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Shift: Mind to Heart

Updated on October 3, 2014

Shift from the Mind into the Heart and Soul

It’s almost impossible to tell that 99.9% of the time each human being lives life through their thoughts, memories, subconscious beliefs, or past experiences. Even if we examine ourselves we often miss it. There is no other only way to function it seems. We don’t even realize there is another place from where we can live. From up here things seem to fly around without ceasing and constantly fall on us like hail. It’s dreamtime as a mishmash of abstractions move through our heads day and night like thousands of cyclones. This is the attic- the mind.

What it takes to notice we are in or out of the attic is usually a hit on the head, a crisis, an out of body experience, or even some sort of drug. It’s then we notice that there is another place of experience, a better feeling space where our thinking is shifted downward, where, answers and solutions show up and the deepest sense of peace is experienced. We are in our inner being. The feeling self, the aware seemingly invisible part of us is always there in its peaceful nest waiting for our arrival. This is the basement-the inner self.

We have two choices: to stay in an attic of havoc or shift ourselves deeper into the hidden basement of our souls.

In the Attic Mind or the Basement Inner Self?

Up In the Attic

This is a place that can plunge your frequency. Up in the attic at the moment and I feel an emptiness in my gut. I feel a sense of obsessive control going on, a fixed robotic-like condition. During a thought my stomach may pain, my breathing shallow or I may feel a bit of joy from a special lost memory. But so fast can this good feeling flee! I’m wallowing in this goodness when another thought flies in broomstick bound to snatch it up and drop off a negative memory. Your love in the lighthouse left you for the taxes on the house. From bliss to feeling faint. The attic is a jumbled funhouse house-of-horror. It’s a rollercoaster ride through each and constantly changing.

Below in the Basement

This is a place of high frequency. Here when I focus I feel a warmth, I feel my body breathe and peace instantly sets in, worry goes. I feel I am here. Everything is ok--even if my life is in shambles. Suddenly, I remember things I forgot to do, I come up with story ideas, and even start to love myself more. I feel on solid ground as if here, I know who I am. While in the basement nothing really bothers me that would have if I was sitting in the attic.

We can think from within the basement even with our focus away from the attic of the mind. From here, is where my poetry comes, brilliance, clarity, and genius. From this space, there is no mind interference to criticize what you are thinking. It’s our own secret garden.

Practice Being Inside Yourself

If we pay attention enough times, we’d begin to clearly notice if we are in the attic or the basement. If you notice while you get a headache, feel nervous or feeling some other negative emotion, you can observe your thoughts and you’d see they match. It’s then you can shift into feeling yourself inside and stay there a moment. Now the attic junk begins to dissolve and your physical pain with it. Whenever you remember just ask yourself, “Where am I at this moment, in the attic or the basement?” If the attic is filling with ghosts and ghouls you can run and hide in the basement, where it’s safe. Run. It’s about shifting your focus and holding it somewhere else. Notice. Shift. Stay and focus. Enjoy.

Why bother living from down in the basement rather than up in the attic?

There are numerous benefits. Health. Serenity. Peace. Happiness. Prosperity. Manifestation.

Abundance. Gratitude. Love. Creativity.

Try it, practice it.

Do not be discouraged, the doorway to heaven is there. Tiptoe to it, then into it. You will finally be able to access it whenever you wish and eventually stay longer and longer.


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