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Genesis...the Only True Generation PT4 Chapters 40-Ending

Updated on June 16, 2020


1: Now as time went on the king of Egypt was offended by his butler and baker.

2: And Pharaoh was angry with his two officers. They were the chief of butlers and the chief of bakers.

3: So he cast them in jail ... that same prison Joseph was in.

4: The warden placed them in Joseph cell, as he served them. Because they still held their offices.

5: And they dreamed a dream both of them. Each man the butler and the baker while they were locked up.

6: When Joseph saw them that morning they were very sad,

7: So he asked: Why do you look so sad?

8: And they answered: we have dreamed a dream but don't have an interpreter to tell us. what they mean. Then Joseph said: interpretations come from GOD. Tell me your dreams and I will pray for you.

9: And the chief butler told Joseph his dream. In my dream there was a Vine.

10: Now on the vine were three branches. And it was as if each branch had flowers springing out of them, with ripe grapes clustered on top.

11: And Pharaoh's cup was in my hand so I took the grapes, and pressed them into Pharaohs cup. Then gave it back to him.

12: Then Joseph said to him: This is what I think it is. The three branches are three days.

13: Within three days Pharaoh shall change his mind and place you back on your job. Then you will serve him as his butler again.

14: Now when this happen don't forget about me in here. Tell him about me. See if I can get out of here?

15: Listen, I was taken from my Hebrew family. I am locked up in here and have did nothing.

16: When the chief baker saw Joseph interpretation was good he said: listen to my dream? I had three white baskets on my head.

17: And in the top basket I had all kinds of baked meat for Pharaoh, but the birds ate it from the basket.

18: Then Joseph said: this is how I see that: the three baskets are three days.

19: Within three days Pharaoh shall come against thee and shall have you hung. As you hang from the tree, birds will eat your flesh.

20: Now three days passed and it was Pharaohs birthday. He had a big feast with all his servants. And he called for the chief butler and chief baker.

21: He restored the chief butler his butlership, and the chief butler gave Pharaoh his cup again.

22: But the chief baker was hung as Joseph had said.

23: And the chief butler did not tell him about Joseph. He had forgotten all about him.


1: After two years had passed. Pharaoh dreamed a dream that he stood by the river.

2: He dreamed seven healthy cows came out of the river. As they grazed in the meadows.

3: Behold, seven more sick cows came up and stood by the healthy cows.

4: Then the seven sick cows ate the seven healthy ones. Pharaoh awoke.

5: As he fell back asleep he dreamed again. This time seven ears of plump corn grew from one stalk.

6: Afterwards seven thin ears grew right beside them.

7: Then the seven thin ears devoured the seven plump ears. Pharaoh awoke again.

8: That morning as Pharaoh arose these dreams disturbed him so he sent for all the magicians & wise men of Egypt; but none was found that could interpret these dreams.

9: Then the chief butler remembered his dream.

10: He said: remember when you were angry with your servants and you tossed the chief baker and I in prison?

11: Well, we dreamed a dream one night. Both of us and we needed an interpreter.

12: Now there was a young man there. A Hebrew, the assistant to the warden. We told him our dreams and he interpreted them exactly right.

13: And it came to pass my dream, which restored me back to office, also the baker whom was to be hung.

14: Then Pharaoh sent for Joseph. He was gotten from prison, given a shave, change of clothes, and brought to Pharaoh.

15: Pharaoh said to Joseph: listen, I dreamed a dream no one can interpret, I heard you could?

16: Joseph explained: I can do nothing, but GOD can use me to interpret it for you.

17: Pharaoh said: in my dream I stood on the riverbank.

18: And behold their came up out of the river seven healthy cows. Fat and strong and they ate in the meadow. ..

19: Then seven sick cows came up thin and sick non-like I ever saw in Egypt.

20: And the sick cows devoured the seven healthy cows.

21: But after they ate them you could not tell. They were still sick looking. Afterwards I awoke.

22: When I fell back to sleep I dreamed seven ears of plump and ripe com grew from one stalk.

23: Then seven ears of thin withered ears blew in from the east wind right beside them.

24: And they two devoured the seven plump ears. This I told to the magicians but they did not know what this meant.

25: Joseph explained to Pharaoh: GOD was trying to explain what he is about to do.

26: The seven healthy cows and the seven good ears of com are seven years. They represent the same thing.

27: Now the seven ill cows and the seven thin ears are seven bad years of famine.

28: GOD is trying to tell Pharaoh to get ready for the famine.

29: Joseph explained: there will be seven years of great amounts of food in Egypt.

30: Then seven years of famine will consume all the food in Egypt and in the land.

31: All the food will leave Egypt because the famine will take over.

32: GOD showed you this dream twice because it is about to happen soon ..

33: Joseph explained that Pharaoh should put someone with much wisdom in charge of this.

34: To be over the food supply in Egypt to stock it for seven years before the famine.

35: Joseph explained: stock it everywhere here and all in the land as much as possible.

36: When the famine hit it will not effect Egypt at all.

37: Now this made sense to Pharaoh and his servants.

38,: Pharaoh asked his servants: do we have any here? A wise and GOD fearing man?

39: Then Pharaoh said to Joseph: through you GOD has shown me this. There is none as discreet and wise as you.

40: You shall be over the house of Egypt and shall rule over my people. Only my throne shall be greater than you.

41: From this day I have set you over all of Egypt.

42: Then Pharaoh removed his ring and placed it on Joseph's hand, gave him fine clothing, and placed a gold chain on his neck.

43: Pharaoh then gave Joseph permission to ride in his second chariot. Everyone bowed to Joseph on his or her knees as Pharaoh made him ruler over Egypt.

44: Pharaoh explained to Joseph: I Pharaoh give you authority to say who can come into, or leave the land of Egypt.

45: Pharaoh called Joseph Zaph-nath-pa-a-ne-ah gave him As-e-nath (the daughter of Pot-i-phe-rah priest of on) to wife. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.

46: Joseph was thirty years old when he accepted this office from Pharaoh. ( Look at God works. Can you see ... It doesn't matter who you are God takes care of his own.)

47: Now in the seventh year the land had plenty of food in Egypt.

48: And he gathered all the food he could for seven years. Joseph stored the food in the cities, field, and all through the land of Egypt.

49: He gathered so much corn until it couldn't be numbered.

50: Joseph and As-e-nath were blessed with two sons from GOD right before the famine.

51: Joseph called his frrstbom Ma-nas-seh he said: GOD had caused me to forget all I have been through because of my brothers.

52: And the name of his second he called E-phra-im: saying GOD have caused me to be fruitful in this land during my pain.

53: The seven years of great food supply ended.

54: Then the seven years of famine begin to hit just as Joseph had said. The food supply was dry in all the cities but Egypt had great amounts.

55:. All the people cried to Pharaoh, he instructed them to go to Joseph and do what he says.

56: The famine had covered the earth. Joseph opened many stores and sold food to the Egyptians. "The famine was tolerant in the land of Egypt.

57: And all the countries came into Egypt to Joseph to buy food. For the famine had dried up all the supply in all the land.


1: Now when Jacob heard there was food in Egypt he asked his sons: why are you sitting here staring at each other?

2: I have heard there is corn in Egypt. Get up and go buy food so we want starve to death.

3: So his sons made their journey toward Egypt to buy food.

4: But Jacob did not permit Benjamin to go. He felt something might happen to him. (Jacob had become over protective of Benjamin since the fate of Joseph).

5: And the sons of Israel (Jacob) was among the people who traveled to Egypt to buy food. For the famine was great in the land of Canaan also.

6: Joseph had become governor over the land. It was he that gave the okay as to who could purchase food there. As Joseph brothers came and bowed before him.

7: He saw his brothers and knew them right away but didn't reveal who he was. Joseph spoke rude to them asking: where do you come from? They replied: from the land of Canaan to buy food.

8: Joseph knew them but they didn't know him.

9: And he remembered the dreams he had dreamed about them (that they would bow to him). He said: you are spies! Trying to see the weakness of our land.

10: They replied: no my lord. We came to buy food we are your servants.

11: We are all one-man sons. Really. We are not spies.

12: Joseph said: no, just to see the weakness of this land.

13: They answered: your servants are twelve sons of a man in Canaan. Our younger brother is home with our father and one is gone.

14: And Joseph said: that's it. You are spies?

15: We will keep you here for investigation. On Pharaohs life you will not leave here until your younger brother come for you.

16: One of you can go and get your brother, the others shall be kept here in prison. That way you can prove what your saying is true or on Pharaohs life I know your spies.

17: And he cast them in jail for three days.

18: On the third day Joseph said to them: I will do this because I fear GOD.

19: If you are righteous men than one of you can stay here in prison; the rest take food to your homes.

20: But bring your youngest brother here to me, so your words can be verified. Then you shall not die. And they agreed.

21: And they said one to the other: this is because of what we did to our brother. When he tried to convince us and we would not hear; now the same thing is happening to us.

22: Then Ruben said: don't say a word to me. I tried to tell you all not to sin against the child but you would not listen. Now his blood is on our heads.

23: As they spoke they did not know Joseph understood them. For he used an interpreter when they conversed.

24: He turned away from them and cried. He then got Simeon and bounded him in front of them.

25: Joseph then commanded his men to fill their sacks with com, replace their money, and give them food for the travel home. They were not aware of this.

26: And they loaded the sacks on their donkeys and departed.

27: As one of them opened his sack to give his ass food. Behold, he saw his money in the sack.

28: And he said to his brothers: my money is still here. Their hearts failed and they were afraid saying: what is this that GOD has done to us? (Why do we always seem to blame GOD)?

29: When they got to Canaan they went to Jacob and told him all they had experienced:

30: Explaining: the man over all the food took us to be spies and spoke badly to us.

31: We told him we were righteous men and not spies.

32: We said it was twelve of us and the youngest was in Canaan with our father.

33: Then the man who is the lord of the country said to us: one of you stay here with me and the others take food to your homes.

34: And bring your youngest brother here so I will know you're not spies. Then he will give us Simeon and we can do business in his land.

35: As they emptied their sacks behold, every man bundle of money was in his sack. Now when Jacob and the boys saw the money they were very afraid.

36: Then Jacob said: why have you grieved me of my children? Joseph is gone and now Simeon. And yet you want to take Benjamin away? All this is against me.

37: And Reuben replied: slay my two sons if I don't bring him back to you. Let me take him and I vow to bring him back again.

38: Jacob answered: Benjamin will not go down with you for his brother is dead and he's all I have left from his mother. If something happens to him I will grieve for the rest of my life.


1: Now the famine was all over the land.

2: When all the food was gone that they had purchased in Egypt, Jacob

said to them: go buy more food. ,

3: Judah answered: the man who sold us the food said don't come for more unless we bring back Benjamin with us.

4: If you would permit him to travel we can go buy more food.

5: But if you want send him the man said don't bother to come back.

6: Israel said: 'why did you do this to me? Why did you tell him you had a brother?

7: And they replied: the man asked us straight out whom our relatives were and if our dad was well? Then asked; do you have another brother? We answered truthfully. Could we know he would say bring him there?

8: Judah then said: send him with me so we can go buy food and not die. You, our children and I.

9: Let me be responsible for him? If I don't bring him back to you safe, I will take the blame forever.

10: Had we not waited this long we would have been there and back by now.

11: Israel replied: If it be so take him. But take gifts with you and give the man presents. A little balm, a little honey, some spices, myrrh, nuts, and almonds.

12: And take doubles the money this time; carry it in your hands. And the money you brought back in your sacks take it again also, just in case it was an oversight.

13: Now go! Take Benjamin to the man.

14: And may GOD almighty have mercies on you all. And send back both your brothers. But if I am bereaved of my children, I am bereaved.

15: So Israel sons took their presents, double money in their hands, along with Benjamin going to Egypt to see Joseph.

16: Now when Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he told the ruler of the house to gather the men and take them to his home. Get them ready to dine with him at noon.

17: And the ruler did as Joseph asked and brought his brothers to his home.

18: Joseph brothers were so afraid they asked: .did he bring us here -because of the money that was left in our sacks? Will he make us his slaves and keep our donkeys?

19: They went up to the Joseph steward asking all kinds of questions.

20: Explaining: please sir, we came down the first time only to buy food,

21: Now when we opened our sacks every man money was in his sack and we brought it back in our hands this time.

22: We also have more money to buy food. We cannot tell you who put it back in our sacks.

23: And he said: don't be afraid ... your GOD and the GOD of your fathers blessed you with the money. Then he brought Simeon out to them.

24: They were then taken into Joseph's house where they were given water to wash up and food for their donkeys.

25: As they got prepared to dine with Joseph at noon.

26: When Joseph came home they gave him their gifts bowing themselves to him.

27: Joseph asked: how are you all doing? And your father, the old man you spoke of is he still alive?

28: They answered: our father is well and yes he is alive as they bowed in obeisance.

29: Joseph looked and saw Benjamin his mother's son, then asked: is this your younger brother you spoke of? GOD blesses you.

30: And Joseph heart raced, as he was about to cry. He entered into his chamber and began to weep.

31: He then washed his face and went back out to them. And said: sit for dinner.

32: As Joseph sat by himself, they sat by themselves, and the Egyptians who ate sat by themselves. The Egyptians could not eat with Hebrews for it is an abomination to the Egyptians. (The Egyptians did not eat female meat.)

33: And they sat as they were instructed all according to their birthright from the eldest to the youngest and this marveled them. (They probably thought to themselves, how could he know our order of birth?)

34: And he had their places cleaned. Benjamin's mess was five times greater than theirs was which means (Ben was served many times more than they were, Joseph had to test them for jealousy). And they drank and were joyful with him.


1: Joseph told his steward to fill the men sacks with as much food as they could carry. He also instructed him to replace their money.

2: And ... to put his cup in Benjamin's sack. The steward did as he was commanded.

3: At daybreak their donkeys were loaded and they were sent away.

4: When they had left the city not far away, Joseph said to his steward: get up! Go after the men. When you catch up with them ask: why did you reward evil for good?

5: Where is the cup my lord drinks from and see the future in? This was evil to take it. (This was another test. Joseph had to see if they had changed or would they leave Benjamin and save themselves.)

6: The steward captured the men as he spoke these words.

7: They asked: why my lord do you say that? GOD forbids us to steal.

8: The money we found in our sacks we brought back. So how can you say we would steal from your lord's house silver or gold?

9: If you find the cup on one of us let that man die. And the rest of us will return with you as servants.

10: The steward replied: let it be said by you. Whomever the cup is found on that man shall be my servant and the rest of you shall be blameless.

11: They immediately took down all their sacks and opened them.

12: The steward searched from the oldest to the youngest man's bag and the cup was found in Benjamin's sack.

13: So they ripped their clothes and fastened their asses together and went back to the city.

14: Judah and his brothers went to Joseph's house and he was there. - Then they fell before him to the ground.

15: Joseph said to them: what is this that you have done? Impossible is all I can say about that man.

16: Judah answered: what can we say my lord? What can we say to clear, ourselves? GOD has found evil within us. Behold, we are your servants all of us and the one the cup was found on. (This made Joseph heart rejoice knowing they would not betray Ben.)

17: And he said: GOD forbid that I should take all of you. Only he shall be my servant that the cup was found on. The rest of you shall go home in peace.

18: Then Judah came near to Joseph and said: Oh my lord let me speak to you. Don't let your anger burn against us. You are as great as Pharaoh is.

19: When you asked us if we had a father or a brother?

20: We said to you we have a father, an old man and a young brother from his old age also a dead brother. They are the brothers from his old age. Benjamin is all he has left from their mother who is also dead.

21: Then you told us to bring him to you.

22: And we said to you that he could not leave our father. If anything should happen to him our dad would just die.

23: Then you said: bring him or don't bother to come back.

24: When we reached home we told our father your words.

25: He said go and buy more food.

26: We explained that we could not come back unless Benjamin was with us. Are we could not see your face.

27: Then our father, your servant said to us: his mother bare me two sons.

28: Now the oldest left one day and was tom to pieces I have not seen him since.

29: If you take this one and something happens to him, I will grieve for the rest of my life.

30: Therefore when I return to my father and Benjamin is not with us, being that he has put his life in him.

31: It shall come to pass when he sees this he will die. And your servants will cause him pain until he reaches his grave.. . -

32; For I, your servant guaranteed my dad that if I didn't bring him home, I would take the blame forever.

33: So I beg you take me and let Benjamin depart with my brothers.

34: How can I go up to my dad and not have Benjamin? I can't imagine, how angry this would make him.


1: Then Joseph could no longer refrain himself and he began to cry. He commanded every man to leave but the accused men. So he could make his brothers aware of who he was.

2: He cried so loud until the Egyptians of the house of Pharaoh could hear him.

3: Then Joseph said to his brothers: I am Joseph; and my father is still alive? His brothers could not say a word they were shocked at his presence.

4: He then said: come near to me, I pray you do. As they came near he explained: I am Joseph your brother you sold into Egypt.

5: Now don't feel guilty or angry with yourselves. For GOD sent me here to save our lives.

6: It's now been two years the famine has been in the land. For five more years there shall be no food or harvest.

7: GOD sent me before you to preserve your posterity in the earth and save your lives during this event.

8: So see, it was not you who sent me here but GOD. He has made Pharaoh like a father to me and I am lord over his entire house. A ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.

9: Now go! Tell my father that his son Joseph said GOD has made him lord over all Egypt and to come here with me. Hurry brothers.

10: You all will live here near me in the land of Go-shem. You, your children, your children's children, all your flocks, herds, and all that-you own.

11: There I will take care of you for these next five years of famine. That way you will not fall into poverty.

12: Now behold, witness from my mouth you and my brother Benjamin, what I speak.

13: Please tell my father of my power and what you've seen. Now hurry go get him.

14: Then Joseph and Benjamin cried as they embraced each other.

15: After which he kissed all his brothers and cried upon their necks. They all then talked with him.

16: The news of Joseph's brothers traveled to Pharaoh and he was happy for them.

17: Pharaoh said to Joseph: tell your brothers to load their donkeys and go move your people from Canaan.

18: When they return ... bring your father and all your people to me and I will give you the best land in Egypt. There they can live and eat the fat of the land.

19: Now I insist you take some of the wagons from here in Egypt and go bring your wives, and children back along with your father.

20: So feel free to whatever you need for all the land of Egypt is yours.

21: Joseph's brothers were then given wagons and food to travel with as Pharaoh had commanded.

22: To all of them he gave each man a change of clothes. But Benjamin he gave three hundred pieces of silver and five changes of clothes. (Joseph did one last test just to be sure that they had changed.)

23: Joseph sent his father ten asses loaded with good things from Egypt also ten she asses loaded with com, bread, and meat to travel back with.

24: Then he sent his brothers away as they departed he asked them not to become angry with one another along the way.

25: As they left Egypt and traveled to the land of Canaan to the face of their father.

26: They said to Jacob: Joseph is alive and is governor over all the land of Egypt. Jacob heart raced for he did not believe them.

27:. They told him everything that Joseph spoke and when he saw the wagons Jacob was ecstatic.

28: Israel said: I can't believe my son Joseph is alive. I will get to see him again before I die.


1: Israel traveled with all he had to the land of Be-er-she-ba ... where he offered sacrifices to the GOD of his father Isaac.

2: GOD came to Jacob in his dream one night and called his name. Israel answered.

3: And he said: I am GOD, the GOD of your fathers. Don't be afraid to go into Egypt for there I will make you a great nation.

4: I will be with you in Egypt, and I will bring you out again. There you shall see Joseph again.

5: And Jacob rose up from the land of Be-er-she-ba. His sons carried him along with their wives, and little ones in the wagons that Pharaoh had sent him to travel in.

6: They had cattle and all that they were blessed with in Canaan, and went into Egypt . Jacob and all his family.

7: Those that were with him were his sons, daughters, and his grandchildren these all traveled with him into the land of Egypt.

8: Now these are the names of the children of Jacob that came into Egypt with him. Ruben Jacobs firstborn.

9: The sons of Ruben were Hanoch, Phal-lu, Hez-ron and Car-mi.

10: Simeon and his sons who were Jem-u-el, Ja-min, O-had, Ja-chin, Zo- har and Sha-ul the son of a Ca-naan-i-tish woman.

11: Levi and his sons who were Ger-shon, Ko-hath, and Me-ra-ri.

12: Judah along with his sons who were Er, O-nan, She-lah, Pha-rez, and Za-rah. Now Er and O-nan died in the land of Canaan (remember Ta- mar husbands). Also the sons of Pha-rez were Hez-ron and Ha-mul.

13: Is-sa-char and his sons To-la, Phu-vah, Job, and Shim-ron.

14:.Zeb-u-lun with his sons Se-red, E-lon, and Jah-le-el.

15: These were the sons of Leah which she bare to Jacob in the land of Pa- dan-a-ram also a daughter by the name of Dinah. All together there were thirty-three of them.

16: Gad and his sons were Ziph-i-on, Hag-gi, Shu-ni, Ez-bon, E-ri, Ar-o- di, and A-re-li.

17: Asher with his sons Jim-nah, Ish-u-aah, Is-u-i, Be-ri-ah, and Se-rah their sister. Now the sons of Be-ri-ah were He-ber, and Mal-chi-el.

18: These are the sons of Zil-pah Leah's handmaid whom, she bared to Jacob. They were sixteen all together.

19: The sons of Rachel Jacobs's wife were Joseph & Benjamin.

20: And unto Joseph in the land of Egypt were born Ma-nas-seh, and E- phra-im their mother was As-e-nath the daughter of Pot-i-phe-rah priest of On.

21: Benjamin and his sons Be-lah, Be-cher, Ash-bel, Ge-ra, Na-a-man, E- hi, Rosh, Mup-pim, Hup-pim and Ard.

22: These are the sons of Rachel who were born to Jacob. All together they were fourteen.

23: Dan and his son Hu-shim.

24: Naph-ta-li and his sons were Jah-ze-el, Gu-ni, Je-zer, and Shil-lem.

25: These are the sons of Bil-hah, Rachael's handmaid. Who bare these to Jacob they were seven souls.

26: All the souls that came with Jacob into Egypt excluding his son's wives, were threescore and six.

27: Josephs two sons, which were born in Egypt along with Jacobs other children, were threescore and ten souls all together.

28: Jacob sent Judah to Joseph and asked him to meet him in the land of Go-shen.

29: Joseph got his chariot ready and went to meet Israel his father in Go- shen and there he saw his father and fell on his neck and cried a good while.

30: Jacob said to Joseph: now I can die in peace knowing you are alive.

31: Joseph explained to his brothers and his father: I will go to Pharaoh and let him know my family has come from the land of Canaan to be with me.

32: Also that the men of my family are shepherds and have brought their herds and flocks with them.

33: Now Pharaoh will call you and ask what is your occupation?

34: Let him know you have been herdsmen from youth you and your.fathers before you. That way you can live in the land of Go-she, because being a shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.


1: Joseph went to Pharaoh and explained that his family had come from the land of Canaan. With all their belongings and was in the land of Go-shen.

2: Five of Joseph's brothers were with him as he spoke with Pharaoh.

3: Pharaoh asked: what are your occupations? They answered: we are shepherds and so were our fathers before us.

4: They explained to Pharaoh: we have come here to stay for awhile. But we have no pastures for our flocks the famine had destroyed them in the land of Canaan. Therefore we pray that you will let us live in the land of Go-shen.

5: Pharaoh asked Joseph: your father and your brothers have come to you?

6: Here in all the land of Egypt find the best land for your father and brothers to live in. If they settle in the land of Go-shen and if you know any of my men tending cattle there give them jobs over them.

7: Then Joseph brought his father Jacob in to meet Pharaoh. Jacob thanked and blessed Pharaoh for his kindness.

8: Pharaoh asked: how old are you?

9: Jacob answered: I am one hundred and thirty years with very few sick days. But I am not as old as my fathers were before me.

10: Jacob again blessed him and went out from his presence.

11: Joseph got his father and his brother's settled in on a fine piece of land in Egypt, in the community of Ram-e-ses just as Pharaoh had commanded.

12: Joseph provided his father and brothers with enough food for each of their households.

13: There was no food in the land, for the famine had exalted all. In the land of Canaan and in Egypt.

14: Joseph collected all the money in Egypt and from Canaan that was used to purchase food then delivered it to Pharaoh.

15: When all the money was gone in Egypt and Canaan for food, the Egyptians came to Joseph and said: please give us bread. Will you let us die now? We don't have any more money.

16: Joseph explained: bring your cattle and I will give you food for it ... if you have no money.

17: So they brought their horses, flocks, cattle in herds, and asses to Joseph, he then supplied them food in ex-change. Enough food for the year.

18: When the year ended they came to Joseph again explaining: we will be honest with you. We don't have any money or cattle all we have is our bodies and our land to offer.

19: Therefore shall we die on our land? Please buy our land for food and we will serve as servants for Pharaoh. Also give us seeds to plant so we may have a harvest in the land.

20: Joseph bought all the land in Egypt for Pharaoh. Every Egyptian sold his field for food and the land became Pharaohs.

21: Then Joseph removed the people from the city and placed them on the border of Egypt, which was on the opposite end of the city.

22: Now the land of the priest ... Joseph did not buy for they had land assigned to them by Pharaoh and were given food.

23: Joseph explained to the people: I have placed you here and you have no land. Now I will give you seed to sow that you may start a new harvest.

24: As you prosper in the land you shall give a fifth to Pharaoh. Four parts shall be your own, to buy more seed, feed yourselves and your- families.

25: They answered: you have saved our lives. Let us find grace in your eyesight by becoming Pharaoh servants.

26: Joseph made it a law that day, that Pharaoh should have a fifth over all the lands wealth except for the priest. Because he did not own their land.

27: Israel lived in the land of Egypt in the country of Go-shen. They owned their land, grew and multiplied exceedingly. (Now you can understand why the later Pharaoh wanted to make them servants. GOD blessed them with much wealth and greed always accompanies).

28: Jacob lived in the land of Egypt for seventeen years, he was one hundred and forty seven.

29: As time grew near and Israel felt death was upon him. He called his son Joseph saying: please. Do this for me? Place your hand on my thigh and promise me I will not be buried in the land of Egypt.

30: Let me lie with my fathers. Carry me out of this land and place me in our family burial grounds. So Joseph promised.

31: Then he said: swear to me Joseph and he did, as Israel bowed in prayer position at his bed.


1: Now it came to pass that Joseph was told his father was sick. He gathered his sons Ma-nas-sen and E-phra-im and went to him.

2: When Jacob heard Joseph was there he discharged enough strength to sit up in bed.

3: Jacob explained to Joseph that GOD almighty had come to him in Luz, (a community in Canaan) and how he had blessed him.

4: Saying he would make him very fruitful, and multiply his seed. Giving him and his descendants the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession.

5: Now your two sons E-phra-im & Ma-nas-sen were born in the land of Egypt before I knew them. But they are as much my seed as Reuben and Simeon.

6: Their children shall be there seed and shall inherit the land after theirĀ· descendants.

7: Now when I came from Pa-dan Rachel died in the land of Canaan during the travel. This was not far from Eph-rath, which is the same as Beth-Ie-hem.

8: Then Israel looked toward Joseph sons and said: who are they?

9: Joseph answered: they are my sons whom GOD has blessed me with in Egypt. Israel replied: bring them near that I may bless them.

10: Now Israel eyesight had dimmed where he could hardly see them.

11: He said: I never thought I would see your face again now GOD has blessed me to see your seed.

12: Joseph brought them from between his knees then bowed himself toward the ground.

13: He then took E-phra-im in his right hand leading him to Israel's left and Ma-nas-sen in his left hand leading him to his father's right. (Now don't forget whomever he blesses first will inherit the promise of GOD).

14: Israel reached out his right hand and laid it on E-phra-ims head. (What? Joseph thought E-phra-im is the younger. Remember the same thing happen to him and his brothers. Looks like another repeat). Then he put his left hand on Ma-nas-sen head.

15: He blessed Joseph saying: GOD whom my father's Abraham and Isaac walked with, the GOD which have blessed me until this very day.

16: The Angel which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads and let my name be named on them. Let my fathers Abraham and Isaac's name grow on them and they become a multitude of people in the mist of the earth.

17: Now when Joseph saw that his father had his right hand on E-phra- ims head he did not like this, so he tried to remove it to Ma-nas-seh's head.

18: Joseph replied: oh no father this is not my firstborn put your hand on Ma-nas-sehs head.

19: His father refused and said: I know whom it is my son, I know. He shall also become a great people and he shall be great; but truly his younger brother shall become a greater people then he. His seed shall become a multitude of people.

20: And he blessed them that day saying: In thee shall Israel bless, GOD shall make them as E-phra-im and Ma-nas-seh. Then he sat E-.phra-im in front of Ma-nas-seh.

21: Then he said to Joseph: Behold, I shall die but GOD shall be with you, and bring you back to the land of your fathers.

22: Moreover I have given you a mountain slope above all your brothers, one that I took from the Am-or-ites with my sword and bow.


1: Jacob called all his children together and said: listen to me so you will know what the last days hold.

2: Now come listen to your father Israel.

3: Rueben my firstborn, My might and the beginning of my strength; the Excellency of dignity and power.

4: But you are unstable as water therefore you cannot excel. You went to your father's bed and defiled it. You slept with my wife.

5: Simeon and Levi are brothers. But instruments of cruelty are in your rearing (goes to show how much Jacob judgment counted. Levi became the priest tribe. Remember only GOD knows our destiny).

6: My soul hate to think about your secret. How you assembled yourselves against my honor in union. Because of your anger you murdered men and destroyed their homes (Simeon & Levi had done what GOD said. Rape brought forth death but only to the guilty).

7: Curse is their anger for it was strong, and their revenge was cruel. I will divide them in Jacob (which means before his name was changed as to say only Jacob will remember this) and scatter them in Israel (which mean remove them from the other brothers).

8: Judah, you are he whom your brothers shall praise (Judah became the prince tribe). You shall know your enemies' right away. Your father's children shall bow to you.

9: Judah is a lion's whelp (which means- when push comes to shove he- can take it) from his birth he has looked at the entire picture. As an old lion wait to decide with his own judgment. "

10: The scepter (or bible) shall not depart from Judah, he will keep GOD laws until the shinning comes. Then unto him shall the gathering of people be.

11: Keeping dependable horses and the best asses to work the land he chooses. He shall wash his garments in wine (which means fine clothing) and his clothing in the blood of grapes.

12: He will eat, drink, and be merry.

13: Zeb-u-lun shall live on the water. He shall safeguard many ships until they shall line the border of Zi-don.

14: Is-sa-char is a strong man but he hide in between others.

15: He do just enough to get by. Ducking down he has become a servant to his tribulation.

16: Dan shall judge his own people as one of the tribes of Israel (which mean he will show no mercy to any).

17: He will be like the serpent in hiding biting the horse heels so that his rider will fall backwards.

18: Oh LORD how I wait for your salvation.

19: Gad, a troop shall overcome him but he will rebel in the end.

20: As for Asher he will never go hungry and he shall live in royalty.

21: Naph-ta-li is a hide let loose (which mean talk a lot) but he gives good advice. He shall be support for you all.

22: Joseph is a fruitful vine, which runs clean up the wall of a well.

23: Time have cheated him and tried to tear him down. He has been greatly hated.

24: Even in his distress he have remained strong. But GOD has given him the power to move mountains, he is the rock of Israel.

25: Now by the GOD of our fathers who shall help you, the almighty. He will bless you with blessings from heaven, and in the earth. Many wives and children shall you be blessed with.

26: The blessings of GOD have far exceeded any mans blessing on earth, to the highest hills. These blessings will follow Joseph and sit on his crown as Governor in Egypt who he became when he was separated from his brothers.

27: Benjamin shall rave- about like wolves in the morning then devour his prey. At night he shall divide the spoil.

28: All these are the twelve tribes of Israel, and I am your father who has spoken this to you. Israel then blessed each one according to his blessing.

29: Then explained to them: when I die I want to be buried with my own people. Bury me with my fathers in the cave in the field of E-phron the Hit-tite.

30: This cave is in the field of Mach-pe-lah near Mam-re, which is in the land of Canaan. Abraham purchased this field from E-phron the Hit-tite for a burial ground for our people.

31: There he is buried also Sarah his wife. There they buried Isaac and Rebekah his wife and there I buried Leah. (Let's look at this and see wisdom. Back in biblical times the manuscripts did not use the letter 'J' it was 'E '. So Jacob was spelled Eacob now lets look at his people-
Isaac, Sarah, Rebekah, Abraham, Eacob, and Leah. Look what the first letters of their names spell. "ISRAEL" our GOD is certainly amazing isn't he.

32: This field and cave was purchased from the children of Heth.

33: After Jacob had made his commands to his sons, he gathered up his feet into the bed and he died. Then he was presented to all his people.


1: At once Joseph fell upon his father's face and wept upon him, and kissed him.

2: Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father and they did.

3: Jacob was embalmed and contained for forty days (this was a normal length of time in biblical days.) The Egyptians mourned for three weeks and ten days.

4: When the days of Joseph morning had passed, he spoke with the house of Pharaoh saying: please if you all respect me speak to Pharaoh and explain;

5: My father asked me to do something for him at his death. To deliver. him to our family graveyard to be put to rest. This is in the land of Canaan. May I go there to bury my father? I will come back soon.

6: Pharaoh explained: go there and bury your father as he wished.

7: And Joseph went up to bury his father and all the servants of Pharaoh, the elders of his house, and all the elders of the land of Egypt,

8: The house of Joseph, his brothers, and his father's house. Only they're little ones, flocks, and herds were left in the land of Go-shen.

9: Joseph also took chariots and horsemen they were a great mass.

10: They then came to the entranceway of A-tad they mourned very loud and song many songs.

11: When the inhabitants of Canaan saw this large funeral service they muttered: this is a sad day for the Egyptians. Wherefore the name of this funeral service was called: A-bel-miz-ra-im, which is beyond Jordan.

12: Jacob sons buried him exactly as he commanded.

13: For his sons carried him to the land of Canaan and buried him in the cave on the field of Mach-pe-lah; which Abraham purchased from E- phron the Hit-tite from Mam-re.

14: Joseph returned to Egypt he, his brothers, and all that traveled with him to bury his father.

15: Now when Joseph returned from burying his father his brother's thought: Joseph will surely hate us now for all the evil we have done to him.

16: And they sent a messenger to Joseph explaining: our father asked us to tell you something before he died.

17: Saying you should say to Joseph: forgive us we pray you for what we have did to our brother? The sin and evil we brought among you. We pray you forgive your servants of this by the GOD of our father. Joseph wept when they spoke with him (the messenger).

18: His brothers fell down before him and said: behold we are your servants.

19: Joseph said: fear not. Do I have the place of GOD?

20: Now as for you, you thought you were bringing evil against me but GOD meant it for good. To save many lives as he has done to this day.

21: Therefore fear not, I will continue taking care of you and your young. He assured and spoke kindly to them.

22: And Joseph lived in Egypt he and his father's house. He lived one hundred and ten years.

23: Joseph saw the third generation of E-phra-ims children, also Ma-chir, the son of Ma-nas-seh his children were put on Joseph's knees.

24: Joseph explained to his people: when I die GOD will surely visit you and take you from here to a land that he promised to our fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

25: Swear to me this day that you, the children of Israel shall carry my bones from here.

26: Joseph died at one hundred and ten years was embalmed and put in a coffin in Egypt.



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