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Get Rid of Negative Energy

Updated on September 22, 2014

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts life. What you feel inside is a mirror of what you will recieve on the outside.

If you go around complaning you have more things to complain about. You will never be happy if you keep on dwelling on what is going wrong in your life. If you have a bad pit in your stomach most likely you will attract something bad. The only way to change what happens on the outside is to change how you feel on the inside.

One thing you could do is moniter your thoughts. Take a peice of paper and a pen and write down every thought you have. If it is a negative thought rip up the paper and thrwo it in the garbage. If it is a positive thought, read it aloud when you are done and look at yourself in the mirror. Try your best to believe in yourself and be positive.

Another thing you could do is write a list on what you are grateful for. When you focus on more of what is going right in your life than what is going wrong you will feel happy. When you feel happy you are most likely to attract more happy circumstances.

Make a promise to yourself from here on in that you will be positive. Do not think about anything that will drain you and most importantly surround yourself with positive people and people who raise you up. The worst thing you could do is be an enviorment where all people do is bring you down.

Have you been feeling negative inside lately?

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