cattle. This will be my pay.

33: I will be completely honest. When you check them if they are not
speckles, spotted or brown they shall be stolen.

34: Laban said: I will trust you on your word.

35: So Laban removed the cattle Jacob had asked for, and left the rest with
his sons.

36: Then Laban left on a three-day journey and Jacob continued to look
after his flock.

37: Then Jacob took rods made of green polar and the hazel from
chestnut trees. He peeled the skin from the sticks where the white bark
would show.

38: He then sat the rods in the gutters of the water troughs. When the
flocks came to drink he felt they would conceive white cattle. (Jacob
should have known by now that
GOD was in control).

39: And the flocks conceived and brought forth ring staked, speckled and
spotted cattle. (Trust GOD sticks had nothing to do with this).

40: Jacob separated the cattle. He put his together and set Labans apart.

41: And it came to pass during mating season of the cattle Jacob would
lay the rods in the water gutter.

42: If the cattle were frail Jacob would not keep them together.

43: GOD blessed Jacob and he increased in cattle, maidservants, camels
and asses.

chapter 31

1: Jacob overheard Laban sons saying: Jacob have taken away all that was our fathers. He have become rich off of him.

2: And Jacob noticed Laban attitude had changed toward him.

3: The LORD said to Jacob: return to the land of your dad, and all your
relatives. I will be with you.

4: Jacob asked Rachel and Leah to come to the field so he could speak
with them.

5: And he said to them: I see your father attitude. He have changed
toward me. But the GOD of my fathers have been with me and blessed

6: And you know that with all my strength I have served your father.

7: Now Laban have deceived me and changed my wages ten times. But
GOD won't let this hurt me.

8: First he said the speckled would be my wages and all the cattle had
speckled. Then he said the ring staked and they all had ringed staked.

9: GOD have taken from your father and gave to me.

10: And it came to pass at the time the cattle was to conceive, I saw in a
dream and behold the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ring staked,
spotted and speckled.

11: And the angel of GOD spoke to me and said: Jacob. And I said: here I

12: And he said: Open your eyes and see all the rams, which leap upon the
cattle. Notice they are all ring staked, spotted and speckled. For I see all
that Laban is trying to do to you.

13: I am the GOD of Be-thel where you anointed the pillar. Where you
vowed a vow to me. Arise get out of this land and return to the land of
your relatives.

14: Then Rachel and Leah answered and said: Is there any portion or
inheritance for us in our father house?

15: Are we strangers to him? Did he just sell us and forget about our

16: With all the riches GOD have taken from our father which belong to
us and our children, you must do what GOD has told you to do.

17: Then Jacob rose up and sat his children and wives upon the camels

18: And he carried away all his cattle, and all his goods, which he had
gotten. And he left with all his wealth going to Pa-dan-a-ram, returning to
Isaac his dad in the land of Canaan.

19: When Laban went to shear his sheep he noticed his golden god images
were gone. Rachel had taken them. (Rachel felt her father owed her and
her sister something from their inheritance).

20: Jacob had gone away without telling Laban (to Syrian).

21: He had gone away with all that he owned. They passed the river and
headed toward Mount Gil-e-ad.

22: After three days Laban was told Jacob had left.

23: Laban gathered many of his men and went after Jacob. One week
passed and Laban founded Jacob at Mount Gil-e-ad.

24: And GOD came to Laban in a dream that night and said: Be careful
how you speak to Jacob rather it be good or bad.

25: Then Laban went to Jacob. Now Jacob had set his tent on the Mount
so Laban and his men set theirs there also.

26: And Laban said to Jacob: What have you done? First you steal from
me then lead my daughters away like thieves taken into custody?

27: Why did you leave so secretly? Stealing from me. We could have
celebrated first with oils, songs and music.

28: Without letting me kiss my grandsons or daughters goodbye. That
was a dumb move.

29: I could really hurt you Jacob. But the GOD of your fathers spoke to
me in a dream last night saying: watch how I speak to you.

30: And now you have gone because I know how bad you wanted to
return to your father's house. But did you have to steal my gods?

31: And Jacob answered: I was afraid you would stop your daughters from
leaving with me. But I didn't take your gods.

32: If anyone here have your gods let that person die. Look through our
things if you find them take them. Jacob did not know Rachel had stolen
them. (Remember its strength in your words).

33: And Laban went into Jacob, Leah, and the two maidservants tents and
did not find them. Then he went to Rachel's tent.

34: Now Rachel had taken the images, and put them in the camel saddle
then sat on them. And Laban searched the tent but did not find them.

35: And she said to her father: please forgive me for not standing, but it is
my time of the month and you know the custom. I am unclean. Laban excused her and continued searching but did not find the images. '

36: Jacob was very angry with Laban. He asked: What is my trespass?
What have I done that you should purse after me so hastily.

37: You have searched all my things. What did you find? Show it so I
may be judged.

38: I served you for twenty years. We cannot go back with you. Your
ewes and your she goats, I have not touched them. I've only lived on my

39: All the cattle that was killed, I took the loss. All my flock that was
stolen in the day or at night; I did not replace with yours.

40: Tending the cattle in the day I had no help. At night I almost froze,
not to mention so few hours of sleep.

41: And I have worked for you twenty years fourteen of them just for your
daughters. Then another six to earn my cattle, with you changing my pay
ten times.

42: But the GOD of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac was with me. He saw
you and knew what you were after me to do. That's why he rebuked you
last night.

43: And Laban answered and said to Jacob: These are my daughters, these
children are my children, and this cattle is my cattle. So what did you
think I would do to my children and grandchildren.

44: Look. Lets make a covenant; you and I just us two.

45: And Jacob took a stone and set it up for a pillar.

46: Jacob told his men to gather stones for a big mound and they ate on
top of it

47: And Laban called this place: Je-gar-sa-ha-du-tha, but Jacob called it

48: Laban then said: we will use this mound as a witness of the agreement
between us. Therefore the name Gal-e-ed was agreed upon.

49: He also called it Miz-pha which means the LORD watch over me,
even in our absents one from another.

50: Now if you should harm my daughters or if you should take other
wives. No man knows what I'll do. But GOD as my witness between you
and I.

51: Then Laban said to Jacob: behold this mount, and this pillar that we
have formed between you and I.

52: Let these be witness, that I will not pass over this mount looking for
you, and you will not cross over this mount and pillar looking for me. To
do harm to each other.

53: Now the GOD of Abraham and the GOD of Nhor, and the GOD of
their fathers let them judge us. (Believe this its only one). And Jacob
swore on the love of Isaac.

54: Then Jacob offered sacrifice upon the mount. And he and his brothers
ate bread and talked all night.

55: And early that morning when Laban was about to depart he kissed his
daughters, and his grandchildren then went toward home.

chapter 32

1: Jacob went on his way, and he saw the angels of the LORD.

2: And when Jacob saw them he said: this is GOD'S host, and he called
that place Ma-ha-na-im.

3: Jacob sent a messenger to Esau. In the land of Se-ir the country of E- dom.

4: Now he told him: go speak to my lord Esau. Tell him his servant
Jacob has been living with Laban all this time.

5: Let him know I have oxen, asses, flocks, menservants and
maidservants. And I have sent you to greet my lord so he can be proud of
me. (Now you have to understand ... GOD did not like this "my lord business"
remember he is a jealous

6: The messengers returned saying: we located your brother and he is coming with four hundred of his men.

7: Then Jacob was afraid and worried. So he divided all his family and
his flock into two half's.

8: And he said: if Esau come and kill one side then ... You others run for your

9: Afterwards Jacob said: Oh GOD of my father Abraham and Isaac the LORD
that said to me: return to your country and your relatives and I will be with

10: I know I am not worthy of all your mercy and truth which you have
showed upon me. Since my family and I passed over Jordan we now have
divided into two parts.

11: Deliver me I pray thee from the hands of my brother. For I am afraid
that he will come and kill me and the mothers of my children. (I bet
GOD thought: what is this I have here? A chicken?)

12: Now you said that you would bless me and make my seed as the sand
of the sea. Which cannot be numbered.

13: And Jacob stayed there that night and took gifts from his wealth to
give Esau his brother. (It seems he is really afraid of Esau.)

14: He took two hundred sheep, twenty goats, two hundred ewes, and
twenty rams;

15: Thirty mulch camels with their colts, forty kine, ten bulls, twenty she
assess, and ten foals.

16: He gave them to his servants and told them to put the cattle in-
between them and him.

17: Then he said: when Esau my brother come to you and ask: who owns this cattle
and where are you going?

18: Tell him; they belong to your servant Jacob; he sent them as a present
for you. He is behind us.

19: Jacob also told the servants in the second, third, and all that followed
to say the same thing.

20: He explained: the gifts will please him, before he sees me. Then maybe
he will forget his vow and accept me.

21: Then he set up camp and stayed there for the night.

22: Jacob awoke in the middle of the night and packed up his wives, his
two women servants, and his eleven children and traveled over the ford

23: And he took them and all that was with him and sent them over the .

24: Jacob was there alone. An angel of the LORD came to Jacob and
wrestled with him testing his boldness. (GOD 'S children should fear no
. He will test you.)

25: But when the angel saw that Jacob wouldn't give up, he touched the
hollow of his thigh. His thigh went out of joint.

26: Then the angle said: let me go the daylight is coming. Jacob replied: I
will not until you bless me.

27: The angel asked: what is your name? And he said: Jacob.

28: Then the angle of the LORD said: your name is no longer Jacob it is
now Israel. For you are as a prince and have showed power of GOD. You
have prevailed.

29: Then Jacob said: tell me. What is your name? And the angel said:
why is it that you have asked my name? And he blessed Jacob.

30: And Jacob called that place Pe-ni-el that means I have seen the face of
GOD. Now my life is preserved.

31: As he passed Pe-nu-el the sun was hot and his thigh hurt.

32: To this day the children of Israel do not eat the tendon which is upon
the hollow of the thigh. Because the angel touched Jacob there on his

chapter 33

1: Jacob looked up and he could see Esau coming with four hundred of
his men. So he divided the children between Leah, Rachel and the

2: Then he put the handmaids and their children first in line, Leah and her
children second, and Rachel & Joseph last.

3: As Jacob walked pass the women and his children, he bowed seven
times approaching Esau.

4: Esau ran to meet him then gave him a big hug and kiss as he began to

5: When Esau looked up he saw the women and children then asked: who
are they? Jacob replied: the children that GOD have blessed me with.

6: Then the handmaids and their children came and bowed themselves to

7: Leah and her children bowed themselves and so did Rachel and Joseph.

8: Esau asked: what are all these rolls of cattle for? Jacob replied: they are
for you to find grace in your eyesight.

9: And Esau said: I have enough brother keep your cattle for yourself.

10: But Jacob insisted: No I pray you take it. If you have forgave me take
my gifts. If it seems I'm being too nice it's because I have seen the face of
GOD and he is pleased with me.

11: I have found favor with him. He have blessed me with more than
enough so please take it. So Esau accepted it.

12: Then Esau said: follow us. Let me show you the way?

13: Jacob replied: my lord the children are young and some of my flocks
are expecting. I do not want to overwork them in one day; that might kill

14: You go ahead my lord and I will follow slowly behind you. That way I
can allow my children and herds to rest. I will catch up with you shortly
in Se-ir.

15: Then Esau answered: let me leave some of my men with you? But
Jacob replied: no need. Just let me have compassion with you my lord.

16: So Esau went on his way back to Se- ir.

17: And Jacob traveled to Suc-coth and built a house there. Then made
shelter for his cattle.

18: And Jacob went to Sha-lem, which is in the city of She-chern in the
land of Canaan. When he left Pa-dan-a-ram he setup his tent in that city.

19: And he bought that piece of land where he set his tent near the
children of Ha-mor, She-chern's father. For a hundred pieces of silver.

20: Then he built an altar and called it El-e-lo-he-Is-ra-el.

chapter 34

1: Now Dinah Jacobs's daughter, she went to make friends in the land.

2: And when She-chem the son of Ha-mor (the Hi-vite) who was the prince of the land. Now when he saw Dinah he raped her and corrupted her body. (Please don't forget … He is a Hi-vite, which is the family of Satan. Study Revelation. Satan always tries to defile the woman’s body. He shall try this again in our earth age today)

3: She-chem wanted Dinah … Jacobs's daughter. He fell in love with her & spoke to her kindly.

4: He then went to his father and said: I want her for my wife.

5: When Jacob heard that She-chem had raped his daughter, he held his peace waiting for his sons to come from the field tending the cattle.

6: Then Ha-mor the father of She-chem went to Jacob home to speak with him.

7: Jacob sons heard this and came from the field. They were very angry and wanted revenge. All the land was talking about Dinah being raped and this offended his sons.

8: And Ha-mor spoke with them saying: my son loves your daughter. He wants to marry her.

9: Please let her marry my son and your sons can marry our daughters. (Don't forget ... GOD said no mixing.)

10: We can grow and be very great in this land by putting our wealth together. (That's Satan tactic trying to buy us with money)

11: Then She-chem said to Jacob and his sons: please allow this marriage. I know I took her unwilling. But I will pay for this. Whatever you ask.

12: Ask me for money, gifts or whatever you want but let me marry her.

13: However. Jacob and his sons answered deceitfully (thinking of the rape.)

14: And said: we cannot let her marry a man that is uncircumcised it is against our religion.

15: We will let you marry her. If you allow all the males among you, to be circumcised.

16: Then we will give our daughters to you and take yours. We will live here and become one family.

17: But if you don't agree to be circumcised we will take our daughters and have no part of yours.

18: This pleased She-chern.

19: And She-chern was happy to do this. More than anyone in his family because he wanted Dinah.

20: Now Ha-mor and She-chern gathered all the men in the city together and explained, what was about to happen.

21: They said: these men are pleased with us. Let them live in our land and trade with our people. This land is big enough for everyone. We will take their daughters for wives and they will marry ours.

22: But under one condition will the men consent to live with us and become one people. If every male among us be circumcised because they are circumcised.

23: Think about it. All the cattle and wealth they have. It could be ours. But we have to do this or they will leave.

24: And all the men of the city agreed with She-chern and Ha-mor and were circumcised.

25: And it came to pass on the third day when the men were good and sore. Two of Jacobs’s sons Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers. Got their swords and went in the city and killed all the males.

26: Then they took the sharpest part of their swords and killed She-chern and Ha-mor. They got Dinah out of She-chems house and left.

27: As they passed the dead men they took all their goods because of Dinah's rape.

28: They took all their sheep, oxen, assess, and all that was in the city and in the field.

29: They also seize all their money and held their wives and children as captive. And took everything from their homes.

30: Now when Jacob heard this he said to the boys: you have made me to stink among the inhabitants of this land. The Ca-naan-ites and Per-iz- zites live here also. We are only a few in numbers and if they get together they will slay us. And we shall be destroyed in our house.

31: And they replied: he should not have treated our sister as a whore

chapter 35

1: GOD came to Jacob and said: go to Beth-el and live there. Make an
altar unto GOD in the area you went, when you fled from Esau.

2: Then Jacob said to his entire household: get rid of all the false gods.
Make yourselves clean and put on clean clothes.

3: We are going to move to Beth-el. There I will make an altar unto GOD
the one who answers my prayers and never leave or forsake me. The true

4: They gave Jacob all the strange gods they had & the earrings in their
ears. Jacob hid them under an oak tree near Shem-chem house.

5: As they traveled the terror of GOD was upon the cities, which surround
them. And they did not pursue after the sons of Jacob.

6: So Jacob and his family came to Luz in the land of Canaan, which is

7: And he built an altar there and called it El-beth-el because this was
were GOD appeared to him, when he fled from Esau.

8: Now Deb-o-rah Rebekah's nurse died, and she was buried under a
weeping willow in Beth-el. Jacob called this grave site Al-lon-bach-uth.

9: GOD appeared to Jacob again when he came out of Pa-dan-a-ram and
blessed him.

10: When he said: your name Jacob, it will no longer be that. Israel shall
be your name and GOD called him this.

11: GOD then said to Israel: I am GOD almighty, be fruitful and multiply;
a nation and a company of nations shall come from you. Kings shall come
from your loins.

12: And the land, which I gave to Abraham and Isaac, I will give to you
and your seed after you.

13: Then GOD went up from the place that they were talking.

14: And Jacob set up a pillar there and poured a drink offering and oil
upon it.

15: The place where Jacob and GOD spoke was called Beth-el.

16: As they traveled from Beth-el a short distance from Eph-rath, Rachel
delivered and had hard labor.

17: And it came to pass during her hard labor the midwife said to her:
don't worry you will have this son.

18: When her soul was departing (for she died) she called her son Ben-o- ni: (which means son of my sorrow) Jacob called him Benjamin (which means son of my right hand).

19: And Rachel died near Eph-rath, which is also called Beth-le-hem.
(Don t forget its strength in our words remember Jacobs words to Laban
if one of us have taken your gods let that one die).

20: Jacob set a pillar on Rachel's grave it is her pillar to this day.

21: And Israel journeyed and spread his tent near the tower of E-dar.

22: After Israel lived in the land for awhile. Reuben his son slept with
Bil-hah his father concubine. And Israel heard this. Now Israel had
twelve sons. (Better known as the twelve tribes).

23: The sons of Leah were Reuben (Jacob's firstborn) then Simeon, Levi,
Judah, Is-sa-char, and Zeb-u-lun.

24: The sons of Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin.

25: The sons of Bil-hah (Rachel's handmaid) were Dan and Naph-ta-li.

26: And the sons of Zil-pah (Leah's handmaid) were Gad, and Asher.
These are the sons of Jacob which were born to him in Pa-dan-a-ram.

27: Now Jacob went to his father Isaac in Mam-re in the city of Ar-bah.
This is in He-bron where Abraham and Isaac traveled.

28: And the days of Isaac were one hundred and four years.

29: And Isaac gave up the ghost and died. All his people gathered
together, being old and full of days his sons Esau and Jacob buried him.

chapter 36

1: Here are the generations of Esau better known as E-dom.

2: Esau took some wives from the daughters of Canaan: A-dah the
daughter of E-lon (the Hit-tite) and A-hol-i-ba-mah the daughter of A-nah
who is the daughter of Zib-e-on (the Hi-vite).

3: Also Bash-e-math Ish-ma-els daughter, who is the sister of Ne-ba-joth.

4: Esau child by A-dah was El-i-phaz. Bash-e-math child was Reu-el.

5: And A-hol-i-ba-mah children were Je-ush, Ja-a-lam and Ko-rah. These
were the sons of Esau born unto him in the land of Canaan.

6: Now Esau took his wives, sons, daughters, all his personnel, his cattle
and all the substance in his house and moved from the city, to the country
of Canaan. Away from his brother Jacob.

7: For their wealth was so great they could not stay in the same area. They
were strangers in the land with no room for their cattle.

8: Esau who is E-dom went to Mount Se- ir.

9: These are the generations of Esau born to him in Mount Se-ir who is
now, the father of the E-dom-ites.

10: These are the names of the sons of Esau. El-i-phaz the son of A-dah,
Reu-el the son of Bash-e-math.

11: The sons of El-i-phaz were Te-man, Omar, Ze-pho, Ga-tam and Ke-

12: Now El-i-phaz had a concubine and she bares Am-a-lek. These were
the grandsons of A -dah and Esau.

13: These are the sons of Reu-el. Na-hath, Ze-rah, Sham-mah, and Miz-
zah. These are the grandsons of Bash-e-math and Esau.

14: And these are the sons of A-hol-i-ba-mah, the daughter of A-nah who
is the daughter of Zib-e-on who is Esau wife. She bare to Esau Je-ush, Ja-
a-lam, and Ko-rah.

15: Now these were the dukes of the sons of Esau. The sons of El-i-phaz
Esau first born was duke Te-man, duke Omar, duke Ze-pho, and duke Ke-

16: Duke Ko-rah, duke Ga-tam, and duke Am-a-lek. These were the
dukes that came from El-i-phaz in the land of E-dom. These were the
grandsons of A-dah and Esau.

17: These are the sons of Reu-el the son of Esau. Duke Na-hath, duke
Ze-rah, duke Sham-mah, and duke Miz-zah. These are the grandsons of Bash-e-math and Esau that came out of E-dom.

18: These are the sons of A-hol-i-ba-mah Esau wife; duke Je-ush, duke Ja-
a-lam, and duke Ko-rah. These are the dukes of A-hol-i-ba-mah and Esau.

19: These are the sons of Esau who is now E-dom and these are there

20: These are the sons of Se-ir (the Ho-rite) who lived in the land. Lo-tan,
Sho-bal, Zib-e-on and A-nah.

21: Also Di-shon, E-zer, and Di-shan. These are the dukes of the Ho-rites,
the children of Se-ir in the land ofE-dom.

22: The children of Lo-tan were Ho-ri, He-mam, and Lo-tan sister was Tim-na.

23: And the children of Sho-bal were Al-van, Ma-na-hath, E-bal, She-pho and O-nam.

24: These are the children of Zib-e-on. A-jah and A-nah. Now A-nah found some mules in the wilderness as he fed his dads asses.

25: The children of A-nah were Di-shon her son, and A-hol-i-ba-mah her daughter.

26: Di-shon children were Hem-dan, Esh-ban, Ith-ran, and Che-ran.

27: The children of E-zer were Bil-han, Za-a-van, and A-kan.

28: Di-shan children were Uz and A-ran.

29: These are the dukes of the Ho-rites. Duke Lo-tan, duke Sho-bal, duke
Zib-e-on, and duke A-nah.

30: Duke Di-shon, duke E-zer, and duke Di-shan. These are the dukes
that came from Ho-ri among the dukes in the land of Se-ir.

31: And these were the kings that lived in the land of E-dom before there
lived any king over the children of Israel.

32: And Be-la the son of Be-or lived in E-dom and the name of the city he
lived in was called Din-ha-bah.

33: And Be-la died then Jo-bab the son of Ze-rah who lived in Boz-rah
took his place.

34: And Jo-bab died then Hu-sham from the land of Tem-a-ni took his

35: And Hu-sham died then Ha-dad the one who killed Mid-i-an in 'the
field of Moab, took his place. He was from the city of A-vith.

36: When Ha-dad died then Sam-lah from the land of Mas-re-kah took his

37: And Sam-lah died then Saul from Re-ho-both near the river took his

38: When Saul died then Ba-al-ha-nan the son of Ach-bor took his place.

39: Then Ba-al-ha-nan the son of Ach-bor died, Ha-dar took his place.The city he was from was Pa-u. His wife was Me-het-a-bel her mother was Ma-tred who's mother was Mez-a-hab.

40: And these are the names of the dukes that came from Esau, according
to their families, after their places, by their names duke Tim-nah, duke Al- vah and duke Je-theth.

41: Also duke A-hol-i-ba-mah, duke E-Iah, duke Pi-non.

42: Duke Ke-naz, duke Te-man, duke Mib-zar.

43: Duke Mag-di-el, and duke I-ram. These are the dukes of E-dom according to their habitations in the land of their possession from Esau the father of the E-dom-ites.

chapter 37

1: Now Jacob stayed in the land of Canaan where his fathers were strangers.

2: These are the generations of Jacob: Joseph at seventeen years of age was feeding the sheep with his brothers; the sons of Bil-hah & Zil-pah, his father wives. He spoke to his father about their attitudes.

3: Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age. Israel made him a coat of many colors. (Let me explain what this coat meant. When you were given this coat it stood for your inheritance. Which meant that Joseph would become the primary over Israel's property in the event of Israel’s death. Being in command over all his brothers. This great responsibility usually went to the oldest child.)

4: Now when his brothers saw that there father was more overjoyed with Joseph than the rest, they hated and spoke to him disrespectfully.

5: Joseph had a dream and told it to his brothers and they hated him even more.

6: He said to them: please listen to this dream I have had?

7: We were all in the field fastening bundles. My bundle got so big it made your bundles look tiny. And all of you gave great respect to mine.

8: And his brothers said: so you shall rule & have dominion over us huh? And they hated him even more for his dream and how he told it.

9: Joseph had another dream and told it to his brothers. He said: the sun, moon and eleven stars bowed down to me.

10: He told it to his father and brothers. And Israel rebuked him and said: What kind of dream is that? Your mother, brothers and I, shall bow to you on earth?

11: His brothers resented him but his dad observed his dream.

12: When his brothers went to feed their fathers flock in She-chem.

13: Israel said to Joseph: do not go with your brothers to She-chem. Come with me and you can go later. Joseph answered: yes sir.

14: Then Israel said: go and see how your brother's attitudes are toward you and the flock. And let me know but go through the back area of He- bron into She-chem.

15: A man saw Joseph walking through the field alone and asked: where are you going?

16: Joseph answered: looking for my brothers. Do you know where they're feeding the flock?

17: The man explained: when they left here I heard them say they were going to Do-than. Then Joseph went there and found them.

18: Now when they saw Joseph coming they talked of killing him.

19: They said to each other: here comes the dreamer.

20: Let's kill him and throw him in a pit, then we can say a wild beast ate him, and see how many dreams he will dream then.

21: But Reuben heard them and explained: we cannot kill him.

22: Then he said: we will not shed his blood but let's throw him in the pit. It is in the wilderness whatever happens, happens. Reuben felt he could stop them from killing him now, then take him home later.

23: And it came to pass when Joseph approached his brothers, they ripped his coat off. His coat of many colors.

24: Then took him and threw him in the pit. It was empty and he had no water.

25: As they sat down to eat they looked and saw some Ish-me-el-ites from Gil-e-ad. They were on camels carrying spice, balm, and myrrh delivering it to Egypt.

26: And Judah said to his brothers: what would we gain if we kill Joseph and have to live with it?

27: Let's sell him to the Ish-me-el-ites and not touch him. After all he is our flesh and blood. His brothers agreed.

28: Then some Mid-i-an-ites merchants; got Joseph and sold him to the Ish-me-el-ites for twenty pieces of silver. They took Joseph with them into Egypt.

29: When Reuben returned to the pit Joseph was not there and he ripped his clothes.

30: Then he said to his brothers: the child is not in the pit. Where can I find him?

31: They then killed a goat and got Joseph's coat and soaked it in the goat's blood.

32: They took the coat to their father and said: we found this coat but we don't know if its Josephs coat.

33: Israel knew the coat and said: it is his coat. Some wild evil beast has eaten him. He has been torn to shreds.

34: And Jacob torn his clothes and put sackcloth on his loins, and mourned for his son many days.

35: All Jacob sons and daughters tried to comfort him but he refused to be comforted. He said: I will go to my grave morning my son. And Jacob cried.

36: And the Mid-i-an-ites sold him in Egypt to Pot-i-par, an officer of Pharaoh's, the captain of his guards.

chapter 38

1: Judah went away and met an A-dul-Iam-ite (one of Satan cousins) whose name was Hi-rah.

2: He also met a Ca-naan-ite by the name of Shu-ah. Judah married her.

3: She conceived and had a son and called his name Er. (GOD said no mixing. Judah mixed).

4: She had another son and called him O-nan.

5: Again she conceived, another son was born. His name was She-lah. They were living in Che-zib.

6: As time passed Judah found a wife for Er by the name of Ta-mar.

7: Er was evil and did not care anything about GOD. So GOD took him.

8: Judah gave Ta-mar to his second son to marry and start a family.

9: O-nan felt he should not have a family with Ta-mar. So he would ejaculate his sperm to the ground saying: it should go to his brother.

10: GOD did not like this foolish act so he took O-nan also.

11: Judah asked Ta-mar to stay with her father, until his youngest son was of age. Then he could take her to wife. Only if GOD did not see fit to take him also.

12: While Ta-mar was waiting for Shu-ah, Judah's wife died. Judah went to his friends for comfort. They were Tim-nath a sheep shearer and Hi-rah the A-dul-Iam-ite.

13: Someone told Ta-mar that her father-in-law was with Tim-nath shearing his sheep.

14: Ta-mar took her widow's garment off, covered her face with a veil, put on sexy clothing and went and sat near Tim-naths place. She knew She- lah had become of age & was not given to her for marriage.

15: When Judah saw her … He took her to be a harlot. She had her face covered.

16: He went to her and said: let me sleep with you? (Judah did not know this was Ta-mar). She asked: what will you give me if I do?

17: Judah replied: I will give you a kid from my flock. Ta-mar answered: what will you give me until you send it?

18: Judah then asked: what can I give you? Ta-mar replied: Your signet, bracelets, and the staff in your hand. Judah gave them to her; they slept together and she conceived.

19: She got up and left. Took off her veil and put her widowhood garments back on.

20: Judah sent the kid by his friend Hi-rah asking him to retrieve his goods. But he could not find her.

21: Hi-rah asked: where is the harlot that worked here openly? They answered: no harlot has worked here.

22: He returned to Judah and said: I cannot find her. The men said no harlot was there.

23: Judah replied: well let her keep it; this is so embarrassing. I sent her the kid and she is nowhere to be found.

24: And it came to past about three months later, Judah was told that Ta- mar (his daughter-in-law) had played a harlot; and was with child from whoredom. Judah said: bring her to me for punishment.

25: Ta-mar said to Judah: I am pregnant by the man these belong to, this signet, bracelets and this staff. Please look at them.

26: Judah acknowledged them and said: she is more righteous than I am; because I did not give her She-lah my son. (GOD said no mixing. God was not about to let Judah’s Kenite sons mix with Ta-mar. Judah was from the bloodline.) However. He never slept with Ta-mar again.

27: And it came to pass when she delivered …Twins were in her womb. (Another repeat).

28: The first one stuck his hand out, so the midwife tied a red thread around his wrist saying: he is the firstborn.

29: But he drew his hand back in and behold, his brother came out. Then she said: he went back in. He will not be the firstborn. Therefore his brother’s name was called Pha-rez.

30: Afterwards he came out with the red thread on his wrist and he was. Called Zar -ah.

chapter 39

1: Now Joseph was taken to Egypt and put in the hands of Pot-i-phar, an
officer of Pharaoh an Egyptian captain of his guards. Pot-i-phar
purchased him from the Ish-me-ei-ites when they brought him to Egypt.

2: But the LORD was with Joseph and he became successful. Living in
the home of his Egyptian master.

3: His master saw that the LORD was with him, and the LORD caused all
that he did to be successful.

4: He loved Joseph and put him over all that he had.

5: Now as Joseph managed his home and took care of all that he had GOD
blessed the Egyptians house for Joseph sake. The LORD blessed his
home and his cattle.

6: As he put all that he owned into Josephs hands, not knowing what he
owned except the bread he ate. Joseph was a good person and well liked.

7: As time passed his master's wife watched Joseph and she wanted him
saying: sleep with me.

8: But he refused his master's wife explaining: look, my master trusts me
with his house, and he has put all that he owns into my hands.

9: There is no other over me or kept from me but you, because you are his
wife. Now if I lay with you this would be a sin against GOD.

10: As time passed she spoke to Joseph daily asking him to be with her.

11: One day Joseph was handling his business in the house, no one else
was there.

12: His master's wife caught him by his scarf saying: sleep with me? But
he ran from her as fast as he could leaving his scarf in her hand.

13: Now when she saw he left his scarf in her hands.

14: She called to the men in the house explaining: see this scarf. My
husband has brought a Hebrew into our home. He tried to rape me and
when I screamed he ran away.

15: Now when he heard me scream he left his scarf and got out of here.

16: And she kept the scarf near her until her husband came home.

17: Then she spoke with him saying: the Hebrew servant you bought
among us, he came in here and tried to rape me.

18: But when I screamed he dropped his scarf and ran out.

19: Now when Joseph master heard the words of his wife he said: after all
I have done for him he do this to me. And he became angry.

20: Then Joseph master took him and put him into prison. In jail where
the prisoners were bound & shaken he put him there.

21: But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him mercy, then gave him
favor in the eyesight of the prison guard.

22: And the prison guard put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners. Whatever
they did Joseph was the director over it.

23: The prison guard did not interfere with anything that Joseph did
because the LORD would cause it to prosper.


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ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)